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MIX 106 bad joke…

By TBA - 1 April 2008 41

Mix 106 are talking about some bad taste joke they said this morning that seems to have upset a few Canberrans. Anyone know what the joke was?

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41 Responses to
MIX 106 bad joke…
V twin venom 11:50 am 01 Apr 08

@ Why do cavemen drag their women around by the hair?

So they don’t fill up with dirt.

Thumper 11:45 am 01 Apr 08

A penguin walks into a bar, goes to the counter, and asks the bartender, “Have you seen my brother?”

The bartender says, “I don’t know, what does he look like?”

Oh, stop me, please….

Thumper 11:41 am 01 Apr 08

A man walks into a bar with a frog on his head.The bartender asks him “Where did you get that ugly thing”?

Frog says “Would you believe it started as a wart on my ass”

V twin venom 11:38 am 01 Apr 08

I guess someone has to push the bad taste boundaries….

Why do cavemen drag their women around by the hair?

Danman 11:37 am 01 Apr 08

A horse walks into a bar and the bartender says why the long face.
The Horse says I got cancer idiot.

Soon as I heard the riff raff on 106 this morning I knew it was BS – especially with everyone ringing up and trying to outdo the last caller with how offended they were and how they were going to contact the ACMA and thi sand that….What a load of bollocks.

I remember when April Fools jokes were plausable and believable.

This just in – reguular 106 broadcast offends 99% of canberrans…. I must be in the minority listening to it by choice.

I am a sad sad man 😛

Growling Ferret 11:25 am 01 Apr 08

Two aerials got married. The wedding was nothing special, but the reception was brilliant.

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_ 11:18 am 01 Apr 08

2 terrorists walk into a bar. Boom boom.

Holden Caulfield 10:16 am 01 Apr 08

Was the bad joke that they’re still broadcasting?

s-s-a 10:02 am 01 Apr 08

I thought the title of this article was a comment – one that pretty much hits the mark.

Ozhair 9:56 am 01 Apr 08

And TBA, I assume the “I’m an idiot” comment means that you now know that the joke was that there was no joke 😛

Mr Evil 9:48 am 01 Apr 08

Two Goldfish are in a bowl when one fish turns to the other and says “Who left the seat up?” 🙂

Aurelius 9:47 am 01 Apr 08

That’s hardly offensive
Mind you, it’s hardly funny either.

Joe Canberran 9:42 am 01 Apr 08

Two gold fish are in a tank and one gold fish turns to the other and asks “Do you know how to drive this thing?”

Thumper 9:16 am 01 Apr 08

A saxon walks into a bar and says, ‘barkeep, do you serve sucking pigs?’

Barkeep turns around and says, ‘mate, we serve sucking anyone!’

boom boom.

TBA 9:08 am 01 Apr 08

Yes, I am an idiot…

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