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‎SOS – Save Our Suburbs/Save Our Serenity

By OzChick - 8 May 2007 67

I got this email today, I don’t even know how I got on to this mailing list…

‎SOS – Save Our Suburbs/Save Our Serenity

“How’s the serenity?” asks Darryl Kerrigan (Michael Caton, “The Castle”) whilst on holidays at Bonnydoon. He and his family had to go on holiday to escape the everyday reality of aircraft noise over their home.

In Canberra, we have the serenity in our suburbs now, because jet planes aren’t allowed to fly over our homes – instead they fly over rural properties north and south of the airport. But if houses are built at Tralee directly under these flight paths, it won’t be long till they complain and try and move the noise back over Canberra like it was before 1995 – see below. Like the Kerrigans, you will need to go on holiday to escape the aircraft noise.

So, tell us what you think by emailing us at so that we can pass your views on to those that can stop this stupidity.

If you know anyone that lives in the suburbs below or who doesn’t like aircraft noise, please pass this email on to them and get them to act.


[Press Release]

[ED – interesting tactics]

What’s Your opinion?

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67 Responses to
‎SOS – Save Our Suburbs/Save Our Serenity
Ralph 1:39 pm 08 May 07

NIMBY propaganda.

Development at Tralee is good for the local economy. People rallying against it are protesting against jobs.

Kramer 1:34 pm 08 May 07

I see my suburb, Page is listed amongst the possible affected suburbs. If the plane isn’t sufficiently high by the time they are over Page, something would have to be seriously wrong.

Kramer 1:31 pm 08 May 07

I don’t see why the whole of the ACT needs to suffer because someone makes a stupid decision to buy a house under an existing flight path. If I buy a house next to the sewerage treatment plant does everyone in Canberra get delivered a share of the stinky air?

Buyer beware I say!

Androyd 1:27 pm 08 May 07

I’d be more inclined to take Mr Byron’s concern for the people of Canberra seriously if he did something to fix up the worst designed carpark in the southern hemisphere at Canberra airport, and contribute to fixing the traffic snarls created by overdevelopment at Canberra airport! Whenever I see anti-Tralee signs at the airport, it looks to me like they are saying do as I say, not as I do…

Morgan Lee 1:19 pm 08 May 07

If it doesn’t list my suburb, does that mean its ok to not care??

captainwhorebags 1:18 pm 08 May 07

Futto: land at Stromlo is in A.C.T. Tralee is in N.S.W. and will make a lot of dosh for the QBN council.

What happened to the plan to build out at Googong? Plenty of now dry land available 🙂

kenk 1:16 pm 08 May 07

I reject the image of Canberra people as the ultimate ‘nimbys’. If Goulburn is short of water, or Tralee or Jerrabomberra have too much aircraft noise, then we, as neighbours, will weigh in – we will share the burden. Just as they would if we were in trouble.
Canberra receives whatever benefits the uncontrolled development of Canberra Airport has yielded. So we will not shrink from offsetting any bad consequences for our neighbors in NSW.

captainwhorebags 1:15 pm 08 May 07

I’m curious as to why a development to the south of the runway would affect take-offs to the north, from runway 35. I don’t know if jet aircraft would be able to make the turn and keep a minimum distance from terrain when going between Mt Ainslie and Mt Majura. Perhaps the graphic is a little misleading, hoping to stir up anger in some of the expensive areas of the inner north.

I’m no fan of Mr Snow, but I think that people should not buy land under a flight path and then expect the flight paths to change for them.

futto 1:14 pm 08 May 07

If they let 747’s land at the airport from 6am, i will be able to chuck out the crappy alarm clock i have.

Nothing beats the whole house shaking when one of those takes off…i love staying a friends house in botany on weekends….but then again, i do get to escape it when i come home.

Why are they building on land that is clearly under the flight paths where there is stacks of land on the other side of the city such as stromlo and near the zoo?

VicePope 1:13 pm 08 May 07

There is an existing set of flight paths, and they tend to hit what will be Tralee. This should not be a problem save for anyone dimwitted enough to buy there (and this includes the developer who bought the land).

But it will become a problem for everyone else (Canberra, the rest of Queanbeyan) when the dills decide they don’t like the noise any more and agitate whatever chimp happens to have been elected in Eden-Monaro to get others to share the problems they bought at a discount price.

It is silly, with respect, to say that Sydney is worse. It is worse, and in many ways as well as aircraft noise. But people choose to live there and some choose to buy near flight paths because of the other advantages. One of the amenities of Canberra is that it is relatively quiet, and one of the reasons for that is ….. see para 1 above.

johnboy 1:00 pm 08 May 07

DuffyMum… Who are you talking to?

And what’s it to you if there is a court case?

josh 12:56 pm 08 May 07

@Absent Diane, good call. People need to just suck it up.

If you don’t like it, take a real stand and leave Canberra. Sure it’s far fetched, but I’m sure if you were so opposed to aeroplanes, there’s a nice gully in the middle of NSW in the bush somewhere devoid of all external influences. Jesus. People are whingers.

Absent Diane 12:50 pm 08 May 07

i seriously fcking hate the do-gooder whingers that canberra produces. If you get a flight path over house then move.

DuffyMum 12:44 pm 08 May 07

Stop trying to hold Canberrans to ransom by saying that if we don’t help you to stop the development at Tralee you will send all the aircraft over our homes – heck, if you were involved in the profitable development of homes at Tralee (and I bet you wish you were) you’d shift the flight paths over Canberra without any publicity to us Canberrans.

Tell me – is there going to be another court case brought about by you because you didn’t get your way again (thinking of that big development at Canberra Ave and Hindmarsh Drive)??

Oh, and BTW, I came from Sydney where I grew up with lots more planes going over my head than Canberra could ever have … and I didn’t move here to get away from them in case that’s you’re thinking.

johnboy 12:33 pm 08 May 07

Dangerous analogy, the Kerrigans LIKED being under the airport flight paths.

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