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Young Labor P*ssUp

By beasley - 3 June 2008 20

Did anyone catch today’s Tele and the story on Young Labor going at it to 5am in their hotel rooms and totally trashing the place?,23599,23801628-421,00.html

Firstly, it shows you how leperous they must be by deciding a trip to Canberra is best spent partying in a hotel room rather than at a venue around town. I know some of our venues cannot compete with the likes of Sydney or Melbourne, but heck, they are certainly better than hanging around a hotel room.

Secondly, what good little capitalists they appear to be enjoying premium beer and top shelf liquor. Champagne socialism and certainly not the bourgeois beggings of their working class roots….not a VB or Tooheys in sight!

Thirdly, two 5am benders in a row is well worthy of praise, though I think their good comrade Leader would be gnashing his weeties this morning after his recent tax pilfer on RTDs to “cough” combat binge drinking “cough”

What’s Your opinion?

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20 Responses to
Young Labor P*ssUp
circusmind 8:13 pm 03 Jun 08

The Good Doctor: “He needs to look in his own backyard and I notice from the photographs of this Labor drinkfest, that there are a number of full-spirit bottles.”

OMG! Spirits! What is the world coming to?

Headbonius 7:12 pm 03 Jun 08

Yes el. Working Families, working families, working families, working families, working families and ad nauseum.

el 5:47 pm 03 Jun 08

Ah, the ‘Young Labor’ team. Just as deluded as the ‘Young Liberals’ in thinking that anyone gives even half a shit about them.

ant 5:07 pm 03 Jun 08

tap said :

Is that an iced tea on the left? Which hardcore mofo drank that down then?

I thought you meant Iced Tea, as in long island. But then I saw the bottle! Oh dear. Maybe they used it to make a long island iced tea. Except I don’t think there’s any tea in long island iced tea. That’s a nasty drink.

ant 4:55 pm 03 Jun 08

I reckon it’s often more fun to have a piss up with people you know and like, rather than going to some random drinkery and paying twice as much, and it’s noisy and there’s people there who might be dickheads… people seem to think bars have “atmosphere” and therefore are better, but actually it’s just row and crowds. country pubs are fun, you can create a good party in those from just about nothing. But if you’re with a bunch of people you like, why not go to the grog shop, buy up and go enjoy yourselves?

Thumper 4:49 pm 03 Jun 08

Young blokes having a piss up. I don’t see any problems here…

Move along, nothing to see…

andy pandy 4:34 pm 03 Jun 08

Shanefos, good point you don’t have to know much about canberra to know that members of the liberal party can be involved in just as many piss ups and and be just bas big pissheads as there labor counter parts.
I also find it funny that the liberals continuely try to portray labor as the party of the elites (I remember Alexander Downer giving labor a spray whilst talking to the Aust’s for a costitutional monarchy a few months ago, I didn’t see many farm labourers , brickies or factory workers in his audience).
Don’t get me wrong I feel both parties are as bad as each other, that said if this photo was the best the telegraph could get then it doesnt look like much of a piss up to me there arent that many empties for a two night blinder.

PS I don’t see much evidence of champagne

aronde 4:30 pm 03 Jun 08

not many alcopops?

Deadmandrinking 4:26 pm 03 Jun 08

Young guys having a party? What exactly is the issue here?

Apart from Rudd’s whole binge drinking thing, but f-k, wasn’t that more about people doing it every weekend.

abc 4:18 pm 03 Jun 08

thats about the total amount of booze a “working family” would consume in a year.

shanefos 4:03 pm 03 Jun 08

Didn’t Liberal Party staffers trash an office somewhere just before the election last year?

tap 3:52 pm 03 Jun 08

Is that an iced tea on the left? Which hardcore mofo drank that down then?

caf 3:42 pm 03 Jun 08

There’s some Carlton Draughts there though (along with the Coopers, Boags, and James Squires that I can see – possibly also a Blue Tongue lager left foregroud). There’s also an Andrew Garrett cheap table wine in the righthand foreground, and of course the Wild Turkey and Smirnoff is easy to spot. What else can people identify?

hingo 3:30 pm 03 Jun 08

Leave the Tooheys and VB for real aussie beer drinkers.

martyo 3:14 pm 03 Jun 08

and no drugs! or did the cleaners hoover them up?

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