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WTF? More Marist Trickery – Are these guys marist brothers or master magicians?

By notdingers 2 July 2008 85

 Story today from the Canberra Times

“Former Marist College headmasters and teachers will be sued individually for the sexual abuse Brother Kostka Chute inflicted on boys at the Canberra school in the 1980s and 1990s, after the Marist Brothers denied liability…

‘It is now clear that the information we passed on to you regarding the entity which operated Marist Brothers Canberra is not correct. The Trustees of the Marist Brothers … did not operate Marist Brothers Canberra,” the letter from the firm’s senior partner, Patrick Monahan, said.”

So it looks again that rather then any admission of regret or attempt to make amends the Marist Brothers are going to drag this out into an even more long and complicated legal process.

Should the Marist Brothers Canberra sign have small print saying “This school is not authorised or operated by Marist Brothers. Any views or illegal actions commited on these ground are not the views or actions of The Trustees of Marist Borthers” or should it just be replaced altogether with this sign

What’s Your opinion?

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85 Responses to
WTF? More Marist Trickery – Are these guys marist brothers or master magicians?
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ant 11:09 pm 20 Oct 08

Story on right now on Lateline (ABC) about the attempts to wriggle out of responsibility by saying Marist Brothers didn’t own or operate the school. A bit of investigative journalism, the real sort. Tehy’re going for the jugular.

Canberra Gardener 9:36 pm 23 Jul 08

AMEN…..maristboy…….sorry, f&@kyeh well said.

maristboy 1:10 pm 18 Jul 08

I don’t know what made me think of this creep after all these years, but lo and behold they might be dishing out some justice to him and the gang of leeches we used to call teachers. I was at Penshurst Marist from 1971 – 76. Along with Robert Dunn, a nameless teacher of English & Social Studies and the rest, Kostka sticks out in my memory as a shameless abuser, although we on the outside knew none of it at the time.

I have vivid memories of watching TV shows on the ABC (we were so excited that we had a TV in our classroom) not knowing it gave Kostka the perfect chance to have a posse of three or four boys to fondle and caress. Not in any way having any idea of such monsters as he, I remember thinking that’Brother didn’t like me, so I should try harder to be good’ The best I got was a routine 6 of the best; how lucky I was!

I still remember the day when one of these boys ran screaming out of our classroom and out of the school gate. We all thought that he was crazy. Then in 1974, when charges were successfully made against this English teacher (who was very popular), we all made life hell for the (other)kid because we all thought that was making it up. How wrong we were.

My point here is that we were inncocent kids with no knowledge of such things and these bastards went for in for the kill.

I remember being so excited going to a new squash court for sport in South Hurstville which to our surprise had a sauna. We were really thrilled to end up being in a sauna. Sadly though we were with none other than Bob Dunne. We honestly had no idea that this spider was getting his rocks off, sharing some heat with a posse of young teens.

As for the culture of violence, just ask anyone from this time about ‘The Bog slam’ or Br Simon.

So, I hope for healing and justice for all involved. I am a teacher myself, and a damn good one. Maybe all this horror taught me about what NOT to do as a professional. May they all rot in hell!

Zilog 6:22 am 08 Jul 08

I can see something sweet and poetic in having to sue the individuals rather than the body, as the individuals are the body, and are individually responsible, and morally should be individually held to account. Stuff prosecuting the body; prosecute the persons who failed in their duty! That the body sought to distance itself may yet serve the interests of the victims, if not monetarily, then at least morally.

BerraBoy68 6:58 pm 06 Jul 08

Canberra Gardener said :

Marist College Principal Richard Sidorko says the school has always encouraged students to come forward.

“We wanted anyone who was a potential victim or who had been a victim, their families, or others to come forward and to let us know, to make it known,” he said.

“The other thing we did right from the start was to take an approach of openly and honestly communicating with the college community.”

No it hasn’t. The school only admitted Lyons worked at Marist once two ex-students went to the Canberra Times to highlight the fact and also alert the community to Kostka’s activities. Up to that point the school and Marist Order seemed very happy to stay silent on Lyons past employment and previous allegations of abuse at the school.

Zee – if you are interested in what’s happening the lobby group can be contacted at A website for the group is also being developed.


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