Woden bashing teens caught

jennybel75 6 June 2008 133

As a followup to the story last week about a bashing at Woden Plaza being filmed and put on YouTube, News.com are reporting that police have caught the alleged perpetrators.

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133 Responses to Woden bashing teens caught
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tap tap 10:29 am 15 Jun 08

nyssa: Ok so the next time someone makes a claim without backing it up, its up to me to do the backing up for them huh?

See above for reasons corporal punishment is not the reason for kids misbehaving. Guess what? I did provide reason and facts for my opinion. With reasonable doubt given to the first half of the ‘fact’ in question, which the second half is completely dependant on, there is no need to go further. So a look into adult productivity, such as people completing higher education (more or less than in the past), amount of people completing trade apprenticeships etc does not have to be looked into. Corporal punishment is not the answer.

Again, statistics can be interpreted to aid any argument, so they are a moot point. Sorry, but aren’t you supposed to be a teacher? Do you really think because evidence can be misleading evidence is always misleading? You teach our countries children this rubbish?

When you are marking essays, do you ask for sources to claims made? A bibliography? Do you at least understand that this is an often done thing?

Without backing up claims, whats to stop people pulling ‘facts’ straight out of the backsides like what happened here?

You consider me pathetic, I consider you a bitter and twisted old hag, and i feel sorry for any kid unlucky enough to have you for a teacher. So i spose thats even.

nyssa76 nyssa76 3:12 am 15 Jun 08

ta, why don’t you find the evidence AGAINST what your asking for? Why should we find anything for you? Are you that simple that you can’t locate facts to back your statements?

Again, statistics can be interpreted to aid any argument, so they are a moot point.

So instead of sitting here pissing in the wind, go find the facts yourself and then present a decent argument. You are bordering on insanity with your pathetic diatribe.

Timberwolf65 Timberwolf65 6:58 pm 14 Jun 08

I seen the footage of this from two angles and to me it seemed the mother was mouthing off and in the mood for a fight.
If she is a junkie and has done the wrong thing and stolen something then she probably deserved the touch up that she got and the fact she didn’t report the incident at all is strange.
However It has made me look at woden plaza in a different light.
They should of taken there shit else where and sorted it out.

tap tap 11:16 am 11 Jun 08

I guess we’ll just have to ignore the actual fact you were supposed to be finding evidence for, that corporal punishment is the reason kids are misbehaving, and this misbehaving is leading to a decline in their productivity as adults. Which is ofcourse the fact/line of reasoning in dispute, but hey, im the one who misses things right?

You also didn’t point out where the scrutiny went wrong, even if you are only trying to prove that there is a decline in work productivity amongst the under 30’s, you have failed to do that. Your evidence does not point to a decline, it points to something that is now, you mentioned nothing about whether this was less of a problem in the past, more of a problem in the past, or pretty much the same. Evidence of a decline would have to have at least two points of reference, one in the past where things were at a certain point, and one from the present where things are worse.

Because your main point seems to be about drinking, it seems you think there was less australian under 30’s drinking in the ’60s, 70’s and 80’s? You could provide evidence of course. Given australias famous drinking culture, im not so sure there will be too much of a difference between then and now.

Having said all this, you admit yourself that your evidence is for a point that is not the original point at all, so if you do somehow manage to actually give correct and true evidence for your position, it still wont come anywhere near a reason for the original point.

Special G Special G 10:25 am 11 Jun 08

My initial comments weren’t even directed at corporal punishment they were about the decline in work ethic/respect of the younger generation. That you missed that shows you are seriously lacking. I’m out.

tap tap 9:15 pm 10 Jun 08

Special g: This is why evrything takes so long. sigh. Where did my scrutiny go wrong? How about you skip the next ten comments of you avoiding answering the question, and just tell me why i cant analyse what you have written, not just that i cant analyse what you’ve written?

Special G Special G 9:11 pm 10 Jun 08

tap – you’ve got nothing, you can’t even analyse what I have written in attempting to shoot me down. Try again.

‘Whatever you reckon buddy.’

I reckon there are plenty of kids out there who need a good slap upside their head. I think corporal punishment has its place and I think prisons should be a deterant involving pink jump suits, hard labour, and some actual rehabilitation (both drug and behaviour) as opposed to the holiday camps they currently are.

tap tap 8:54 pm 10 Jun 08

Spideydog: Umm changing the goal posts… how so? there was no time where I said evidence should not be scrutinised for validity.

tap tap 8:50 pm 10 Jun 08

vg: Yeah true, not as good as ‘flap’ or ‘Ill fight you cause im a big tough internet bully’, but it’ll have to do.

Special G: Then i scrutinise the evidence, yes. Then you start whinging about that evidence being scrutinised instead of actually talking about the scrutiny. Although I didn’t bother with yours, cause DMD already did that. If you like I can point out a few things though: You have evidence that some owners of business dont like to hire people under 30 because a lot of them drink on the weekend. Ill make the (large)assumption its true. However for your evidence to mean anything in regards to original point, then business owners 10 years ago would not have had this problem, or at least less so. Is this the case?

Then you have to have a good reason linking people drinking in their 20s, to the lack of corporal punishment while they were in school. Has drinking increased since corporal punishment was abolished? If so is there any other reasons apart from the lack of corporal punishment that might account for it?

So in all, under the most basic scrutiny, your evidence still has a lot of holes in it.

Whatever you reckon buddy.

nyssa76 nyssa76 8:44 pm 10 Jun 08

FFS, I can’t be bothered reading all the same BS over and over again.

Special G and vg, just ignore the little weiner and he might just go away.

Spideydog Spideydog 8:38 pm 10 Jun 08

Special G said :

tap you are so full of it the screen almost oozes. Repeatedly on many threads you ask for stats, research backing and the like and then when someone actually comes up with something suddenly the research is flawed and stats can be manipulated and you are still correct.

You got nothing buddy.

Exactly Special G, thats the “moving the goal posts” comment I was talking about.

Special G Special G 8:30 pm 10 Jun 08

tap you are so full of it the screen almost oozes. Repeatedly on many threads you ask for stats, research backing and the like and then when someone actually comes up with something suddenly the research is flawed and stats can be manipulated and you are still correct.

You got nothing buddy.

vg vg 5:48 pm 10 Jun 08

“suck my balls”
Charming and a very effective debating tool. May I also suggest ‘my Dad is tougher than your Dad”, “my dog is blacker than yours”, and “you’re just a big poo face” for your incredible arsenal of intellect and high level argument

tap tap 4:39 pm 10 Jun 08

I pointed you there to explain why i was using the term straw man. Apparently you missed it again. Sigh. (And you say that i am ignoring you…) Can you see the reason for the redirection? That pretty much everything you say I’ve already answered?

Do you remember that this opinion was passed off as a fact? However as long as this is the end of our enlightening chat I won’t bother again trying to explain my point of view. You disagree. Wonderful. I would ask why but that would be in violation of your right to hold ignorant, reasonless opinions. Your comment 116 was all inults except accusing me of not understanding the difference between a fact an and opinion, I really wasn’t going to bother with it. I guess i can go into it a litte: A fact is something that is verifiable. A reasoned opinion is a conclusion built using facts and reason. An ignorant opinion is a conclusion that is devoid of facts or reason.

Me changing the goal posts? From what to what?

Do you really think that a (non ignorant) opinion doesn’t have to be based on any kind of facts or reason to be valid? Thats interesting, so if I was of the opinion that I saw a dinosaur walking around last night, therefore there was a dinosaur walking around last night, would that be valid? Now ofcourse Im welcome to the opinion, but it is wrong, and would be ignorant for me to hold it without trying to reason out what the chances of me seeing a dinosaur last night really were, and whether or not something else could have accounted for what I thought was a dinosaur walking around.

We’re done? Thats a shame, it was such an enlightening chat too, from beginning to end. Do make sure you jump in again soon and bombast me with your opinion that my opinion is invalid because it is against someone elses opinion and as all opinions are valid my opinion cant be valid nevermind that your opinion is that my opinion is invalid and following your own opinions logic it would also invalidate your opinion because its against my opinion but its only an opinion and while it is an opinion that contradicts itself that doesn’t matter as its an opinion and it doesn’t need to make sense.

Spideydog Spideydog 4:07 pm 10 Jun 08

tap said :

Spideydog: You just don’t read what im writing do you? Read comment 105.

Where in my post (116) did I say anything about statistics….so why point me back there?

But because you have raised it again…. I raised the statistics point (earlier) even after you made the admission that they can be flawed because : whenver someone has an opinion different to yours, you dis them and tell them to prove it with stats, etc. This tells me that you put a whole lot of faith in stats, etc even though you contradict your self later by admitting stats can be flawed.

I can read very well what you have to say and it is apparent to me that it is you that ignores what people write and instead concentrate on putting all your energy into changing peoples opinions to align with yours, or redirect them back to previous posts that have no relevence to their last post, or change the goal posts to suit your argument.

Me and you are done in this thread. Oh and because I choose not to reply to your future insightful posts in this thread, does not mean that you have won the “argument”. But feel free to revel in your “fake” glory if you wish.

tap tap 3:30 pm 10 Jun 08

Spideydog: You just don’t read what im writing do you? Read comment 105.

Spideydog Spideydog 3:26 pm 10 Jun 08

Oooohhh name calling now tap, must have pressed some buttons then eh…straw man…very imaginative. For someone who likes to make himself look so intelligent and “learnered” you sure are imature.

You have no distinction between OPINION and FACT. I know exactly what you are saying and so do the majority of posters here, hence the flack you receive…oh but we are all wrong and all of us have misunderstood you tap…

Get out of your little tunnel vision, bubble world and join the rest of us in reality…

Got some more names for me tap ?? tinman perhaps or something else imaginative and we will all go live in the land of the wizard of Oz.

PBO PBO 2:57 pm 10 Jun 08

It makes me happy to see that i incited such a interesting debate.

dalryk dalryk 2:34 pm 10 Jun 08

I hereby declare everyone on this site to be a dickhead in their own way, myself included.

Now that we have established this FACT (for which no evidence will be provided, but you all know I’m right), can I suggest that people at least *try* to play the ball and not the man?

Tap writes like a douche at times, but asking someone to back up a broad sweeping generalisation with some tangible evidence is hardly unreasonable. Anecdotal evidence is evidence of nothing, and stats may be unreliable, but at least they can be assessed.

On the other hand, continuing to argue about one statement made 100-odd posts ago gets a little boring, so lets just accept that you’re all wrong and move on.

tap tap 1:53 pm 10 Jun 08

good point maelinar – how could anyone ever think you and vg are the trolls i wonder?

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