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Anyone know a reliable fixit person for a Blu-Ray in Canberra?

By 26 October 2013

My Blue Ray, she no play.
Would appreciate recommendations for a repair person, preferably one based in either the Woden or Weston Creek area.

TrAction Buses?

By 7 May 2013

On an otherwise mundane Monday, I witnessed an impressive near-miss on Alinga St, Civic, as my bus approached.
Being wary of the bus’s passenger side extended mirror, I stand back a good metre or so from the kerb until the bus stops. Not so this middle-aged man preoccupied with talking on his mobile. He continued his [...]

Driver’s licence / Head injury

By 3 March 2012

Well, five years has passed and it’s time for me to cough up $153 to renew my driver’s licence. The renewal includes a number of questions, including one as follows:
“Have you ever received a head injury or stroke?”
Does the definition of head injury include non-brain head injuries? Unfortunately it’s not defined in the renewal. Neither could [...]

Chaos at Westfield Car Park

By 29 October 2011

Anyone know what was going on at Westfield Woden today, at the multi-storey car park opposite Hoyts?
I drove in there about 12.30pm, and was still there forty minutes later stuck in a traffic jam.
There were no staff in there to explain what was going on.
Yet even when the hold-up was at its [...]

Masochists’ Benefit Fund

By 8 March 2011

Suffering from an ingrown toenail, I recently visited a Woden podiatrist to have part of it removed (my GP won’t do them).
The surgery took about half an hour and cost $372. No worry, I thought, I’ve got top cover and the fee was quite reasonable considering the pre-planning and the time/expertise required.
However, I [...]

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