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12 year old arrested for armed robbery

By GnT - 24 October 2007 33

A 12 year old boy allegedly pulled a pair of scissors on a man and tried to take his backpack, before cutting is arm then hiding near a tree.

This story is sad, sad, sad. What drives a child to commit such a crime? Where are his role models? Who is taking care of his needs? Who is looking after him? Why is he so desperate?

I don’t want to start a ‘blame the parents’ tirade, nor do I think he’s 100% victim. But something is seriously wrong with society when we can’t look after our little ones.

What’s Your opinion?

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33 Responses to
12 year old arrested for armed robbery
VYBerlinaV8...the_or 8:23 am 25 Oct 07

Watch out barking toad – I made a very similar comment to yours last time this happened, and got strung up for it! FWIW, I agree with you.

Pandy 10:21 pm 24 Oct 07

Deadmandrinking!!!!! Ha! You from NT?

Deadmandrinking 9:39 pm 24 Oct 07


Where can I get the job as ACT hangman?

Comment by Pandy — 24 October, 2007 @ 7:12 pm”

I’ll give you a job once you successfully experiment on yourself.

Pandy 7:12 pm 24 Oct 07

Where can I get the job as ACT hangman?

barney 6:55 pm 24 Oct 07

* YAWN *

Ingeegoodbee 6:10 pm 24 Oct 07

It’s sad that a kid of ten isn’t equiped with the emotional intelligence to make some pretty important decisions about whats right and wrong. Half of me wants to say – how could this happen, how could a kid of ten get so mixed up? The other half wants to say, suck it up sunshine, you’re off to the big house now (and a nice young lad like you is just going to love bunking in the “Bubba”).

nyssa76 5:39 pm 24 Oct 07

The boy was allegedly with a group of youths when this happened. The man was injured (if you go by the radio accounts) trying to get the bag off the kid.

The problem is that there aren’t enough ‘tougher’ stances taken. These kids KNOW that they can get away with it.

Absent Diane 4:56 pm 24 Oct 07

The problems is that there are so many symptoms and is very hard to indentify one root cause. Which makes the solution even harder. For example you could take the kids away but is that more likely to make them bitter and worse to society;therefore in all likelyhood would be poor parents themselves.

barking toad 4:53 pm 24 Oct 07

Can’t understand why the bloke he tried to mug didn’t kick the living f–k out of him. Unless he was pissing himself laughing.

Of course, society is to blame. And Bush/Howard

VYBerlinaV8...the_or 4:47 pm 24 Oct 07

Perhaps we need to look at taking these types of children from their parents and placing them with foster carers who are trained to deal with difficult children. Their parents obviously have no idea what to do…

RAGD 3:40 pm 24 Oct 07

Is there something we are missing here? Are these 10/12 year olds on steroids?.. I just dont see how any adult can be held at ransom from a 10 or 12 year old?? I know all safety and that.. but surely a 12 year old boy isn’t developed physically enough to threaten an adult.

I could understand say a 16 year old.. maybe 15.. but a 12 or 10 year old?

Maybe genetically modified food is producing bigger, stronger, angrier 12 year olds?

Thumper 3:36 pm 24 Oct 07

Totally agree GnT.

Very sad. Copycat maybe?

Somehow I doubt it as recently we have seen a 10 year old (?)up for rape and abduction, and another kid threatening staff with a knife at a school.

Something is tragically wrong here.

And frankly, he’s also lucky he didn’t get his teeth smashed halfway down his throat.

GnT 3:33 pm 24 Oct 07

Sorry, linked to the wrong page. Link is now fixed.

RAGD 3:06 pm 24 Oct 07

Couldn’t find the full story, but yeah pretty sad.

Mr Evil 1:54 pm 24 Oct 07

Brother of the idiot who tried to take on a whole school with a pruning saw and steak knives?????

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