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$200,000 to be spent on feasibility study for new stadium

Dominic Giannini 10 February 2020 132
GIO Stadium

A new 25,00 seat stadium will be built in Civic or EPIC, with GIO Stadium (pictured) also undergoing upgrades. Photo: Region Media.

The ACT Government is set to spend $200,000 on a feasibility study to determine the best location to build a new 25,000 seat stadium in Canberra.

The report will weigh up Civic and Exhibition Park as sites for the new stadium, which is projected to cost between $250-500 million.

Chief Minister Andrew Barr said investment in the study, set to be included in the ACT’s mid-year budget review this week, will provide the groundwork for the decade-long infrastructure project.

“The city location has been previously identified as a preferred site for a new rectangular stadium,” Mr Barr said.

“However, given the size restrictions of this site, the requirement to realign Parkes Way, as well as the investment in light rail, the government is exploring EPIC as a fallback option.

“The new work will focus on the existing Canberra Olympic Pool site but also consider EPIC to determine suitability for a new rectangular stadium.”

According to the government’s long term infrastructure plan, upgrades to the 35-year-old GIO Stadium over the next five years were also flagged at a cost of less than $50 million.

Raiders supporters on mass at ANZ Stadium. Photo: Tim Gavel.

The sea of green at the NRL Grand Final at ANZ Stadium. Photo: Tim Gavel.

The stadium will take into consideration the future needs of the capital, with Canberra’s population set to exceed 500,000 by the end of the decade.

“The government has outlined an ambitious infrastructure agenda to ensure we can continue to provide world-class services and entertainment for a growing city,” Mr Barr said.

“This infrastructure agenda will create more jobs and ensure Canberra remains one of the world’s most liveable cities.”

Both sites will be considered against a range of key criteria and the report will be completed before the end of June.

“The two identified sites will be assessed on key technical and planning characteristics including urban context, security, site fit, orientation, and traffic and transportation considerations,” Mr Barr said.

“Work will include site analysis and investigation, procuring technical architectural and engineering advice, and engaging a quantity surveyor to assist in determining the estimated costs of constructing a stadium on each site.

“The outcomes of the work will allow the government to make a final decision on whether Civic is a viable option or the fallback options of the existing Bruce precinct or EPIC should be progressed.

“Once this is determined, the next stage of the project will involve detailed design, site analysis and community consultation.”

Both the Raiders and the Brumbies have been very vocal in their support for a new stadium, pointing to the positive impacts new stadiums have had on sporting teams and local businesses in other cities.

Similar stadiums have boosted local economies by around $1 million dollars every time an event is held.

Three sporting events at the new Bankwest Stadium in Paramatta, with a seating capacity of 30,000, recorded an estimated total of $2.92 million for the local government area, according to an October 2019 report.

Over the three events at Bankwest, visitors spent about $1.27 million inside the stadium and $1.65 million in the Parramatta local area, the report found.

City of Parramatta Lord Mayor Bob Dwyer said local sporting events have increased demand for local businesses in Paramatta.

“This report shows people heading to Bankwest Stadium are really making the most of their visit to Parramatta, whether it is enjoying a meal at one of the city’s many fantastic restaurants and cafes or booking accommodation at local hotels,” Mr Dwyer said.

Do you think the new stadium should be built in the city or at EPIC?

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132 Responses to $200,000 to be spent on feasibility study for new stadium
Loretta Hately Loretta Hately 7:39 pm 11 Feb 20

No brainer in the city.

Ingrid Mears Ingrid Mears 6:56 pm 11 Feb 20

Don't be ridiculous, we don't need one! Spend it on healthcare

Anne Gallagher Anne Gallagher 6:45 pm 11 Feb 20

Civic for sure

    Margie Naylor Margie Naylor 7:19 pm 11 Feb 20

    Anne Civic would be awful! Too busy, impossible to get away from the grounds, really difficult to park and why on earth not leave it where it is?

    Greg Radar Millgate Greg Radar Millgate 7:33 pm 11 Feb 20

    Margie, you could catch the tram and not have to park lol. New stadiums are built with underground parking.. although... ACT Government planning as it is, they probably wouldn't.

    Margie Naylor Margie Naylor 7:44 pm 11 Feb 20

    Greg Radar until they send the tram to Woden I can’t catch it!

    Greg Radar Millgate Greg Radar Millgate 7:59 pm 11 Feb 20

    Margie, I thought it was the solution to all traveling woes 😉

    Margie Naylor Margie Naylor 8:26 pm 11 Feb 20

    Greg Radar it works fine for my brother who lives at Lyneham, but as you well know I live in Lyons and ain’t agonna get no tram! 😏

    Julie Macklin Julie Macklin 11:36 pm 11 Feb 20

    Margie Naylor But you can catch a bus.

    Ashley Wright Ashley Wright 6:57 am 13 Feb 20

    Greg Radar Millgate new stadiums are built with very little parking. Unless you talking about stadiums in the USA.

Peter Maloney Peter Maloney 6:42 pm 11 Feb 20

Save the money build it and they will come watch the movie.

Donna Burns Donna Burns 6:05 pm 11 Feb 20

Why not upgrade the one we have, or is that space pegged for more housing/units??

    David Carr David Carr 8:02 pm 11 Feb 20

    Donna Burns it’s too far away, too boring, nowhere to go before or afterwards and no public transport. It’s a shocker!!

Matt White Matt White 5:40 pm 11 Feb 20

I’d like to see them revamp Bruce Stadium together with federal funding to also revamp the AIS. However, if they are going to build a new stadium, then Civic is the obvious choice. But please get it right the first time - capacity of at least 35,000 with good viewing from all around (not one side missing like in earlier plans); sufficient parking; and, integrate it with a new convention centre and entertainment/recreation (including pool) precinct which connects the city to Commonwealth Park (a Parkes Way tunnel will be needed).

    Chris Piscopo Chris Piscopo 6:45 pm 11 Feb 20

    Matt White I agree with the Civic option extending over Parkes Way, plus it needs to be enclosed. By the time it is built we will have three home teams (brumbies, raiders and an a-league team), plus light rail will extend to Woden at least.

Christine Jack Christine Jack 5:21 pm 11 Feb 20

Really, better dress to spend our money on. Eg hospitals. Etc. Lo

David Brown David Brown 5:10 pm 11 Feb 20

That is a lot of money to pss up against the wall.

Stephen Roberts Stephen Roberts 5:08 pm 11 Feb 20

Any assessment of the business case for a new stadium (a different assessment to this) will need to take consideration of the viability of the ACT Brumbies. With Foxtel threatening to walk away from super rugby, the viability of the whole competition in Australia is not certain. A new stadium is simply a pipe dream should there only be one tenant, being the Raiders.

    Shan Weereratne Shan Weereratne 5:37 pm 11 Feb 20

    Stephen Roberts, the Brumbies will be around Foxtel or not. Might be a blessing in disguise to rugby in Aus if they are forced to open their eyes. Future interstate derbies will take more prominence in rivalries and crowds as well

    Stephen Roberts Stephen Roberts 5:44 pm 11 Feb 20

    Shan Weereratne - I guess my worry is around the TV rights deal for super rugby. The TV rights is the single biggest cash earner by far, which is the life line for the clubs. The brumbies have been barely viable with the last TV rights deal with Foxtel, what happens if the next TV rights deal is substantially less? I don’t have the same confidence that the Brumbies will be viable going forward.

Byron Carn Byron Carn 5:05 pm 11 Feb 20

$200k to party and have drinks pretty much

John Sant John Sant 4:47 pm 11 Feb 20

Honestly why. Civic of course transport links help businesses look at the MCG Adelaide oval 200k really

Ian Carter Ian Carter 4:21 pm 11 Feb 20

They're frantically selling up the last of the parking in Civic. There is space for parking around EPIC and the tram line close by. With some imaginative architecture, they might create a multi-purpose venue to serve Canberra long into the future for more than just stadium sports.

    David Elsley David Elsley 6:39 pm 11 Feb 20

    Ian Carter move CIT to Woden and there is the space for new stadium!

Lisa LaMaitre Lisa LaMaitre 4:11 pm 11 Feb 20

Another waste of money.. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Michael Cerne Michael Cerne 4:09 pm 11 Feb 20

Bars, Restaurants, shops all packed in the city before, during and after the game/concert/festival etc... no brainer and life will boom

In the city. 👍

    Geoff Williams Geoff Williams 5:06 pm 11 Feb 20

    Michael Cerne agree. No brainer, either City or Woden which better PT access.

    Alec Pittard Alec Pittard 5:09 pm 11 Feb 20

    Michael Cerne smartest words you’ve ever spoken

    Lucas Hayden Lucas Hayden 5:46 pm 11 Feb 20

    Michael Cerne happy to give you the 200k mate. Common sense and a smart decision. Stuff going to Epic if you live southside. Might as well go to Sydney

Bill Pappas Bill Pappas 4:03 pm 11 Feb 20

Why not have a sports precinct like Melbourne..... why not think about Woden at the afl ground lots of room, bus access, shop access and plenty of parking

    Ben Jones Ben Jones 6:18 pm 11 Feb 20

    Bill Pappas the AFL ground is now the home of ACT cricket also. Where else in Woden do they build a new stadium ?

    Bill Pappas Bill Pappas 9:29 am 13 Feb 20

    Ben Jones ahhhMCG?

    Multi use stadium mate

    Ben Jones Ben Jones 10:28 am 13 Feb 20

    Bill Pappas oh dear ....

Kurt Neist Kurt Neist 3:56 pm 11 Feb 20

Leave the bloody thing where it is.

    Darren Lloyd Darren Lloyd 4:20 pm 11 Feb 20

    Yeh if need be revamp the existing one, such a waste of money

    Jon Billows Jon Billows 4:29 pm 11 Feb 20

    Darren Lloyd a revamp would require a complete demolition and rebuild. The architecture is not suitable anymore. No amount of upgrading will change this. So why not build it in a better location.

    Kurt Neist Kurt Neist 4:36 pm 11 Feb 20

    It’s in a good location. How is the architecture not suitable any more? Have people changed shape? Have ovals changed size?

    Even if it “needed” to be replaced, the land is already owned and used for that purpose, that’s a huge saving.

George Lemon George Lemon 3:33 pm 11 Feb 20

If it can't be built in the city it may as well be left in the hole it is now.

David Grigg David Grigg 3:30 pm 11 Feb 20

EPIC is the perfect site to create an entirely new precinct of exhibition/arts/ sports stadium etc - all major Cities (when Canberra and judging by the commentary feels like growing up) have this capability. The precincts generally sits 3-5km from the CBD.

It’s a positive for everyone, what are the negatives ?

    Maria Greene Maria Greene 3:33 pm 11 Feb 20

    negatives are you lose the opportunity to grab prime real estate by closing Civic pool?

    David Grigg David Grigg 3:37 pm 11 Feb 20

    happy to have it at the Civic pool, just the precinct isn’t big enough to be taken seriously, and provide multiple venues.

    Canberra is the Capital of Australia, so we need to start being seen as the Capital (which is occurring.. just a tad slow) I’m thinking of the scale of Melbourne’s Sports and Entertainment Precinct

    Daniel Bryan Daniel Bryan 3:58 pm 11 Feb 20

    Somewhere central like the block civic pool is on does make sense but, David makes a valid point about the precinct not being big enough. Parking would have to be upgraded on the adjacent block (opposite CIT) as not everyone will opt for public transport into the city.

    EPIC does make more sense given light rail infrastructure, etc, and theres plenty of space there to create something like Syd Olympic Park or the precinct in Melb.

    Geoff Williams Geoff Williams 5:04 pm 11 Feb 20

    Need to think outside parking at the door, and using PT. That's how major cities do it, and how Perth has just done it.

    David Grigg David Grigg 5:05 pm 11 Feb 20

    Brad Miller yep great location perfect

    Scott Welsh Scott Welsh 5:18 pm 11 Feb 20

    David Grigg the precinct isn’t big enough? It’s a 2 minute walk from Garema Place. The whole area will grow and many buildings in the area are being knocked down and rebuilt even now.

David Jolley David Jolley 3:27 pm 11 Feb 20

Put something's on the South side as we also vote and pay taxes

Peter Hyde Peter Hyde 3:24 pm 11 Feb 20

Don’t think you need $200k. Civic has much better public transport for all of Canberra. Especially when the Woden and Tuggeranong light rail is built (or should that be if?) Just imagine 15,000 people trying to leave EPIC at the same time, a nightmare

    Rob Gas Rob Gas 4:39 pm 11 Feb 20

    Peter Hyde +1

    Geoff Williams Geoff Williams 5:02 pm 11 Feb 20

    Peter Hyde agree. And where could they go? That's the problem with Bruce, too isolated to do anything except go home (probably by car)

    Scott Welsh Scott Welsh 5:15 pm 11 Feb 20

    Peter Hyde exactly, Bruce is bad enough.

    Shan Weereratne Shan Weereratne 5:29 pm 11 Feb 20

    Geoff Williams, Gungahlin TC just a stone's throw away 😀

    Tracey Crump Tracey Crump 5:37 pm 11 Feb 20

    Peter Hyde I'm imagining the nightmare and gridlock in Civic...

    Peter Hyde Peter Hyde 8:52 pm 11 Feb 20

    Tracey Crump unlike EPIC with two roads? Civic has multiple buses and light rail. Think of the people travelling from south of the lake trying out get home from EPIC

    Julie Macklin Julie Macklin 1:02 pm 13 Feb 20

    Tracey Crump What wall to wall buses? No need to always think of driving.

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