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Winter Markets by the Lake?

By johnboy - 9 April 2007 28

The ABC brings word that the big brains at the NCA are trying to get up a twilight winter market down by the lake.

NCA spokeswoman Majdie Hordern says it is a concept that is familiar in European cultures during the Northern Hemisphere’s winter months.

“They’re a real occasion for towns and cities to create a gathering centre or a focal point for residents and tourists alike,” she said.

“It’s … an opportunity for people to rug up and enjoy the outdoors on a crisp winter night and eat roasted chestnuts and drink mulled wine.”

But are we really going to get in our cars to be cold in the dark and buy the same old crap sold at all the other markets?

And why only do it when it’s cold?

What’s Your opinion?

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28 Responses to
Winter Markets by the Lake?
bonfire 9:43 am 10 Apr 07

i was conned into going to rugby ONCE.

june. friday night.

never again.

this plan for commerce will be a glorious failure.

seepi 11:21 pm 09 Apr 07

I think the idea is same stuff, different atmosphere. I’d give it a go anyway.

If there was a bus doing a loop from civic to the lake it would be good.

Genie 11:04 pm 09 Apr 07

Oh and Hall Markets and Old Bus Depot markets are hand made goods only… (Hall now allow small amounts of commercial goods) So please explain to me which bargain store i’d find that stuff ?

Genie 11:02 pm 09 Apr 07

Whats the difference between Markets having the same stuff all the time and a shop which sells the same stuff EVERY day… ? I cant believe you guys cant even go out there and support the everyday people instead of giving all your money to the big companies who dont even need it.

Hasdrubahl 9:50 pm 09 Apr 07

Even if it was different crap, same marketeers, I’d have trouble getting out there.

gaelhope 9:48 pm 09 Apr 07

amen. same crap, different market.

johnboy 9:11 pm 09 Apr 07

Umm, yes.

Yes I have.

Some stalls have interesting and unique products.

A lot of them are selling the same crap you can get at any other markets or even a bargain store.

Between the markets you mentioned I’d be surprised if this new market has more than 5% anything new.

Genie 9:07 pm 09 Apr 07

buy the same old crap sold at all the other markets?

Johnboy – ever been to the regular markets ?? Such as Hall and Bus Depot, and the Trash n Treasures ?? This is quite often the only way some people can actually make a living. Plus you can get some amazing bargains or pick up a unique gift for someone.

Night markets in Winter is not a very good idea – perhaps they should just support the current markets already in place, help make those bigger and better than they already are !?!

Ralph 4:34 pm 09 Apr 07

Too bloody cold.

seepi 3:15 pm 09 Apr 07

i’d go – i looooove mulled wine and hot jam donuts.

and nca will have to retain a bit of parking if they want people to actually go to the lake.

no name 2:26 pm 09 Apr 07

I think its a great idea, and would attend for sure. Good on the NCA for coming up with some ideas that make Canberra less dull.
The work that they have done improving the lake surroundings and our National areas is fantastic, and i think things would be far worse if the ACT Government were in control of making our City more liveable & sustainable.

emd 2:16 pm 09 Apr 07

Here’s the average climate in our foreshore area:

So for a night market in winter, we could expect to deal with temps around 5C. Brrrrr!

Growling Ferret 2:11 pm 09 Apr 07

Twilight winter market? Why? Its winter and no-one goes outside in winter unless the have to! Hall Markets, Bus Depot Markets, Farmers Markets, Trash and Treasure already all exist. Why would anyone want to go shopping next to the windy lake, especially once its got cold and dark?

These people are unrepresentative of the Canberra population – there thoughts are out of touch with the community, and the sooner that the NCA is disbanded and the annual funds spent keeping these arsemonkeys employed is redeployed to something of use (perhaps building government housing in the Kingston Foreshore?) the better….

emd 2:09 pm 09 Apr 07

I think it would work better in summer, when people don’t have to rug up. But hey, at least someone’s trying to think up another way for Canberrans to get out and do stuff. And I do like mulled wine.

Hasdrubahl 12:51 pm 09 Apr 07

I have a life-threatening allergy to chestnuts and prefer beer.
-I shall have to pass on this one.

Why do I have this vague feeling that people at the NCA have not got much to do, so come up with these schemes merely to justify their existence?

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