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MIX 106 bad joke…

TBA 1 April 2008 41

Mix 106 are talking about some bad taste joke they said this morning that seems to have upset a few Canberrans. Anyone know what the joke was?

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41 Responses to MIX 106 bad joke…
Mælinar Mælinar 10:14 am 02 Apr 08

@Deano – yes, except I cant respond to people who substitute their number in the from field for ‘cinderella’ for example.

I had the same problem with all the Kane’s who offered me some Tiberium a few weeks back.

Thumper Thumper 8:15 am 02 Apr 08

“Why don’t we do it in the road”

Off the White Album. What a touching love song…

el el 10:06 pm 01 Apr 08

How about some ‘Touch Me I’m Sick’ by Mudhoney?

The Jas The Jas 9:47 pm 01 Apr 08

perhaps a little “lady in red” would be to your tastes sir?

Thumper Thumper 8:42 pm 01 Apr 08


Helter Skelter.

The Jas The Jas 8:28 pm 01 Apr 08

listening to Mix 106 was the joke! They were telling all the people who listened how awesome and cool they are (so I hear, gave up listening to the radio a long time ago, only CD’s now)

anyone up for some love song dedications??

groonsnout groonsnout 7:17 pm 01 Apr 08

two pedophiles are sitting on a beach, one looks over to the other and says “Dude, get out of my sun!”

Pandy Pandy 6:36 pm 01 Apr 08

s4anta gets his jokes from the police locker room

BerraBoy68 BerraBoy68 5:32 pm 01 Apr 08

The police just caught two men behaving very strangely on Northbourne Ave.

One was dressed as a car battery and second as a firecracker. Apparently the police charged the first bloke and let the second one off.

Bouncers at a Civic nightspot recently caught a man wondering around dressed as a set of jumper-leads. They told him he could stay as long as he didn’t start anything….

Thank you… I’ll be here all evening, please tip your waiters generously…

Wide Boy Jake Wide Boy Jake 5:08 pm 01 Apr 08

Two hillbillies walking along the road come across a still. They both take a drink and conclude it has no kick. The farmer pops his head up from behind a rock and says “Why dem varmints are raiding mah still. Ah’ll show dem” and blasts them with his rifle. They both run back to the still saying “but it sho’ sneaks up yuh!”

Deano Deano 4:44 pm 01 Apr 08

Mælinar said :

Check out my wanted ad for a pumpkin though, proving that CT haven’t employed a proof reader yet, week after week for nearly a year now.

But do you get any responses?

Hammo Hammo 4:36 pm 01 Apr 08

What was the “very bad taste April Fool’s joke”?


Crikey Crikey 4:31 pm 01 Apr 08

No, no joke was played on air….the April Fool’s joke was that they did a very bad taste April Fool’s joke which caused a bad reaction and the presenters had to apologise every 1/2 hour BUT were not allow to comment on it. The episode was lead news on their broadcasts and they even had people like Zed-instead ring in as part of the joke.

Hammo Hammo 4:18 pm 01 Apr 08

What was the actual joke played on-air?


S4anta S4anta 3:57 pm 01 Apr 08

whats black and blue and hates sex?
the 4yr old locked in my cupboard

Lilli Lilli 3:48 pm 01 Apr 08

While we’re on the subject of bad jokes.. here’s one I was told recently which I believe takes the cake.. Althought I am a little hesitant to re-tell it, here goes.

A brother and sister just finish having sex (it gets worse..) and the brother says to the sister, ‘Wow, you’re better than mum!’ and the sister replies… ‘That’s what dad said too’.

Badaboom badabing, excuse me now while I go and console myself for actually re-telling that joke!

Crikey Crikey 3:35 pm 01 Apr 08

FM106’s joke that wasn’t a joke……even funny man Zed-instead was in on the joke.

Thumper Thumper 3:16 pm 01 Apr 08

A giraffe, a monkey and a hippopotomus walk into a bar.

barman says, ‘this has got to be a joke, right?’

montana montana 3:02 pm 01 Apr 08

so what was the joke?

Bam Bam Bam Bam 2:58 pm 01 Apr 08

Q: How do you stop a Chihuahua from humping your leg?

A: Pick him up and suck him off.

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