Winter Markets by the Lake?

johnboy 9 April 2007 28

The ABC brings word that the big brains at the NCA are trying to get up a twilight winter market down by the lake.

NCA spokeswoman Majdie Hordern says it is a concept that is familiar in European cultures during the Northern Hemisphere’s winter months.

“They’re a real occasion for towns and cities to create a gathering centre or a focal point for residents and tourists alike,” she said.

“It’s … an opportunity for people to rug up and enjoy the outdoors on a crisp winter night and eat roasted chestnuts and drink mulled wine.”

I can see how this would work in a city based on foot traffic and public transport with a genuine focal point, three things which do not apply to Canberra.

But are we really going to get in our cars to be cold in the dark and buy the same old crap sold at all the other markets?

And why only do it when it’s cold?

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28 Responses to Winter Markets by the Lake?
spin462002 spin462002 4:12 pm 12 Apr 07

As a stall holder myself from time to time I would not be going to any night markets with my goods I’m afraid. Too cold, too much time and energy needed to set up/pack up/take home and no guarantee of any financial return at all given that the rest of the population will be home in front of their fires/ecologically sound heat source of some kind, like I will be!! If the NCA took the time to canvas potential stall holders, I think they would can the idea very swiftly. It’s hard enough to run a stall when you are making a profit and it’s inside or at least under cover. Outside, in Canberra, in winter AND near the lake, where the cold winds blow coldest, a really, really bad idea!

Now Gorman House markets, that’s another issue completely. Mostly undercover, been around for a long time, reliable and friendly. Great coffee and food and beautiful hawthorn trees in the courtyards. Heritage building. My idea of a great place for a stall or just to relax on Saturday.

PS Public liability insurance for a stall holder can be obtained for under $200 for a year which isn’t outrageous. You don’t have to sell much to recoup. Best rates I have found are at Rural and General.


emd emd 8:58 pm 10 Apr 07

I don’t think another market in Canberra is a bad idea, and the foreshore is a nice spot for it. But I doubt people are going to turn up in the numbers needed on a cold winter night. And if it fails over winter, I doubt they’ll give it a try in summer.

The Kingston markets are great because they’re indoors (suits all weather) and well known, and they have strict policies on what stall holders can sell. But they’re so popular that it can be hard to get a place.

The Hall markets are popular, and also have policies on what can be sold to ensure there’s a focus on crafts and produce. But being outdoors mostly, it’s hot and dusty in summer and dead in winter. And they’re only on once a month.

Gorman House is good because they have a central location, indoor places for bad weather, and also lots of good quality craft and produce stallholders. But stallholders need to arrange their own insurance (according to the info on their website) which can be off-putting.

And the Trash n Treasure markets are a whole different thing – the kind of things for sale means a very different demographic, and I’ve heard you have to turn up at the crack of dawn to get a place at some of these markets.

caf caf 6:06 pm 10 Apr 07

If only it were so clear cut. The NCA also have veto over certain kinds of development in the rest of Canberra, so there’s a kind of dual-jurisdiction situation (this is what happened with the GDE route, and the reason that Fairbairn Dr is still a two-lane road).

The night market idea might work – need a big bon fire to keep everyone warm!

Genie Genie 5:00 pm 10 Apr 07

jgangsta – HERE HERE!!!

Maelinar Maelinar 1:54 pm 10 Apr 07

Further to what JB said – NCA vs Local Government is some kind of grand experiment.

NCA control the federal/national bits of Canberra
LA control the rest

NCA allowed the shops/offices at the airport – brand warehouse etc. even though the LA had approved a development at Fyshwick (however dubious the story appears upon further investigation) – they can throw stones at each other.

Lol you must have been under a large rock to miss that one 😛

There’s one thing that the very successful and highly regarded Eumundi or Mindle Night Markets (Darwin) have that Canberra LBG Night Markets will never have, and that’s they’re located in the tropics.

Me, I’ll be warm and toasty at home.

johnboy johnboy 1:36 pm 10 Apr 07

National Capital Authority.

Funded by the Federales, controlled by the Liberals, and responsible for the national bits of Canberra.

jemmy jemmy 1:33 pm 10 Apr 07

What is the NCA? Before this post, I assumed it was the planning arm of the local government. Surely you don’t mean it is a Federal agency in competition with the ACT?

My mind is already so boggled at the inanities in ACT politics and this is just increasing the bogglingness…

Boom! Damn, my head exploded.

Thumper Thumper 12:39 pm 10 Apr 07

I don’t think I’ve ever been accused before of not getting enough…

jgangsta jgangsta 12:35 pm 10 Apr 07

you guys don’t get out or around much hey? (i also mean the cinemas when i say that too – yeah, dvd at home is good, but so is going out to the movies!) loved going to markets while in europe, far bleaker and colder (especially when there was no snow) than anything canberra can dish out – lovely to be out and about. it’s not about buying stuff, it’s about experience, being in the community, enjoying pretty lights, Gluewhein, lovely food. this will be great if it’s done right.

louise louise 11:58 am 10 Apr 07

Global warming on a local scale!

la mente torbida la mente torbida 10:51 am 10 Apr 07

I hear they will redirect the hot air from parliament so we can experience the night markets in a more tropical environment.

louise louise 10:45 am 10 Apr 07

Hmmm, twilight in winter. That would make for, oh, about 5 minutes?

Maelinar Maelinar 9:55 am 10 Apr 07

Is it really the NCA’s responsibility to be delving into setting up markets in the twilight hours ?

I would consider it more appropriately fitting under the wing of the Legislative Assembly – or is this yet another hairbrained scheme at undermining any vestige of local government coordination ?

I’m widely noted for my distaste at the current government, but unfortunately I must accept that if they continue to be undermined that I can’t place all my blame in them.

bonfire bonfire 9:43 am 10 Apr 07

i was conned into going to rugby ONCE.

june. friday night.

never again.

this plan for commerce will be a glorious failure.

seepi seepi 11:21 pm 09 Apr 07

I think the idea is same stuff, different atmosphere. I’d give it a go anyway.

If there was a bus doing a loop from civic to the lake it would be good.

Genie Genie 11:04 pm 09 Apr 07

Oh and Hall Markets and Old Bus Depot markets are hand made goods only… (Hall now allow small amounts of commercial goods) So please explain to me which bargain store i’d find that stuff ?

Genie Genie 11:02 pm 09 Apr 07

Whats the difference between Markets having the same stuff all the time and a shop which sells the same stuff EVERY day… ? I cant believe you guys cant even go out there and support the everyday people instead of giving all your money to the big companies who dont even need it.

Hasdrubahl Hasdrubahl 9:50 pm 09 Apr 07

Even if it was different crap, same marketeers, I’d have trouble getting out there.

gaelhope gaelhope 9:48 pm 09 Apr 07

amen. same crap, different market.

johnboy johnboy 9:11 pm 09 Apr 07

Umm, yes.

Yes I have.

Some stalls have interesting and unique products.

A lot of them are selling the same crap you can get at any other markets or even a bargain store.

Between the markets you mentioned I’d be surprised if this new market has more than 5% anything new.

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