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you are beautiful

By sk8erboi - 14 July 2005 68

Well at least that’s what the note said.

Wandering around Westfield Plaza (or whatever the Woden shops are going to be called) and noticed a scrap of paper in the CD racks outside Sanity.

I didn’t stop to look at it, but found an identical one in Revolution less than 5 minutes later, it was about the same size as the palm of my hand and had written on it in thick black handwriting “you are beautiful”.

I picked it up and went back to look for the one at Sanity, but alas it was gone. Anyone got any clue what this is about?

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68 Responses to
you are beautiful
Thumper 11:51 am 14 Jul 05

This is Chevalier, Montage, Detente, Avant Garde, and Deja Vu. Over there, Croissant, Souffle, Escargot, and Chocolate Mousse.

God, is it Friday yet????

Thumper 11:42 am 14 Jul 05

Yankee Doodle Floppy Disk, this is Foxtrot Zulu Milk Shake, checking in at seven hundred feet.

Arrggh, stop me…..

Thumper 11:38 am 14 Jul 05

hehehehe… That Top Secret movie just cracks me up.

Is this the potato farm?

Yes. I am Albert Potato.

Thumper 11:32 am 14 Jul 05

In that case we’d have to arrange a Nick Rivers concert for them….

Thumper 11:31 am 14 Jul 05


Absent Diane 11:28 am 14 Jul 05

crazy scientology/cruise worshiping bogans – could make for a good zombie flick- Boganscientologists of the Dead!!

Thumper 11:25 am 14 Jul 05

Now that is a thought….

A scary thought at that….

Absent Diane 11:12 am 14 Jul 05

I don’t know if any religion is looney – it is the followers that scare me …. but i think you may have hit hit the nail on the head… perhaps tom cruise has enlisted the aid of the woden bogans??

Thumper 10:53 am 14 Jul 05

And thus they no longer need spell checkers when they type their name?

Actually, I reckon AD is wrong. It is in fact little Tommy Cruise trying to drum up some more support for his loony religion.

Be afraid, be very afraid, and not just because durians look like small hedgehogs.

Absent Diane 10:24 am 14 Jul 05

You have just interupted an age old mating ritual of the woden bogan….. the worrying sign is that if they can spell beautiful properly it means that they are evolving and developing concious thought

gingermick 9:54 am 14 Jul 05

Yeah, terubo. Pat Carr trying to pick up chicks. Trying to remove the c-g image.

Thumper 9:01 am 14 Jul 05

An act of random niceness?

bulldog 9:00 am 14 Jul 05

Could be that you’re being watched, filmed and stalked by someone very scary.

But I doubt it; probably some random’s idea of generating good will amongst mankind.

terubo 7:55 am 14 Jul 05

Could be an act of atonement from patcarr….

johnboy 7:01 am 14 Jul 05

And to think when I saw that headline in the dashboard I thought it was the start of something alltogether different…

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