Another Free E-Waste Day, this time from Lioncom

kapa 2 September 2009 11

Lioncom are having another Free E-Waste day for the General public and also businesses, where you can drop of old computing equipment for FREE.

Simply drop off surplus computer equipment at the Fyshwick Collection Centre, located at 8 Pirie St, Fyshwick.For Businesses and Government Departments: Friday, 4th September 2009, 9:00am – 5:00pm, and
For General Public: Saturday, 5th September 2009, 9:00am – 5:00pm

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11 Responses to Another Free E-Waste Day, this time from Lioncom
housebound housebound 6:16 pm 07 Sep 09

Thanks to kapa for posting the event – it was very good timing for us. By the (late-ish) time we got there, there were piles of computer gear, and three blokes standing around waiting for someone to help. They unloaded everything for us and we were off.

Thanks to Lioncom, too.

i really hope they don;t send the gear to China, though. The article linked to by damnintellectuals ( made me feel rather ill, not to mention guilty about our relatively modest consumption patterns.

Hells_Bells74 Hells_Bells74 8:02 am 04 Sep 09

VITURE said :

Yes does anyone want a monitor, I can’t carry it downstairs, there is nothing wrong with it.

How big is it VIRTURE? I borrowed my old one back off my son and he could do with a new one, pretty much as long as it wasn’t much bigger than say 17 inches (presuming CRT) as he only has a small desk as do I? What sub are you in (roughly, if you don’t want to say)?

Good on you!

damnintellectuals damnintellectuals 5:08 am 04 Sep 09

CAVEAT: Lioncom does not conduct all of its recycling operations in Australia. Other countries have little or no government oversight regarding recycling highly toxic materials. From the Lioncom website:

“Other equipment is disassembled into its parts (plastic, precious metals, batteries, cathode ray tubes, printed circuit boards, insulated wiring) and sent off to various parts of Australia and the world for recovery and recycling.”

China is often a place where our computer waste ends. Consider a recent American 60 Minutes segment –

The reason why it costs twenty three bucks to recycle an old computer monitor is because there’s lots of nasty shit in them. If you want a job right, it often costs more. Although, I am not sure if the tip simply exports computer waste to China, too. I wouldn’t be surprised if they do.

VITURE VITURE 11:49 pm 03 Sep 09

Yes does anyone want a monitor, I can’t carry it downstairs, there is nothing wrong with it.

housebound housebound 11:13 pm 03 Sep 09

Their website says they accept monitors:

Mr Evil Mr Evil 4:50 pm 03 Sep 09

Do they take monitors?

I went to one place that was doing this last year (might have been Lioncom), and they wouldn’t take the monitor I had.

kapa kapa 3:58 pm 03 Sep 09

Lioncom do this as a community service every year

hk0reduck hk0reduck 1:58 pm 03 Sep 09

It’s a service they normally offer and will either pay or charge you depending on the item.

So they’re gambling on making enough off the free stuff they’d normally pay for to cover the free stuff they normally charge for.

For reference, Canberra Tip charges $22.50 per Monitor and $15.00 per Terminal so these days are actually pretty good money-savers 🙂

housebound housebound 11:13 am 03 Sep 09

This is great. We just aquired new monitors – the old ones died days after the last e-waste day. Thank you Lioncom.

screaming banshee screaming banshee 10:54 am 03 Sep 09

Probably only things they can sell back for ridiculous prices.

Grudge much?

Inappropriate Inappropriate 10:08 am 03 Sep 09

Any electrical goods, or just computer bits?

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