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Road Planning, or lack thereof

By papadoc - 11 March 2008 19

In the spirit of town planning gone haywire WTF is up with Belconnen Way in the morning? A seemingly basic trip from Holt to Civic see’s me leaving work almost an hour early because of the super intersection courtesy of the new GDE (Which reminds me, are the governmen gonna release some sort of user guide for that monstrosity?).

2 Lanes go into 3 plus a turning lane, those 3 form into 2, which turns into 3 again then back down to 2 all within about 1km. Traffic gets backed up from the super intersection to Canberra High, then thins out once you get through it, only for it to back up from the University turn off.

I’ve lived in bigger cities with better traffic flow, surely Mr. Stanhope can configure it so I can get to bloody work on time one day this week!

(And if anyone tells me to ride a bike, I’m 105kgs, I feel guilty enough eating KFC and watching the other fatties on the Biggest Loser every night.)

What’s Your opinion?

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19 Responses to
Road Planning, or lack thereof
shauno 9:07 pm 11 Mar 08

haha yeah that one looks like it might be interesting.

I drove into a good one in Spain once cant remember which city though. And it was 6 3 or 4 lane roads coming in but in the last 10m or so the lane markings end so the 4 lane traffic all bunch up into 7 or 8 cars wide. I was driving a huge Ford Galaxy van left hand drive with no mirrors. And to make matters worse my girl friend in the passenger seat was crying her eyes out. lol

Thumper 8:49 pm 11 Mar 08

AH, the magic roundabout in Swindon!

Drove around it last year and was totally amazed that someone could actually design and implement it!

cranky 8:38 pm 11 Mar 08

To really test you.

It could be worse. Our local planners could discover this monstrosity and apply it to the GDE/Belco Way intersection.

shauno 8:16 pm 11 Mar 08

First time I drove through that intersection I thought it was all going to be temporary and fixed as soon as they started to build the fly overs. But no they took the cheap option and built one of Australia’s biggest Intersections.

Felix the Cat 8:09 pm 11 Mar 08

To the OP, try going up Belco Way from Civic and turn left up Bindubi St towards Jammo and then either rat-run through Hawker or follow Bindubi down to Parkes Way(?) (Kingsford Smith Extension) and then Kingsford Smith Drive or depending what area of Holt you live maybe Drake Brockman Dr.

jemmy 7:07 pm 11 Mar 08

I’m still trying to work out the logic of building a hugely expensive overpass then putting in traffic lights. It sums up ACTRoads’ admin capabilities nicely.

Tixylix 4:26 pm 11 Mar 08

Yes, it is a cock-up. Building an artery for Gungahlin and bisecting both belco arteries (Belco Way and Gindy Drive) at the same time. Retarded. With the other sets of traffic lights that have appeared on Belco Way over the last few years it is now useless for going any further than bunnings.

As for the GDE intersection, yes, it would have made sense to extend the off ramps and negate the need for traffic lights.

Just stick with the bike riding for at least 2 months, by then you will see some positives and it won’t be so tiring.

Mælinar 3:49 pm 11 Mar 08

Microlight is the way to go. It even releases the CO and NOx and all the other nasties just that little bit higher up in the atmosphere than that silly ground based stuff.

AFAIK, the only hazard is all those bloody baloons trying to be smarmy and land in some greenspace in Barton, since nobody has replied to my ad asking for a Zepellin, I’ll just presume nobody has one of them here.

hingo 3:45 pm 11 Mar 08

If they made the GDE dual lane so it could process traffic quicker, that would have been a good start.

el ......Turbo V8 Re 2:57 pm 11 Mar 08

I’m too lazy to ride, plus being a fatty makes me appear jolly and good natured, instead of just arrogant like I really am 🙂


Aurelius 2:43 pm 11 Mar 08

If the Government released a realistic user guide to the GDE/Glenloch, it’d say something like “Get a job in Queanbeyan, and live in Jerrabomberra.

roccon 2:37 pm 11 Mar 08

The issue here is the Hayden drive intersection and the GDE intersection on Belconnen Way are too close together. Maybe the intersections should be merged into one set of phased traffic lights ?? Or send traffic from Kaleen left onto Ginninderra Drive in the morning then onto the GDE ?? But it is a big mess. The other option is Hayden Drive gets a new left turn before Calvary Hospital that then goes under the GDE and merges onto it into an extra lane south. Our planning people in the government need to play with more scaletrix model car gear to get a clue.

papadoc 2:12 pm 11 Mar 08

I’m too lazy to ride, plus being a fatty makes me appear jolly and good natured, instead of just arrogant like I really am 🙂

Danman 2:08 pm 11 Mar 08

I was 114 when I started riding my bike.

96kgs now.

And I also get to see a lot more pituresque side of canberra stress free….And I still enjoy KFC just that calories in = < calories out.

Holden Caulfield 2:02 pm 11 Mar 08

Ride a b… oh. 😉

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