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2006 Census Results

By Deano - 28 June 2007 45

The ABS has started to release the results of the 2006 Census

Interesting facts about the ACT:

324,034 persons usually resident in Australian Capital Territory: 49.3% were males and 50.7% were females. Of the total population in Australian Capital Territory 1.2% were Indigenous persons, compared with 2.3% Indigenous persons in Australia.

19.1% of the population usually resident in Australian Capital Territory were children aged between 0-14 years, and 20.3% were persons aged 55 years and over. The median age of persons in Australian Capital Territory was 34 years, compared with 37 years for persons in Australia.

89.5% of persons usually resident in Australian Capital Territory were Australian citizens, 21.7% were born overseas and 0.9% were overseas visitors.

73.0% of persons usually resident in Australian Capital Territory stated they were born in Australia. Other common responses within Australian Capital Territory were: England 4.0%, New Zealand 1.2%, China 1.1%, India 0.8% and Viet Nam 0.7%.

English was stated as the only language spoken at home by 81.0% of persons usually resident in Australian Capital Territory. The most common languages other than English spoken at home were: Mandarin 1.1%, Italian 1.1%, Vietnamese 0.9%, Cantonese 0.9% and Greek 0.8%.

The most common responses for religious affiliation for persons usually resident in Australian Capital Territory were Catholic 28.0%, No Religion 23.4%, Anglican 16.7%, Uniting Church 4.0% and Presbyterian and Reformed 2.7%.

47.7% of persons aged 15 years and over usually resident in Australian Capital Territory were married, 37.2% never married, 10.9% separated or divorced and 4.1% widowed.

In Australian Capital Territory, the median weekly individual income for persons aged 15 years and over who were usual residents was $722, compared with $466 in Australia. The median weekly household income was $1,509, compared with $1,027 in Australia. The median weekly family income was $1,773, compared with $1,171 in Australia.

There were 84,508 families in Australian Capital Territory: 47.0% were couple families with children, 36.2% were couple families without children, 15.1% were one parent families and 1.6% were other families.

There were 122,901 occupied private dwellings counted in Australian Capital Territory: 75.0% were separate houses, 13.5% were semi-detached, row or terrace house, townhouse etc, 11.3% were flat, unit or apartment and 0.2% were other dwellings.

In Australian Capital Territory, the median weekly rent was $260, compared to $190 in Australia. The median monthly housing loan repayment was $1,500, compared to $1,300 in Australia. The average household size was 2.6 and the average number of persons per bedroom was 1.1.

In Australian Capital Territory, 28.7% of occupied private dwellings were fully owned, 36.9% were being purchased and 28.6% were rented.

In Australian Capital Territory, 67.9% of occupied private dwellings were family households, 22.1% were lone person households and 5.1% were group households.

So in summary, compared to the rest of Australia the average Canberran is more likely to:

be aged 15 to 54 years old
born in Australia
speak only English
be a Catholic or atheist
have a much higher income
have children
live in a separate or semi-detached house
be renting
pay a lot more rent
live in a group house
live in government housing

and less likely to:
be married,
own their own home
be widowed
be an indigenous person

What’s Your opinion?

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45 Responses to
2006 Census Results
Danman 2:07 pm 28 Jun 07

Apparently (and only apparently – having heard it on 106.3) Forrest is the most affluent suburb in Australia.

Err Forrest – yeah folks…

I would rather North Shore any day compared to Forrest.

VYBerlinaV8 now_with 1:42 pm 28 Jun 07

Just goes to show that the ACT is much richer, and effectively more privileged, than the rest of the country. Maybe we should all stop bitching (except me, because I actually live in NSW and commute in every day…).

Danman 1:22 pm 28 Jun 07

Did that sound pompous enough?

Naah you’re ok Darklady – I have a goo dphotographer friend who is pre op transexual – becoming a woman – I am the type of person who looks beyond appearances and sees the real person – anyway… kinda off topic….

A couple of weeks ago I was fossicking around in my possessions and foudn a notebook that I had written in late last century.
Seems I was unhappy with paying $210 for a 3br SLUG in Scullin… Try getting that today… Impossible.

captainwhorebags 12:50 pm 28 Jun 07

I can’t remember how the question was set up but the rent may be accounted for by group households with people paying $120 or whatever per person

GnT 12:34 pm 28 Jun 07

According to the treasurer when he made his speech (sorry, can’t find a link), if you’re looking for the highest proprotion of single females in the ACT, Deakin is the place to go.

DarkLadyWolfMother 11:44 am 28 Jun 07

With regard to the rent, people like me (and I know of at least one other, so maybe there are a lot of us) might skew the results.

I’ve been renting the same place for about 10 years and I’m currently paying $250 a week (the rent hasn’t gone up that much). Three bedroom house in Weston Creek area.

I know another person paying slightly less for a 3 bedroom semi-detached in Wanniassa..

DarkLadyWolfMother 11:41 am 28 Jun 07

You’re a bad person, Danman. I like that 😉

I’m a shemale (if you prefer that term). I’m also interested in the various ‘gender states’, and advocacy for recognition of same.

Did that sound pompous enough?

LlamaFrog 11:22 am 28 Jun 07

I agree with the rent, find a 2 bedroom that isn’t in a getto for less then $350p/w

$260 – what a load.

Danman 11:05 am 28 Jun 07

😮 meant to be 🙂 :0 looks suggestive – especially when speaking of shemales 🙂

Danman 11:05 am 28 Jun 07

Which would you prefer DarkLadyWolfMother – I am a pretty open minded person :0

Absent Diane 11:04 am 28 Jun 07

yup that sounds about right..

Happy about the increasing number of people with no-religion (across all states).. although i suspect a lot of people just answer out of lack of care.. which is ok; because atheist should be the default anyway.

DarkLadyWolfMother 10:56 am 28 Jun 07

That’s one of the many options. Or do you mean me personally, Danman?

Danman 10:38 am 28 Jun 07

Shemale ?

DarkLadyWolfMother 10:36 am 28 Jun 07

I admit I’ll be happy when they stop making ‘gender’ binary and start getting figures to find out how many don’t easily fit into just ‘male’ or ‘female’.

But then, I have an agenda 😉

smokey4 10:28 am 28 Jun 07

Median weekly rent of $260 in the ACT. Love to know where you can get it for that in the ACT. Must be offset be alot of public housing.

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