50’s Pinup Girl Fashion In Canberra

Soundbloke 1 October 2009 22

I discovered and joined this forum after recently taking up residence in Canberra. I thought I’d dedicate my first post to attempting to conclude a thus far fruitless search on behalf of my wife!

My new position here in the capital sees me attending a number of official functions with my good wife. Despite still being in her Thirties, my wife always wears mid-century styled clothing with a particular bent for the Pin-Up style of the 1950’s and she looks stunning may I add! Back in Sydney, there were a couple of shops that specialised in both formal and more casual attire in the Pin-up, rockabilly and generally very sexy 50’s styles.

Since arriving in Canberra she’s searched desperately for a shop that purveys such clothing! We’ve found a couple of collectable type shops that sell vintage clothing but none that specialise in high end items, plus she’s looking for new, top quality 50’s and 60’s style reproduction garments in particular and not only formal wear – she wears this style every day for work etc; a la Mad Men style.

Is there anything in or around Canberra? Please help me, the trips back to Sydney are costing a fortune.

All help is appreciated.

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22 Responses to 50’s Pinup Girl Fashion In Canberra
matsya matsya 9:04 pm 16 Apr 10

Soundbloke , Could you ,PLEASE, tell me where are those shops your wife used to buy in Sydney?
I would really appreciate it. I don’t really want to buy on-line , cause you never know what are you going to get. Thx a lot.
Ps im glad your wife found a place where to buy her clothes in Canberra

kyliejune77 kyliejune77 8:15 am 15 Nov 09

You might like to check out
I have some Retro Style Isaac Mizrahi for target Designer Dresses (US Import)
They didn’t quite fit me (size 14) but they might be good for your wife.
I have a few dresses so just look for kite_kiosk !

Soundbloke Soundbloke 11:08 pm 03 Nov 09

no.6 said :

hey – soundbloke …….bet ya still have to do the sydney trips to get the decent 50s/60s gear ..x

Au Contraire no.6; we truly found a gem! Hoola Hoop in Braidwood, which we discovered through this post, is arguably the best shop of it’s kind in Australia! We’ve been out there 4 times since the original post! It’s a real experience – Michelle and Scott (the owners) are great characters and really make you feel special as a customer! It simply rocks!

You need to check it out no.6 – http://www.hoolahoop.com.au

You’ll be very surprised – Braidwood seems like an odd location, but the whole feel of the town makes it a great shopping experience!

We love it – thanks J From The Block – we owe you for the original heads up!

no.6 no.6 5:19 pm 14 Oct 09

hey – soundbloke …….bet ya still have to do the sydney trips to get the decent 50s/60s gear ???

i know of no places around here – shopping online is a bugger – need to try on

so spill the vintage beans when you get em ..x

emd emd 3:56 pm 02 Oct 09

There’s a vintage fashion show/market that comes to Canberra about twice a year if you want to buy actual vintage gear. Last market was a 1960’s special, don’t know what the next one will be.

I would also check out the next Handmade Market for locally made custom clothes. Polbymade could probably make just the right style.

wishuwell wishuwell 7:44 am 02 Oct 09

Your correct Soundbloke, Michelle does have a Hillman Minx.

LaLa LaLa 11:10 pm 01 Oct 09

Can highly recommend the cream buns at the bakery at Braidwood… spiced buns, double jam and real cream

Soundbloke Soundbloke 7:03 pm 01 Oct 09

We’re actually going to Bateman’s Bay tomorrow evening for the first time (or at least from Canberra). I called Hoola Hoop and a very helpful lady called Michelle informed us that they are opening until 7PM for Long Weekend travellers tomorrow night – She also informed me that they moved 2 weeks ago “Up the road next to the Chemist – Just look for my little pink 57 Minx parked out the front.” I assume that it’s a car! She also suggested that the Albion Cafe would be a great place to stop over for dinner – “very nice ambience and top tucker!”
Sound like our evening is planned – shopping and dinner! Something for me and Her Indoors!

I Looooove this site – my first post has been very fruitful!!!!

Fiona Fiona 6:49 pm 01 Oct 09

just hit the lolly shop. get enough sugar and you won’t miss thebaked goods

Soundbloke Soundbloke 6:35 pm 01 Oct 09

We are quite aquinted with a lot of the online sellers, but there’s nothing like a hands on (try on) shopping experience. Our first stop will definitely be Hoola Hoop in Braidwood – that looks like a cool little shop. I’ve heard that Braidwood is a lovely little town to stroll around. Does anyone have any other tips on shopping or eating out there. I was informed today by a native Canberran colleague that “everyone from Canberra flocks to the Bakery en route to the coast, however it’s actually really not very good these days.” Any opinions on that or other places to eat?

Pug1 Pug1 6:28 pm 01 Oct 09

Also online, and based in America, is http://www.pinupgirlclothing.com/ I’ve bougt quite a few things including clothes, shoes and jewellry and have never been disappointed. Pleased you asked as I didn’t know about hoola hoop!

Danman Danman 5:24 pm 01 Oct 09

Probably not your cup of tea (Being web based) but I have gotten some stuff from http://www.daddyos.com

Great range of 50’s rockabilly style bowling and work shirts

That said, I can not vouch for their womens line 🙂

Fiona Fiona 4:48 pm 01 Oct 09

You might want to squiz in Landspeed records at the clothes up the back. Never know what you’ll find

MsCheeky MsCheeky 3:11 pm 01 Oct 09

There used to be a shop in Civic that stocked some Wheels and Dollbaby clothes (if your budget runs to that!). Might be worth emailing W&D to ask if they still have anyone here stocking their stuff.

outdoormagoo outdoormagoo 12:59 pm 01 Oct 09

There was a shopm that sold such items in Riverside Plaza, Queanbeyan. On the Medicare side, just as you come out the back of Target.

Soundbloke Soundbloke 11:12 am 01 Oct 09

I just passed on the http://www.hoolahoop.com.au/ link to “Her Indoors” and she got very excited! She has been buying dresses from them online via ebay for about 6 months and had absolutely no idea that they were in the Canberra region – Spooky!

And NO Wishuwell, we are not “opening a shop!” such a cynic!

Thanks for all of the advice people.

Chupachup Chupachup 11:04 am 01 Oct 09

Hi Soundbloke,

My Girlfriend and I are lovers of all things from the 20s to 50s era. Unfortunately, there is quite a shortage of great 50s reproduction clothing in Canberra.

As suggested Hoola Hoop in Braidwood are great, they ship in from the US some get great 50s repro for the gals and the guys. It’s about a 45 – 50 minute drive from Canberra, however if you get on their mailing list, they will let you know when they get in any new stock so you are not having to drive down there all the time.

Also as mentioned the fabulous Darling Sisters run various workshops in charm and deportment, travelling in style, vintage hair and makeup, etc. for both girls and guys here in Canberra and have a great selection of items to purchase.

You or your wife may have heard of the Lindy Charm School for Girls (http://www.myspace.com/lindycharmschoolforgirls) who run a fantastic 3 hour workshop, the content of which I have pasted below. Their next visit to Canberra will be on Sunday 8th November.

Workshop Content:
Hair – 1.5 Hrs
Learn fundamental techniques to set you on your way to creating unique vintage hairstyles.
Basic techniques include:-
Pin curling – Learn to create a perfect pin curl and the basic principles behind pin curl styling.
Victory Rolls – Learn to style your hair using this versatile & classic look
Setting Hair – Learn to use what ever you have (hot rollers, foam rollers, curling iron & pins etc) to give yourself an easy and stylish vintage look.
Fringe care – Tips and tricks for styling your fringe perfectly.

Make Up – 1.hr
Core tips, tricks and basic application techniques.
Begin with a vintage inspired base to build upon. Learn about styles, colours and applications from the 1930’s through to the late 1950’s

Fashion & Textiles – ½ hr
Learn to distinguish different decades by learning about fabrics, patterns & designs. What is and what isn’t vintage… Advice on cuts and styles to suit you, so you can begin to create your unique vintage wardrobe.

Also, since you guys are new in town, to find like-minded people you might think of attending the Canberra Roller Derby, the first one ever being on the 24th October at Southern Cross Sports Stadium in Tuggeranong. Or you could look into some swing or rockabilly dance classes. I can personally recommend Jumptown Swing Dance which holds classes on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights.

Anyway, I’m sure I’ve given you more information than you really wanted to know, but there you go!

harryhaller harryhaller 11:02 am 01 Oct 09

Raven Clothing in Civic does rockability sort of stuff, since you mentioned it.


amarooresident2 amarooresident2 10:34 am 01 Oct 09

Check this website and contact them through thedarlingsisters@live.com



Local ladies (one of whom is my wife)who can certainly point you in the right direction.

j from the block j from the block 10:34 am 01 Oct 09

I’d give this place in Braidwood a crack. http://www.hoolahoop.com.au/
Alternately, do what I used to and buy online (saves the travel cost of Sydney (I used to go to Melb.) and you don’t get the enjoyment of watching them parade around change rooms) you might find the odd dud, but you can save a bundle in the long run.

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