4 February 2011

Zed joins the greenhouse chorus

| johnboy
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Better late than never the Liberals’ Zed Seselja has noted that Green and Labor energy policies are going to be hell to the poor:

The Greens are calling for increases in low income rebates for electricity at the same time that Labor and the Greens are directly pushing up the cost of electricity for all Canberrans with policies like the solar feed-in-tariff and 40 per cent emissions reduction target, The Leader of the Opposition, Zed Seselja, said today.

“This is absolute hypocrisy,” Zed said. “Just the feed-in-tariff alone will contribute an additional $200 to Canberrans electricity bill.

“This is a reverse Robin Hood policy – where money is taken from the poor to subsidise the rich. Having taken massive amounts from low and middle income earners, the Greens now want to give a small amount of it back. What hypocrisy.

“Its not just low income earners’ budgets that are being pushed to the limit by higher electricity, water, parking costs, and rates. Most Canberra families are facing major pressures because of the policies of Labor and the Greens that are pushing up the cost of living.

“These costs will inevitably grow as detail of the Labor/Greens 40% target is revealed.

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I just wanted to say nice job to CraigT for taking that on.

“Waiting for Godot”? or “Waiting for a Clue”? There is so much that’s wrong about your contribution that it’s difficult to know where to begin. I’ll give it a try:

“Poor refers to all of us in a year of so” – wrong. Before making this sort of uninformed alarmist comment, ask any economist about their assessment of either carbon tax or emissions trading scheme. Our economy can easily integrate one of these options.

“Greens and their powerful supporters” – who would those powerful supporters be? News Ltd.? The Coal, mining or Petroleum industries? Supermarket giants? The Banking sector? No, of course not.

“longed-for Green economy” – OK, so you tell us what kind of an economy we’re going to have beyond the peak in oil production? How are you going to oil-proof our economy? What is your solution for Australia’s energy security needs?

“Hardest hit wil be pensioners and low income earners” – So you paid no attention whatsoever to the proposed emissions trading scheme, and yet feel driven to make ignorant comment. Pensioners would have been *better off* under the proposed scheme:

“false scare about climate change”. Gibberish. Climate change is real, CO2 contributes to it, and humans have raised the CO2 level up to a level it hasn’t been at for the entire time of the evolution of our species. Global temperatures are rising, sea level is rising. Only an idiot would fail to see there might be a problem with this. If you are genuinely interested in understanding the reality behind all the nonsense in the media – read this:

“punitive taxes which will supposedly fix it all up”. The idea of taxes to drive changes in personal and economic behaviour is a well-established method. Nothing will fix the warming that’s already on its way over the next 30 years. Drastically reducing CO2 emissions ASAP would hopefully limit the amount of warming to come between 2050-2100. Doing nothing would be a deeply stupid and economically destructive choice.

The rest of your nonsense doesn’t merit comment.

Waiting For Godot5:39 pm 05 Feb 11

Poor refers to all of us in a year or so if the Greens and their powerful supporters manage to set up their longed-for green economy. Hardest hit will be pensioners and low income earners, but that’s the aim isn’t it? Whip up a false scare about “climate change” and “carbon pollution”, and bring in punitive new taxes which will supposedly fix it all up. The only people who won’t be harmed are the selfish latte-sipping Green voters safely ensconced in their inner city high rise apartments saying FU to everybody else as they eat their vego food and thumb their noses at the rest of us as they whiz past on their $2000.00 bicycles.

Chief Ten Beers said :

Poor Deref, I think he has a bad case of Tall Poppy Syndrome.

Nah – it’s the bottom-feeders I have a problem with.

Chief Ten Beers11:28 am 05 Feb 11

Poor Deref, I think he has a bad case of Tall Poppy Syndrome.

JustThinking said :

What is POOR these days?

If you’re a Lib, it probably means that you’re still driving last year’s BMW. Or you can only afford to drink the ’84 Dom Pérignon.

JustThinking6:13 pm 04 Feb 11

OK,,I did this poor thing before….and it never made it on the board…
Can we define POOR????
POOR as in got a new house, 2 new cas,all mod-cons and battling to pay the bills?
POOR as in,,,never had a job, never gonna get a job, wanna sit home all day and play PS3?
POOR as in the people living within their means and still having issues?

As a single mum I work my butt off and always have.
I do NOT have a brand new car the bank paid for on my behalf.
I do not have anything to keep up with the neighbours or thier lifestyle.

I live within my means and pay for the most important things that my kids need. NOT a brand new car or house. I do NOT think I am poor!!!

What is POOR these days?

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