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WTF? More Marist Trickery – Are these guys marist brothers or master magicians?

By notdingers - 2 July 2008 85

 Story today from the Canberra Times

“Former Marist College headmasters and teachers will be sued individually for the sexual abuse Brother Kostka Chute inflicted on boys at the Canberra school in the 1980s and 1990s, after the Marist Brothers denied liability…

‘It is now clear that the information we passed on to you regarding the entity which operated Marist Brothers Canberra is not correct. The Trustees of the Marist Brothers … did not operate Marist Brothers Canberra,” the letter from the firm’s senior partner, Patrick Monahan, said.”

So it looks again that rather then any admission of regret or attempt to make amends the Marist Brothers are going to drag this out into an even more long and complicated legal process.

Should the Marist Brothers Canberra sign have small print saying “This school is not authorised or operated by Marist Brothers. Any views or illegal actions commited on these ground are not the views or actions of The Trustees of Marist Borthers” or should it just be replaced altogether with this sign

What’s Your opinion?

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85 Responses to
WTF? More Marist Trickery – Are these guys marist brothers or master magicians?
vg 4:38 pm 02 Jul 08

Ho hum

realityskin 4:36 pm 02 Jul 08

stfu vg, you waste of air.

vg 4:34 pm 02 Jul 08


Thanks for your research, but your only contribution to this site is on this topic. Get your own forum and go your hardest over there. Every 2nd day on this site creates an impression you don’t want to be given. Its hard to ignore it when its there every single f*%$#ng day

Have a look to the recent comments to the right and you will see 2 threads on the same topic. I am sympathetic to your cause but the ad nauseum approach is becoming more than a little grinding

BerraBoy68 4:07 pm 02 Jul 08

vg – Ava is right, you could just open the Threads you want to read. Do you say the same thing every time a Thread comes up about Stanhope, the Libs, the Fires, Bikes v Cars, best cafe in Canberra this week, etc? How about posting your own new and totally original Thread for discussion, after all according to your profile the only Thread you’ve ever posted appears to be 3 years old.

Mael – I normally enjoy your posts but your last comment was a tad over the top and insensitive to those involved. And yes a separate forum for this topic is being developed.

vg 3:14 pm 02 Jul 08

notdingers said :

newbie bashing 🙂 how quaint

What an entirely unpredictable response, but one clearly borne out by you having nothing further of sense to contribute after the lesson you were taught from the previous piffle you posted

Loose Brown 3:09 pm 02 Jul 08

Absolutely open-mouthed at that last comment…

Mælinar 3:01 pm 02 Jul 08

Actually, its a NEWS, views, and opinion site.

Categorically, this story is filed under ‘news’.

However, this is not really news. A whole lot of people got bummed by a teacher, and they have only just grown old enough or gotten enough courage together to have their say. Strength in numbers, solidarity and all that, but spam is spam.

It is an appropriate time to set up your own online forum chaps. I haven’t looked, but should be avaliable.

notdingers 2:45 pm 02 Jul 08

newbie bashing 🙂 how quaint

Ava 2:24 pm 02 Jul 08

Do what everybody else does and ignore threads they aren’t interested in.

vg 2:16 pm 02 Jul 08

Actually its not a Canberra ‘news site’ newbie genius.

From the tag:

The-RiotACT is an online Riot for the Canberra (ACT) Region. It’s an open forum, an ACT online soapbox. It is “right of reply”.

This makes about 4 posts on the same subject in the last 4 weeks. How about just one so the people who give a rats can do it together in 1 place

notdingers 12:57 pm 02 Jul 08

Sorry vg

Thought this was a Canberra news site.

Oh wait, it is 😉

VicePope 12:46 pm 02 Jul 08

At worst, it looks like tactics on both sides. Yawn. Not real fond of people misleading the other side or using the megaphone of the press rather than the telephone for that matter, but maybe he’d tried and failed.

Most likely a simple error by the insurers or whoever tried to work out who ran the place many years ago. Might get interesting if one entity is insured and the other isn’t, or is insured with a different provider. Compared to some Commonwealth or corporate matters where, say, some function has been moved several times between agencies some of which have separate legal personality, this is not exciting yet. Seldom bothers the courts, which allow parties to amend things, especially where there is an error likely to be agreed by both sides.

vg 12:42 pm 02 Jul 08

I know this issue is of great import to several people on this board, but do we have to have an individual thread for every minute development in the matter?

How about one thread and keep each other updated there, or start your own website

notdingers 12:26 pm 02 Jul 08

I think it means that they have to sue the teachers and headmasters responsible individually to get the money, instead of just suing the governing body.

Not sure if teachers and headmasters even have individual indemnity insurance to cover this sort of thing? Will it be coming out of their own pockets?

realityskin 12:22 pm 02 Jul 08

that bulllllshit… does that mean goodbye to any money ?

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