Behold the giant dandelion. What is it?

By 22 November 2012 7


BeeJay76 has sent this in:

Came across this heroic specimen on Gubur Dhaura in Franklin. Is it a different species, or is it the magical earth on the hill?

Your thoughts hive mind?

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7 Responses to
Behold the giant dandelion. What is it?
poetix 2:23 pm
22 Nov 12

‘Tis a wee Tribble.

NoImRight 2:49 pm
22 Nov 12

poetix said :

‘Tis a wee Tribble.

That spells trouble.

edgie36 3:14 pm
22 Nov 12

It’s Salsify

NoAddedMSG 3:35 pm
22 Nov 12

edgie36 said :

It’s Salsify

Agreed – a Tragopogon species of some sort. Part of the daisy family.

poetix 4:35 pm
22 Nov 12

It’s a daisy, Jim, but not as we know it…

Masquara 7:22 pm
22 Nov 12

Salsify? YUM!

jadejewel 10:14 pm
30 Nov 12

If this is a kind of salsify, does that mean it’s edible? There’s absolutely heaps of this around our way, and if it’s the eating kind I am tempted to go pull some up and try it…but on the other hand I don’t want to be Canberra’s first death’s-head dandelion victim…any vegie growers able to enlighten me?

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