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Woman held for over 4 days in Bushland.

By Deadmandrinking - 19 July 2008 49

ABC news has a rather scary story about a 26 year old man nicked in Giralang for holding an 18 year old for over 4 days.

Usually, I’m not a fan of tough sentencing, but in this case, I hope this guy gets a long, long stay in the Molonglo hotel.

What’s Your opinion?

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49 Responses to
Woman held for over 4 days in Bushland.
johnboy 2:44 pm 19 Jul 08

Actually I prefer not to be on the drip, whatever they make public we’re happy to cover.

Special G 2:29 pm 19 Jul 08

I’m pretty sure that the regular ‘Kids arrested for shoplifting’ is going to make any sort of newsworthy item. I’m talking abot the bigger stuff like the current one at the top of the page.

JB – Maybe you will have to go and foster a working relationship with them. Then they might throw you a bone every once in a while.

Headbonius 2:12 pm 19 Jul 08

I doubt whether the Police Media Team give two hoots about your opinions JB.

johnboy 2:05 pm 19 Jul 08

When police media gives us something to work with, we’ll go with it.

thecman 1:42 pm 19 Jul 08

The ‘Local Plod’ kick lots of goals everyday, they just don’t advertise everything they do, thus most of the good work goes unseen and unreported. Do we really need / want to know about the 30 or so people (on average) that Police arrest, summons, caution each day? That said, it does help to prove to the doubters and naysayers (Ant etc) that ACT Policing does in fact deliver good results.

Special G 1:11 pm 19 Jul 08

BJT -you are too new, check the sarcasm.

On a related note the (almost) daily Police rap is pointing out that the local plod is kicking some goals recently. All they need now is the back up from the Courts,

DJ 1:04 pm 19 Jul 08

He’ll get bail to attend drug rehabilitation and then when the horror of his action are starting to fade, the victim will have to stand up in Magistrates Court and relate her experience and relive her nightmare.

Then when it goes to the Supreme Court she will have to go through the same process only for some limp wrist Judge (take your pick) to say exactly what Headbonius said. Gaol time? I wouldn’t hold your breath.

BJT 12:31 pm 19 Jul 08

Thats one sick individual – I hope she gets lots of support to get over what must have been a terrible ordeal.

– Headbonius – A victim of drug abuse? No one forces people to do drugs, they are not victims – its sure as shit not an excuse for what he has done either way. Hopefully he gets to enjoy the new prison with all its luxuries for a long long time.

Special G 11:25 am 19 Jul 08

You don’t hear of a lot of kidnappings. Nothing on the Police site – the media team must have taken the day of yesterday.

DMD – your anti Police stance is slipping. Just admit it you love the little blue piggies.

realityskin 11:03 am 19 Jul 08

i saw this on Neighbours last nite !

Headbonius 9:21 am 19 Jul 08

But DMD, he may be a victim of drug abuse which caused him to exercise poor free choice. We should be helping him not punishing him…..shouldn’t we?

ant 9:16 am 19 Jul 08

You certainly want to hope that people like this are locked away so they don’t get to do it again.

Thumper 9:15 am 19 Jul 08

This girl will be screwed up for years after something like this.

I’m with DMD on this. The guy should go away fro a long time.

Loose Brown 9:10 am 19 Jul 08

Bye bye carefree youth…

Thumper 9:05 am 19 Jul 08

Bizarre, yes. Terrifying, also yes…

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