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12 year old arrested for armed robbery

By GnT 24 October 2007 33

A 12 year old boy allegedly pulled a pair of scissors on a man and tried to take his backpack, before cutting is arm then hiding near a tree.

This story is sad, sad, sad. What drives a child to commit such a crime? Where are his role models? Who is taking care of his needs? Who is looking after him? Why is he so desperate?

I don’t want to start a ‘blame the parents’ tirade, nor do I think he’s 100% victim. But something is seriously wrong with society when we can’t look after our little ones.

What’s Your opinion?

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33 Responses to
12 year old arrested for armed robbery
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Ingeegoodbee 6:13 pm 25 Oct 07

It’s relative Pandy. I’d go with anywhere that could fall under the broad umbrella of “Belco” and any suburb that has Drakeford Drive pass through it.

Pandy 5:57 pm 25 Oct 07

What suburbs are underprivileged?

Stung 3:44 pm 25 Oct 07

boys will be boys..

el ......VNBerlinaV8 2:28 pm 25 Oct 07

[cue suggestions of a bullet for the kid and his parents]

pierce 2:27 pm 25 Oct 07

Hear hear Sepi

Deadmandrinking 2:21 pm 25 Oct 07

Damn straight sepi! Damn straight!

sepi 2:17 pm 25 Oct 07

I’d spend much more money on rehab.
I’d have lock-up mental health facilities.
I’d spend more on preventative measures.
I’d have social policies aimed at improving the lives of those living in underprivileged/crime ridden neighbourhoods.

Theoretically all this would eventually pay for itself in reduced crime and reduced need for prison beds.

Deadmandrinking 2:13 pm 25 Oct 07

Maybe they could enforce the ‘argue the point’ rule instead of ‘call people insane if they don’t agree with your rigid thinking’ policy that seems to prevail here.
Narrow-minded Wanker alert!

Lord Mælinar 2:00 pm 25 Oct 07

Perhaps the Admins might want to try inserting the comment ‘Stop and have a little think before you’ before the Say It! button.

Deadmandrinking 1:38 pm 25 Oct 07

sorry, the first was an immediate response, the second was the body I meant to put in but remembered after I clicked ‘say it’, the 3rd was a correction. If you’d read the 3rd post, you would have picked that up. Doofus.
I wish we could edit our posts.

Lord Mælinar 1:09 pm 25 Oct 07

3 post frootloop warning

Deadmandrinking 1:03 pm 25 Oct 07

“I’m not living under the illusion that rehab etc. works” was supposed to have “all the time” at the end of it.

Deadmandrinking 1:02 pm 25 Oct 07

So what’s the solution sepi? Just lock them up from the starters? That’s kinda taking a bow, if you ask me.
I’m not living under the illusion that rehab etc. works. It needs work, a lot of work and even then, it won’t be 100% foolproof. Then again, prison definatley isn’t 100% foolproof. I think we should always be looking at alternatives to prison, especially in the case of such young offenders and working to get these alternatives effective, not just throwing up our arms every time they fail.

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