‎SOS – Save Our Suburbs/Save Our Serenity

OzChick 8 May 2007 67

I got this email today, I don’t even know how I got on to this mailing list…

‎SOS – Save Our Suburbs/Save Our Serenity

“How’s the serenity?” asks Darryl Kerrigan (Michael Caton, “The Castle”) whilst on holidays at Bonnydoon. He and his family had to go on holiday to escape the everyday reality of aircraft noise over their home.

In Canberra, we have the serenity in our suburbs now, because jet planes aren’t allowed to fly over our homes – instead they fly over rural properties north and south of the airport. But if houses are built at Tralee directly under these flight paths, it won’t be long till they complain and try and move the noise back over Canberra like it was before 1995 – see below. Like the Kerrigans, you will need to go on holiday to escape the aircraft noise.

So, tell us what you think by emailing us at noise_feedback@canberraairport.com.au so that we can pass your views on to those that can stop this stupidity.

If you know anyone that lives in the suburbs below or who doesn’t like aircraft noise, please pass this email on to them and get them to act.


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67 Responses to ‎SOS – Save Our Suburbs/Save Our Serenity
I-filed I-filed 5:33 pm 13 May 07

Dusty is right I think – I seem to recall that Canberra’s winter fog was an issue when the freight hub was first discussed. Perhaps the airport entrepreneurs are confident that climate change is putting paid to the fogs.

Pandy Pandy 8:48 pm 09 May 07

Well if it is on one of the maps that I have pointed you to let me know the point and how loud it is. Good to know if Snow and Byron make more threats about noise sharing. (BTW I have checked the Sydney airport landing maps a nd they all turn in for final approach 10nm out – so much for THAT noise sharing).

ant ant 8:35 pm 09 May 07

They already turn over my place. In fact, since returning, I’ve noticed a lot more planes at all times of the day, some even heading outwards (used to be incomings only). They turn over the mountain I’m on.

Pandy Pandy 8:08 pm 09 May 07

I performed a little experiment:

Went and parked outside the entrance to Fraser Park Speedway with my sound meter. Background noise was less than 40dB with the occasional motor bike on Lanyon drive registering around 50dB.

On most Airservices Australia on the link above, this equates to a point on the landing path of around 7nm out from the end of runway 35.

This point is about 1600m from the nearest house in Jerrabomberra. Most aircraft are 1500 to 2000 feet above ground level at this point.

I measured one large jet aircraft going past at 50 to 64dB: Two smaller jets do 50 to 64dB and one prp job do 40 to 54dB.

seepi seepi 5:34 pm 09 May 07

Ah – we seem to get a lot of smaller planes (sometimes very low and loud), and helicopters.

Pandy Pandy 5:00 pm 09 May 07

Jemmy and Ant:


Scroll down to Canberra. You’ll see Ant that they will turn over your place.

jemmy jemmy 4:39 pm 09 May 07

seepi: I don’t know, I’m just looking at the charts with the defined traffic routes in and out of Canberra. Clouds wouldn’t be an issue, they just fly through them. Sometimes air traffic control will vary an aircraft’s route to cater for other traffic, but since we’re talking about general traffic and not one-offs, generally they should follow those routes. (Also, we’re talking jets, non-jets have slightly relaxed rules.)

Perhaps the plane is just on the other side of Mt Majura, but since you’re in Hackett it appears that they are over you?

One thing I do know is that ATC is red-hot on noise-abatement, it would be rare they would vector aircraft to infringe the noise-abatement areas unless they really had to due to, say, the weather. ATC *hate* getting noise complaints, pita for everyone. Also, things like VIPs, police and emergency, and the military can get non-standard routes.

andy andy 3:47 pm 09 May 07

Sorry, i was wrong, you don’t pay for the CAG Privileges card. My colleague informs me it’s a very worthwhile idea.
But f*** that.

dusty dusty 12:23 pm 09 May 07

Anyway our pea-souper fogs put a halt to all air traffic right through winter. ha ha.

Ralph Ralph 10:29 am 09 May 07

Planes already fly over my place in Palmerston on their Melbourne/Adelaide/Perth runs. Not a bother at all.

Caz Caz 10:26 am 09 May 07

I lived in both Palmerston and Kaleen and distinctly remember aircraft flying over both houses. Am I missing something here?

ant ant 10:09 am 09 May 07

I like the way the statement blithely says that planes currently go over rural properties to the north and south. Actually, rural areas in all directions cop the planes. My hill to the east of canberra is a turn marker for planes, normally from about 4pm onwards, but if the wind is right, they come over all day. In fact, it seems to already be on their Map of Horror (the turn over Googong). So it’s OK for everyone EXCEPT the Suburbs of Serenity to cop Canberra airport noise, apparently. Nasty attitude.

Of course, the big issue they don’t mention is that it won’t be 747s at 6am. They’ll be coming over at 2am, and any other am that they want to because unlike sydney airport, Canberra has no curfew!!!!

and THAT is why Snow’s Shambles are fighting Tralee so strenuously. They have a lot more to lose if planes have to start coming in over Canberra. Their lovely fat nightime/dawn window of opportunity.

seepi seepi 9:19 am 09 May 07

Jemmy how come we already get quite loud aircraft taking off over our house in hackett then? And a lot more some weekends, and some evenings (I imagine when there are clouds they are going around.)

Rawhide Kid No 2 Rawhide Kid No 2 12:53 am 09 May 07

oops ..sorry about the double up. (Hiding back in hole)

Rawhide Kid No 2 Rawhide Kid No 2 12:24 am 09 May 07

Ah Tralee!. A Planes spotters paradise

Rawhide Kid No 2 Rawhide Kid No 2 12:23 am 09 May 07

Ah Tralee!. A Plain spotters paradise

jemmy jemmy 11:41 pm 08 May 07

Pandy is right, that graphic is very misleading. I can’t find public access to the charts so that you can see what I’m talking about, but the noise abatement procedures and the standard departures for jets show Tuggeranong wouldn’t be overflown, nor would North Canberra. (I presume we’re really only concerned with departures since that’s when the noise is, but arrivals are similar anyway.)

Takeoffs to the north can’t turn until at 4,500′-5000′ or abeam Mt Majura, so that’s north canberra safe. Takeoffs to the south have to keep clear of the noise abatement area or until 5000′. (The noise abatement area is those greeny/brown shaded patches on the map.)

(Anyone know why Airservices seem to have shut public access to the SID/STARS?)

el el 11:36 pm 08 May 07

Hell if the houses are cheap enough I’ll move there. There’s bigger issues in life than a bit of noise folks.

el el 11:36 pm 08 May 07

Bring on the noise!

Pandy Pandy 9:55 pm 08 May 07

Why does everything aftr “i.e.” get trimmed?

If the jet does turn west above Hume to travel to Melbourne/Adelaide will it thus be told to fly over southern Tuggeranong south of Isabella Drive, or will the flight path be jinked to fly slightly to the west over Mt Rob Roy. This is what happens right now right? This avoids all of Tuggeranong right? This results in hardly any aircraft noise right?

So I repeat again, tell us what the actual air paths would look like for commercial jets thanks and maybe then I will start to become afraid.

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