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10 things about the ANU Student Union

By johnboy - 15 August 2008 28

There’s a funny little story on Woroni detailing little known workings of the student unionism.

Enough to make you thank the Howard Government for VSU!

What’s Your opinion?

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28 Responses to
10 things about the ANU Student Union
Vic Bitterman 9:00 pm 15 Aug 08

Students are tards. Gawd they think they know everything….

Mary Whitehouse 8:34 pm 15 Aug 08

Student unions in action: In 1986 tertiary education in Australia was free. In 1996 full fee paying places were passed into law. Thank God they went.

As for all the shite about services, since when were students so special that they had to have their own sporting clubs etc? Any private operator who can’t turn a profit running a bar or catering service at a university should give up business. And universities themselves should provide childcare etc if they want a competitive edge. After all, the students are paying to go there. Better that than paying for a bunch of hippie communists or little Libs to indulge themselves.

Primal 5:55 pm 15 Aug 08

I’d say that a lot of that list could be applied to just about any uni student union. ‘Tis the nature of the beast.

(‘Not having a Facebook group’ is a grievous failing these days?)

Clown Killer 5:45 pm 15 Aug 08

… and from what I recall, the ANU Union has always been less than competent.

So it’s a pretty low bar then. Given that, you’d expect that even the Labor club could run it at break even … or am I dreaming?

New Yeah 5:33 pm 15 Aug 08

p1 said :

Pretty sure GSF was only ~200$ a year?

Between 1997 and 2001 it was only $180 (plus GST post July 2000)

Despite VSU, student life at ANU chuggs along and femmo chicks with d*cks continue to fart arse around.

VSU or no VSU, ANU is always full of political hacks trying to get their factional jollies off one way or another. And from what I recall, the ANU Union has always been less than competent. So nothing too new here.

p1 5:04 pm 15 Aug 08

I voted against affiliation with NUS.

Yeah we are all really doing it tough now that we don’t have to pay $400 a year for our 10% discount Buzz.

Pretty sure GSF was only ~200$ a year?

hk0reduck 4:42 pm 15 Aug 08

So I’m guessing that the reason the Bakery charges 10c more for soft-drinks is not by choice?

It was also funny to see that one of the platforms a group was using to run for the Union election was the promise of a Subway and Boost Juice store in the refectory. I’m hoping that they were going for the Joke Vote and not a disillusioned group that thought they could make any difference to anything.

Clown Killer 4:30 pm 15 Aug 08

I guess I’m showing my age Jakez … but I never thought that the ANU student body would be silly enough to sign up to the NUS, I guess you live and learn.

jakez 4:25 pm 15 Aug 08

…Considering that I haven’t gone to ANU since 2003, I should probably let go already.

jakez 4:20 pm 15 Aug 08

They’ve been affiliated since the late 90’s I believe when they won a referendum to get ANU back in (the ANU Liberal Club of the mid 90’s successfully won a disaffiliation campaign…this is what liberal club nerds like myself consider the ultimate victory).

One of the issues in this years election campaign is how much money ANU should be giving to NUS.

Having been to NUS conference twice, my opinion is that they shouldn’t give any money.

Clown Killer 4:14 pm 15 Aug 08

I guess it must be about time for them to waste money on another referendum on whether the ANU should affiliate with the NUS!

jakez 4:08 pm 15 Aug 08

Yeah we are all really doing it tough now that we don’t have to pay $400 a year for our 10% discount Buzz.

Mr Evil 4:06 pm 15 Aug 08

The ANU Union is a closed shop.

The Union Supermarket was moved out and replaced by a 3 mobile phone retailer!

Buzz2600 4:00 pm 15 Aug 08

Factional fighting is nothing new! The parlous state of the ANU Union is evidence of the impact of VSU. Nothing to celebrate here.

moosenator 3:59 pm 15 Aug 08

That’s just great. VSU came in 2 years after I graduated. I never appreciated paying money so femmo chicks with d**cks could fart arse around.

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