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Zebra ‘Death’ Crossings in Canberra

By big__jezz - 28 July 2011 49

I was wondering if anybody else has nearly been cleaned up by cars not stopping at zebra crossings.  One in particular which I cross on the way to/from work.  Cars turning left out of Catchpole St, heading onto Belconnen way.  I could literally reach out and touch the cars if I wanted to!

This has happened to me three times in the last couple of months, and I witnessed another girl almost get hit.  Next time I have my umbrella with me when it is raining, I may just scratch the car with it…..

But all jokes aside, it is dangerous, and something needs to be done. 

Better signing perhaps?

What’s Your opinion?

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49 Responses to
Zebra ‘Death’ Crossings in Canberra
grump 3:06 pm 28 Jul 11

surprised no one else has said it but self preservation first – stop and have a good look before stepping out, marked crossing or not – don’t assume or adopt a self righteous “it’s a pedestrian crossing, I’m a pedestrian and I’m going to cross come hell or high water (or vehicle)”. Never assume you’ve been seen or the driver is going to stop….

Thevoiceofchoice 3:04 pm 28 Jul 11

Canberra drivers are terrible and impatient. They think a 30 minute car ride home is sssooo long. Try peak hour in one of the other capital cities where 3 hours is just as good. The one at Dickson between McDonald’s and KFC is a bad one. People just can’t wait to get in and out of Woolworths, it’s not like it’s not open until 12.

Henry82 2:50 pm 28 Jul 11

a taxi missed me by centimeters on the corner of cooyong and northborne.

shirty_bear 2:33 pm 28 Jul 11
BlackIce 2:03 pm 28 Jul 11

Classified said :

This is the sort of issue I’d love to see police targeting from time to time.


Kalfour 1:56 pm 28 Jul 11

There are a couple of zebra crossings in my neighbourhood that have poor lighting. At night, a driver really can’t see if there are pedestrians at the side of the road.
But for everywhere else, there’s no such excuse.

I’ve been almost hit several times.

One time, a driver stopped ON the crossing because there was a car stopped in front of him. A bit rude, but the pedestrians just carried on walking around his car. Then, the stupid driver decided that he had to REVERSE off the crossing, despite the fact that there were several people walking BEHIND his car.

I hit his car with my umbrella.

Maybe we have so many street signs that drivers start to tune them out entirely.

Still, Canberra is not a big city. There isn’t (relative to other cities) THAT much traffic to deal with. You can easily get from one side of Canberra to the other in under an hour. Canberra drivers really have no excuse for being so stupid and inconsiderate.

lalainoz 1:54 pm 28 Jul 11

I may be biased but having grown up in Europe I find that most drivers here are very good at stopping for people at crossings. I was so surprised when I first arrived to see people walking out on to crossings without throughly checking first and waiting to see the cars were actually going to stop. In my previous experience that behaviour would have been insane.

I think there are bad drivers everywhere. I am generally more worried about the ease with which the majority of Canberra drivers tailgate so closely and are unprepared for the cars they are tailgating having to slow down suddenly.

Classified 1:48 pm 28 Jul 11

This is the sort of issue I’d love to see police targeting from time to time.

la mente torbida 1:27 pm 28 Jul 11

Have to agree with Hosinator…enough signs around now that are ignored…extra signs make no difference.

Having said that, the ‘turn left’ slip lanes on the Curtin overpass @ Yamba Drive are really dangerous. My solution is to wait until no cars about before using the Zebra Crossings…I won’t win in an encounter with a car

bd84 1:24 pm 28 Jul 11

My standard practice is to hit or kick the car as it goes past after failing to yield. I was nearly run down by a red cross blood donor van on the crossing near the Uni pub last year..

Zebra crossings and red lights now seem to be optional places to stop these days.

Msl 1:24 pm 28 Jul 11

Hosinator you’re right, unless there was a thousand LED’s lighting up the crossing, all signs would be ignored.

Speaking of lighting, I nearly did this once – I scared a kid on a bike. To my defence he was sort of behind a bush and it was nearly dark – could have been a bit better lit where he was. No excuse becasue I was going a bit too fast – but scared me and I have never done it again.

Overheard 1:21 pm 28 Jul 11

Yep. In 1977. Outside the Dickson Library. But it took a couple of us to bounce off the front of bonnets before the zebra crossing was replaced with lights.

Near where I work there’s a zebra crossing and cars park criminally (or rather, misdemeanourly) close to the crossing. This means that pedestrians are shielded from view of approaching cars. A couple of weeks ago I nearly had a second bonnet bounce when a car came ploughing through the crossing without slowing down. Luckily, my earlier accident means I’m a little wary around zebra crossings and gauge a car’s speed and its likelihood of stopping. (Without stopping altogether at the side of a zebra crossing, because that’s just bloody annoying.)

Seeing these cars get pinged for parking too close to a zebra crossing is one of the only times I’ll cheer for the brown bombers and their yellow envelopes.

Hosinator 1:09 pm 28 Jul 11

Signing is not the issue. The issue are motorists not heeding the signs that are currently in place and attempting to save time by driving through as fast as they can after only a cursory glance to see if there is someone about to use the crossing, or using the crossing.

Better driver training, less cars on the road and a shift in driving attitudes in Canberra would go some way to solving the issue.

kezzafezza 12:50 pm 28 Jul 11

I was walking across the one under Canberra Centre (the one without the crossing lights) about two weeks ago and almost got cleaned up. A car waited for me, so I went, as did a lady coming from the other side towards me. Almost half way across the idiot in the car decided he wanted to go after all and floored it, he missed me and the other lady by an inch. I however, had been shopping at the Borders closing sale, and had a big bag full of books which I swung up as zoomed past, and bashed his door. I hope I dented it.

Msl 12:41 pm 28 Jul 11

Yes this “happens” to me too, people in cars think they are ‘quick’ or ‘in a hurry’ so its ok to disregard that I am either nearly on or actually on the crossing.

Although I do have to say that some cars see you and give you plenty of space so thanks to those good folks.

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