Zierholz ad?

johnboy 27 April 2007 8

RiotACT has often discussed the marvellous Zierholz Brewery.

Imagine our surprise to see an ad for a new Zierholz bottled beer on YouTube:

OK, now before we get too excited here’s retoddedmovies’ blurb from YouTube:

“this is an ad i made for school & ZIERHOLZ beer a local beer company in canberra”

Still, any word on the bottled beer from the Zierholx camp?

UPDATED: Thanks to Woody Mann-Caruso for spotting that it is in fact a beer glass. I was looking at the bottom of the glass which looked quite bottle like, make of that what you will. Still, what is the Zebra brew of which they speak? (yes I know, there is no speaking either)

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8 Responses to Zierholz ad?
Christoph Zierholz Christoph Zierholz 11:22 am 29 Apr 07

This is really a case of “you saw it on RiotACT first” – I was aware of the add being made but had no idea of where it was up to so this is quite the surprise!

Anyway, Johnboy asks “Still, any word on the bottled beer from the Zierholx camp?”

Not just yet. I am looking into it of course but the next step is to add a restaurant / bar to the brewery. I think we still have a long way to go in terms of building a customer base here before spending considerably more to put yet another brand of bottled beer on the shelves which already contain a dizzying array of products. We could have considered getting the bottled beer contract brewed like many of the other micros (and pseudo micros) but I believe that our customers want a genuinely local product and besides, many contract brews seem fairly samish on account of the brew systems used. I think if I have an outlet here where Canberrans (and tourists) can come out for a brewery tour and tasting, than sit down enjoy a nice meal and a pint or two then it will help cement the fact that we are a true local entity. When I first started I thought somewhat naively that the quality of the poduct will be enough, and while quality is still something I am unwilling to compromise on, it is only part of the equation for you have to convince customers (and retailers) that they should try anything other than their mainstay.

A quick thanks to Meconium for your support, and the other RiotACT readers who enjoy our products, that’s exactely what we need and very encouraging to hear. In answer to your query to WMC – at this stage we are still essentially a one-man band. Now I now that sounds weird/wrong but what I mean is that I run the brewery on my own in terms of the every day activities, and as an aside am still not in a position to pay myself a salary, but obviously have to rely heavily on the support of friends and family for helping out with tasks I can’t manage by myself, and my wife to pay our bills and keep us fed. I do hope that we’ll get to a point soon where we’re going forward and be in a position to employ staff but there is still a lot of work to be done as it is a very competetive industry to break into.

Speaking of work, I better get back to it…

Ps. I was assured that no horses or zebras were harmed during the filming of the add… and well done to the crew involved, looks great. I’d better get you out here to meet you and buy you all a beer!

cranky cranky 10:03 pm 27 Apr 07

It should be pointed out that this ad was produced by a number of UC students as a course project, with the kind consent of Christof Zierholz. The individual posting this to Utube has jumped the gun and annoyed his fellow collaborators. I have a very annoyed son, but am pleased to see the label on the glass I produced worked so well.

Well done to All involved.

Woody Mann-Caruso Woody Mann-Caruso 3:25 pm 27 Apr 07

Just a fan. I don’t work anywhere near as exciting as a brewery. I can’t make decent coffee, let alone beer.

The zebra/zorilla/zeppelin etc are at centred at the bottom of the tap heads. They’re quite small compared to the rest of the label, so you’ll have to look hard. Alternatively, you can read about them on the backs of the Zierholz coasters.

Meconium Meconium 2:56 pm 27 Apr 07

Are you just a huge Zierholz fan Woody, or do you work for the company?

I myself would consider myself a big fan, guiding all my friends away from their normal drinking holes, out of their comfort zone, to drag them somewhere with Zierholz on tap. But I never noticed the zebra/zorilla/zeppelin/zodiac sign anywhere. (Wasn’t drinking out of Zierholz-scored glasses though, just looking at the tap heads).

Trivia: Zierholz the surname means ‘wood from an ornamental tree’ (literally ornamental wood).

Woody Mann-Caruso Woody Mann-Caruso 1:55 pm 27 Apr 07

The zebra is part of the brewery logo, and a part of the German Ale logo. The Amber Ale has a zorilla (a skunk-like weasel). The Hopmeister has a zeppelin. The Hefeweizen has a set of scales (for the zodiac).

emd emd 1:32 pm 27 Apr 07

Nice. Bet they had fun making that ad. Hope they washed the paint off the horse after though.

Don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the zebra is part of the Zierholz logo. So it’s probably not a new beer.

johnboy johnboy 12:31 pm 27 Apr 07

You’re right, I was looking at the bottom of the glass, which looked bottle like, and not the top.

It’s like a psych test!

Woody Mann-Caruso Woody Mann-Caruso 12:02 pm 27 Apr 07

There aren’t any bottles anywhere in that ad.

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