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Zeff’s rises from the ashes

By johnboy 26 November 2008 32

After months lying derelict since it caught fire in June Zeffirelli’s in Dickson is showing signs of life.

The interior looks ready for business and men in overalls were hard at work removing the graffiti yesterday.

Most importantly they’re hiring.

Student who like going to restaurants, but can’t afford a real one rejoice!

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32 Responses to
Zeff’s rises from the ashes
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Pandy 6:35 am 03 Dec 08

Run by Greeks right?

Bungle 12:35 am 03 Dec 08

Did they have any slaves out the back?

dingo84 10:11 pm 02 Dec 08

I went there tonight…. I waited half an hour to get served, waiters walked past me as I tried to get served “yes sir someone will be with your shortly”
Other people got seated around me and served first.

So I walked out, I was kind enough to pay for my cokes and made sure they knew exactly why I was leaving… Not that they seemed to care..

Went to Little Thailand instead, quite cute and very yummy red curry 😛

Footloose 7:06 pm 27 Nov 08

This is from

“Jewish Stocktake”

Insurance scam (for example) To burn your own building/business down (destroy the business) in order to recover the losses through insurance claims! Generally this will be more profitable than keeping the business open!”

“…and what do Jews have to do with this?”

I’m guessing it’s something to do with Jews being clever, very clever, with money.
I think it a might be a compliment actually.

Skidbladnir 10:18 am 27 Nov 08

In one of my old jobs I got told rather authoritatively by a boss that the best way to make a restaurant profitable in a hurry is to start an electrical fire, and he gave me instructions on how to go about it.

It was about a month later that I discovered that he’d left the industry after his last restaurant burned down.

“Jewish fire sale” is one of those leftover phrases from racial history that its kind of impolitic to use these days.

johnboy 9:33 am 27 Nov 08

If you had some dealing with the Melbourne Jewish business community you wouldn’t need to ask.

Outside of that context it probably looks worse.

tylersmayhem 9:28 am 27 Nov 08

It’s a reference to whether or not you think its an insurance job. Having a fire in your shop is a clever way to get insurance to pay for your new equipment and fitout. Plus you have the benefit of being able to take a three month holiday and concentrate on your other business ventures, or even open a new one somewhere else. Not meant to be racist…calm your boots.

…and what do Jews have to do with this?

Felix the Cat 6:37 am 27 Nov 08

I’ve only ever had take-away pasta from there and found it to be ok. Only problem I’ve had is they never call your name or order out so you can actually take-it-away, they just dump it on top of the oven and you have to try and detain a staff member (because they won’t voluntarily stop and help) and ask if one of the dozen or so brown paper bagged meals are yours.

Nosey 11:03 pm 26 Nov 08

I am extremely anti zeff.

The owner is a rude, arrogant piece of something who does not know how to treat customers let alone staff.

It’s a disgrace that people like him earn money to pay for a BMW.

A friend did some trade work at the Zeff and said he would never eat there after what he saw.

It’s at the bottom of my eatery list and it should be at the bottom of yours.

I call it Zeffobia. It’s a condition that makes you feel sick at the stomach and not want to eat for days after thinking or seeing or hearing about the place.

shiny flu 8:25 pm 26 Nov 08

H1NG0 said :

I don’t care what anyone says, their Satay Chicken pizza is the shizznit

Because somehow you’re unable to order a real chicken satay from one of the many genuine asian restaurants surrounding the bogan/metro-warrior hub that is the abomination of an eating establishment/place of business and employment that is Zeffirelli’s? Bam.

I think that’s why that hole is so ‘popular’… all the gym-junky-hotted-up-Lancer types like to sit outside and watch other gym-junky-hotted-up-Lancer types parade around on their warm-up Dickson lap before they hit Civic.

astrojax 7:46 pm 26 Nov 08

pizza was crap before the fire and i rekkun we’ll have every reason to believe crapness will prevail. anyone going to be brave enough to do a review? (not me!)

they don’t overcharge five bucks but, do they?

Piratemonkey 3:22 pm 26 Nov 08

Slow down people we are also forgetting about the underage workers and extreme staff harrasment don’t let the underpaid foreign workers get all the attention 😛

While the satay pizza rocks those who run that place are evil plain and simple and i wont ever eat there again.

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