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Haunted Canberra. 10min Documentary being filmed in Canberra

By 9 October 2013

Hello Everyone,
My name is Ellen Lee and I am a fourth year student at the University of Canberra studying Film Production and International Relations.
As a part of our final unit we are to create a short 10 minute long film. Haunted Canberra is a documentary that is taking a closer look at the ghost stories [...]

“Me and My Mates Vs The Zombie Apocalypse”. Final hours of Crowdfunding

By 12 September 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

Me and my Mates Vs the Zombie Apocalypse Crowd Funding Video **Strong Language Warning** from Daniel Sanguineti on Vimeo.
As a member of the crew, I wanted to let you all know that the crowd-funding campaign for local zombie feature film, Me and My Mates Vs. the Zombie Apocalypse is now inside its final two days. [...]

And the ACT Candidates for the 2013 election are…

By 17 August 2013

Yes that’s right folks it’s time for the sinking feeling when you realise a friend or relative is running for election in the most dire campaign in living memory.
After disgracefully doing a media flash bang without having prepped their website the Electoral Commission has finally extracted its digit and put the information online.
It’s quite the [...]

The Next Movement. Canberra hip hop at it’s finest.

By 14 August 2013

[ 22 August 2013 at 8:00 pm; ] It’s time we got back to basics in Canberra. We’re about getting organised, thorough and providing as much help to upcoming hip hop artists as we can. We’re putting on a series of events in order to bring the music back to the capital, and inject some hip hop sensibilities into our town. More opportunities [...]

Book launch: The Rule of Knowledge by Scott Baker

By 3 August 2013

Scott Baker is a Canberra-based film-maker who has recently returned from middle earth, working with Peter Jackson on his epic trilogy – The Hobbit. The Rule of Knowledge is Scott’s first novel, and has been described as ‘an adventure with heart that will keep you guessing until the very last page’.
Scott’s own life [...]

Canberra is pretty good, says a report

By 31 July 2013

Simon Corbell got all excited today as Canberra was ranked favourably in the Australian Government’s 2013 State of Australian Cities Report.
The report rates Canberra highly in liveability, active travel, and sustainable measures which are all good things.
“We’re proud the nation’s capital is being seen in a favourable light in these areas, as states and territories [...]

Sin City ACT


Rioter David has this picture to brighten up your morning:
After seeing Martin’s puddle image I thought I’d share this one with you. Cold and wet though it was on Sunday evening, there was still plenty of colour outside the Canberra GPO.

National Capital Paintball League 2013 Round 2

By 11 July 2013

Round 2 of the 2013 National Capital Paintball League was held last weekend at Paintball Sports ACT.
20 teams from the ACT and NSW battled it out across two divisions. When the dust settled the rankings were as follows:
Division 3
1. Climax
2. Ivy
3. TPC – The Players Club
4. Cunning Stunts
5. Plan B
6. Divas
7. Vengeance
8. TPC – Factory [...]

Hit the Floor Together: Upcoming Dance Performance

By 8 July 2013

[ 31 July 2013 7:00 pm to 3 August 2013 7:00 pm. ] I was recently given the opportunity to take some photos behind the scenes at a rehearsal for Hit the Floor Together, an upcoming dance performance at the Canberra Theatre Centre. The contemporary work brings together young indigenous and non-indigenous dancers to explore young people’s understanding of each other, despite differences in culture and geography.

The show explores [...]

ACT coat of arms in Canberran hands


In a ceremony at Canberra Theatre today, the ACT coat of arms was handed over from the federal government to the ACT. The handover was a culmination of many years work, and is somewhat of a fitting birthday present to our Capital.
Representatives from both sides of the Government as well as several of Canberra’s cultural [...]

How to pronounce Canberra


Just in case you’ve been doing it wrong all these years.

Paris to Monaro: Pleasures from the studio of Hilda Rix Nicholas @ The Portrait Gallery

By 24 May 2013

[ 31 May 2013 to 11 August 2013. ] As part of Canberra’s centenary celebrations, the National Portrait Gallery will honour the life and work of Hilda Rix Nicholas.

Autumn evening’s golden glow c. 1942 by Hilda Rix Nicholas, oil on canvas, Wesfarmers Collection of Australian Art, PerthNicholas, born in Ballarat in 1884, travelled widely overseas between 1907 and 1926 and achieved considerable success [...]

Melbourne is getting its own domain name .melbourne [WITH POLL]

By 13 May 2013

Melbourne is getting its own domain name reports The Age.
If the future if you want to make sure your browser is taking you to Melbourne based websites you’ll be able to check the URL to see if there’s a little .melbounre at the end.
It seems a little long for me, why not a .mlbn?
The global [...]

Some electorate tweaking coming post election

By 6 May 2013

The ABC’s Antony Green has a piece on electoral boundaries and redistributions, it seems those living on the Canberra/Fraser border could be in from some adjustment:
The ACT’s boundaries were gazetted in December 2005, so a redistribution fell due at the end of 2012. As the House of Representatives was due to expire within twelve months [...]

Downer in Decay


I took a ride up to Downer Shops on the weekend … and took some photos … the shop side is truly derelict.

One of my first group houses in the early 90′s was a weatherboard affair in Durack Street (which incidentally was the coldest house I’ve ever lived in) and Downer Shops was my local. [...]

Canberra is like that Silent Hill movie

By 15 April 2013

Nerom Eneas has found the heart of Canberra, which is apparently out the back of the Canberra Centre in Braddon, and is amused to find it empty.
Now come on guys, this is embarrassing. Where were we all that night? Why weren’t any of us hanging out at an intersection behind the mall at 11pm on [...]

Is it Andrew Leigh’s turn in Cabinet?

By 23 March 2013

Prime Minister Julia Gillard at Rooty Hill, NSW (Photo: Wikipedia)
PM Julia Gillard has some pretty big holes to fill in her front bench after this week’s #nospill. And it probably isn’t just the ACT printers who are relishing the opportunities this presents.
With so many long-standing names names jumping before they are pushed, and probably a [...]

Enlighten Music video, Order of the Golden Cardigan

By 18 March 2013

Order of the Golden Cardigan in conjunction with Grand Wazoo Production present Enlighten.
Chilled modular synthesziser music with psychadelic video taken from the 2013 Canberra Enlighten festival.

Canberra Day celebrations 100 years in the making [updated with your photos]


I arrived way too early to Canberra’s birthday. I got there at 10 in the morning. I was that guest who arrives early to a party and sits around awkwardly while you keep setting up.
It was a beautiful morning and I had fun watching the many volunteers running around assembling things at high speeds. [...]

The Newborn Intensive Care Foundation – Helping those who help our kids

By 19 February 2013

Every year around 650 babies are admitted to the Neonatal Unit at the Canberra Hospital, beginning their life by fighting for it.
Over 150 of these babies will require assistance simply to breathe, using ventilation equipment not available elsewhere. Some of these babies are born extremely premature and weigh in at only 500 grams; some are [...]

Canberra, paved with gold and awash with cocaine

By 26 January 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

Myles Peterson (ex of the Canberra Times, sacked by the Pirate Party from his unpaid media role) has popped up in the Daily Telegraph fuelling every ignorant bogan’s wildest stereotype of Canberra.
Cashing in on the torrents of taxpayer cash flowing on to Canberra’s gold-paved streets, local retailers and supermarkets charge prices found only in [...]

Canberra in all its 3 dimensional glory

By 14 January 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

View Larger Map
In case you haven’t seen you can now see 3d Canberra buildings and terrain in Google Earth.
That’s right, the next level of peering over your neighbours fence can now be done in all its 3D glory.

Paul Daley to explain his book “Canberra” at Paperchain

By 27 November 2012

[ 5 December 2012 at 6:00 pm; ]

This in from Paperchain:

Please join us to hear Paul Daley, author of Canberra, in conversation with journalist Chris Hammer.

An implicit sense of public service and ‘otherness’ has now come to permeate Canberra’s identity to a point that there is a great smugness, arrogance even, that the rest of Australia can hate us – [...]

Book launch: Canberra by Paul Daley

By 21 October 2012

Paul Daley will be in conversation with Chris Hammer on Daley’s new book, Canberra, part of the critically acclaimed City Series.
“Canberra is a city of orphans. People arrive temporarily for work, but stay on because they discover unanticipated promise and opportunity in a city that the rest of the country loathes but can’t really do without,” says [...]

Examples of Canberra in prose, verse or song?

By 18 October 2012

With the centenary fast approaching, the hive mind might care to ruminate on the finest examples of this ruined sheep station as depicted in prose, verse or song.  What should be on the centenary committee’s bookshelves or playlists next year?
i’m not after works by canberrans, but about canberra.  anyone?
a contemporary song that pops into my [...]


By 9 October 2012

PHOTOWALK Canberra was on Sunday 30th and we had a fabulous turnout (60+).
The next PHOTOWALK is in February and you can access all information about the next walk when it is updated on
To have a look at images from the PHOTOWALK we had on the 30th September at the Australian National Botanic Gardens please [...]

Australian Botanical Gardens PhotoWalk

By 4 October 2012 FEATURED ARTICLE

Hey guys,
On Sunday I, along with many others, attended the PhotoWalk held at the botanic gardens.
Was an excellent afternoon out, and plenty of wildlife on display, including a water dragon and brown snake, plus the usual stack of kangaroos, including a few very large males and some females with joeys in pouches.
I took about 50 [...]

Top Ten Tips for Spring Sellers

By 10 September 2012 FEATURED ARTICLE

Allhomes has consulted three experienced real estate agents from around Canberra to get the hot tips for Spring sellers, ranging from where to invest your money on renovations through to how best to present your home for inspections without spending a cent.

ACT Performers Wanted

By 14 August 2012

Are you a Canberra performer looking for a chance to showcase your talent? Then Mondayitis Cabaret wants to hear from you.

Wee Jasper is on show 17-19 August

By 13 August 2012

[ 17 August 2012 to 19 August 2012. ] Wee Jasper Naturally is on 17-19 August 2012. A great chance to see what this beautiful village has to offer, above and below ground.

Tidbinbilla will be the hub of space exploration on Monday

By 5 August 2012

[ 6 August 2012 at 6:00 am; ] At 3:31pm Monday, the NASA/CSIRO Canberra Deep Space Communication Centre (aka Tidbinbilla Tracking Station) will play a pivotal role in the most important space mission going right now. The Mars Science Laboratory (nicknamed Curiosity) will land on Mars after a 7-minute crazy ride to slow it from a relative velocity of 12,844 km/hr. And all transmissions from [...]

Space viewing highlights for the next week

By 9 July 2012

Weather permitting, there are some good space viewing opportunities for Canberra people over the next week or so. Planets, stars, the International Space Station, and even a manned Soyuz launch to hunt out.
First, the beautiful morning conjunctions with Jupiter and the very bright Venus continue and even get better. For two weeks now these two [...]

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