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Yellow shirts require lessons in securing loads

By madocci 14 October 2008 35

My better half has had his third near death experience in 2 years as a result of yellow shirts (AKA tradespeople) not securing their load.

The first experience was on a 70km stretch of road in Belconnen, where a ladder flew off the back of a ute and landed upright about 5 metres directly in front of his motorbike. Needless to say he was happy about the ABS he had payed extra to have installed on his new beamer.

Another similar experience occurred a few months later, by which point he had learned to keep an even greater distance from any yellow shirt’s ute. This time however it was a large piece of masonite flying through the air in his direction on the tuggers parkway.

Yesterday his leisurely ride home from work on the parkway was interrupted by another ladder going flying with a piece of masonite right in front of him creating another near death experience.

This leads me to a few points:

    1. Is anyone policing the tying down of loads? If so, there obviously isn’t a great enough deterrent occurring. All the emphasis on ridiculous speed cameras etc with no emphasis on other types of road safety indicates even more that it is simply revenue raising. How about an education campaign for how to secure down loads properly?

    2. It is only a matter of time before a motor cyclist (or motorist for that matter) is killed or seriously injured from this occurrence, I just hope it’s not my husband

    3. Even if you were in your car there would be serious consequences of a ladder flying into your windscreen at 100km per hour.

So my question is, is this just a matter of “everything happens in threes” and therefore not that common for anyone other than my hubby?

I am not usually on the road at yellow shirt peak hour (~7:30am and ~4:00pm) so I don’t have a comparable base to start from. Anyone else see loads going flying on a regular basis?

What’s Your opinion?

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Yellow shirts require lessons in securing loads
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The cat did it 11:37 am 15 Oct 08

If something’s fallen off, it’s most likely because the person in charge of the vehicle didn’t discharge their legal responsibility to secure their load- tradie, weekend tip-visitor, yellow shirt or whatever. Hell, people who spend a lot of their day driving around with loads of stuff should be more familiar than the rest of us with the risks involved and how to prevent them. Driving on public roads is a privilege, not a right.

tylersmayhem 9:48 am 15 Oct 08

It us yellow shirts that bust our arses building infrastructure so you suit wearing pin heads can sit in your air conditioned offices and whine about how hardly done by you are

Just think about that before you categorise everyone that wears a yellow shirt !!!

Oh whatever Towie. Yes, that’s right – assume we are all “suit wearer’s” and give us s**t. Don’t martyr yourself as “building all our infrastructure” – you get paid bloody well (more than most of us suit wearer’s) to do your job.

You choose to do your type of job, people like me choose to do my type of job. I’d never look down my nose at a tradie because of the work they do, but I cop s**t (and higher quotes) from tradies all the time because they see me wearing a suit. Wake up sunshine – earn your money and stop spouting off s**t and generalising people.

If you want to continue on your mindless and senseless crap about infrastructure, first consider that WE pay YOUR wage to build the infrastructure.

Thumper 9:14 am 15 Oct 08

I was overtaken by my own rear right wheel once when driving down the Clyde. That was interesting.

p1 8:41 am 15 Oct 08

It us yellow shirts that bust our arses building infrastructure so you suit wearing pin heads can sit in your air conditioned offices and whine about how hardly done by you are

Tradies work at what they do for a combination of the following,

they like the work,


they need money (and that is the preferred way for them to earn it)

every other worker in the country is exactly the same.

While it is possible that tradies actually have a better attitude toward securing there loads then the general public, the fact that they make up a visible presence on the road has made them the focus of this thread. I personally am amazed at the differences in wage earned between low skill office jobs and similar skill level labour related jobs, but that is a subject for another thread.

bigred 7:01 am 15 Oct 08

In a previous life I was driving a bus down the F3 north of Sydney with a load of extremely pithed one day cricket fans and was overtaken by a wheel complete with tyre and hub that had come loose from a tradies trailer. Sure sobered that group up and made my trip a bit easier. Also taught me to always give tradies of any type an extremely wide berth.

Adza 10:51 pm 14 Oct 08

canberra towie said :

Just think about that before you categorise everyone that wears a yellow shirt !!!

What a load of crap, you’re all the same. There’s a reason you wear a yellow shirt and that’s because you’re all yellow bellies, gutless pieces that couldn’t be bothered even tying down a load.

Try being in the car behind following when branches or concrete bits fall out of your polluting trucks and onto the vehicle behind!


Well…. that’s what I would say if I hated you guys… but actually I don’t… it’s all been said now so leave the poor hard-working yellowies alone will ya 😉

canberra towie 10:43 pm 14 Oct 08

It us yellow shirts that bust our arses building infrastructure so you suit wearing pin heads can sit in your air conditioned offices and whine about how hardly done by you are

Just think about that before you categorise everyone that wears a yellow shirt !!!

ant 10:12 pm 14 Oct 08

Saw (from behind) a large bit of carpet blow off a ute a week back. They never noticed. I was a fair way back so just went around it, it was a yucky looking bit and probably smelly too.

There’s no road offences now, just going faster than what it says on the sign. That’s it.

luke79 9:35 pm 14 Oct 08

most tradesmen actually do care about securing their gear down. a lot of tradies spend all day driving around and if most tradies didnt care about securing loads then you would see endless amounts of crap on the side of the road every day, not to mention accidents galore everyday. sure it happens from time to time but i also see a hell of lot of non tradies loosing crap off their trailers, boots, roofs etc. infact i see more crap flying off their vehicles than tradies.
drivers should be leaving enough distance to be able to stop if an emergency happens, yeah i know thats not always practicle and ive been stung by not leaving enough room. i accept it’s just as much my fault when for example i hit something thats more than likely fallen off someones car and its laying in the middle of the road. like i said before, roads are not safe places and to expect them to be is only gonna end in tears.

Davo111 8:43 pm 14 Oct 08

astrojax said :

encouragement to maintain an appropriate gap to the vehicle in front


frank2112 6:44 pm 14 Oct 08

A couple of years ago we hit some scaffolding clamps near the airport. Two new tyres ($560 thanks very much). No way of finding out who caused it. If it had flown up and hit a windscreen it probably would have killed whoever was in the way. Most tradies these days just seem to throw everything in the back and off they go. If something falls off they won’t have a clue until they go looking for it at the jobsite. Happens far too often.

luke79 6:37 pm 14 Oct 08

isnt it also a fact that men who ride bmws sitt down to pee?

luke79 6:35 pm 14 Oct 08

more proof that it is actually dangerous on the roads, who woulda thought hey..

p1 5:37 pm 14 Oct 08

A friend of mine was pulled over and fined when the truck he was driving (full of chopped up buts of tree) lost a quite small branch off the back. But I think that is because they take industrial* situations more seriously then the average grandad on his way to mugga lane on a Sunday arvo.

* – industrial does not include plumbers utes obviously.

madocci 5:27 pm 14 Oct 08

I agree, a blown load can be dangerous for all involved.

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