6 April 2008

Airport parking review - will it include Canberra?

| sepi
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The AGE today has a story on an upcoming ACCC review of airport parking charges. They, and Minister Albanese have finally realised airports are a monopoly that need some scrutiny.

However, the article states that the ACCC will review charges at Australia’s 5 major airports – so Sydney, Melbourne – and 3 others. Will Canberra be included? And if not, how can we get it on the list?

From the article:

‘Since 2002 passenger numbers at the five airports have increased by about 41 per cent, while for the same period parking revenues grew by 77 per cent.

“The inclusion of car parking in the ACCC’s monitoring regime will provide greater transparency and accountability for the pricing of these facilities,” Mr Albanese said. ‘

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SteveSmith2225:18 pm 09 Dec 09

Hi. I found a decent site that can help with airport parking so i thought i would post the link up for you 🙂
Hope this helps: Sydney airport parking

I have dropped off and picked up people curbside at the airport pretty reguarly for years and have never had a problem. Has anyone else been booked for it? I also fail to see why it would be a security concern. Do car bombs only work when you are parked, like in-car DVD players?

I was suggesting that in congested London or New York, the airport land might be surrounded by other buildings (landlocked) due to history/expansion over a long time. So they cna’t build more parking, and higher prices could be justified.

In Canberra there was plenty of room for parking, until they chose to build shops and offices all around the airport. They also chose to only leave a skinny road past the terminal, thus justifying the lack of kerbside pickup and the ridiculous 2.00 taxi fee.

Are you suggesting ant that light rail is a waste of money when there are more important things to do?

Shock! Horror!

Because there wouldn’t be enough bucks in it. He could have built a little toll road from Majura Lane into the airport and BBP, but probably thought making the gov’t widen the road would be cheaper and easier. And he still gets the workers’ parking fees anyway.

What the airport needs is a light rail service between Gungahlin and BBP.

So why does not Snow build it and charge $13 one way (see above for the CityRail service) and then boast how cheap his train trips are?

Just noticed the ad on the right for CHSGolbal.com “for all your parking solutions”.

Is that targeted advertising or what!

+1 to google ads.

Terry Snow’s charge of $2 for every cabbie that drives through the gates is ridiculous. With the volume of taxi traffic going through you would expect that the charges could be dropped to at least $1. The man truly is a greedy maggot.

I discussed this with a cab driver recently and sugested that they do a 1-hour boycott of taxi services to the airport which he said they had already been planning.

mutley...again12:05 pm 07 Apr 08

Of course the long stay parking is still a damn sight cheaper (and more reliable) than getting a cab to and from the airport!

Gungahlin Al11:08 am 07 Apr 08

I note that the Deane’s Bus service from Civic to the BBP is to no longer go via Brand Depot. This will make it quicker for staff moving between offices (saves 5-10 minuts depending on traffic) but it will mean and end to using Brand Depot as an airport Park n Ride. Something to do with the newly completed pay parking at BBP you think?

On a related issue, Gungahlin Community Council had a win with the new BBP bus services to commence in June. Although it’s not the route we had hoped for, a new service will go from Gungahlin town centre to BBP. The original idea was to go down Majura Road, but the gridlock there has killed off that idea. Now it is to go via Phillip, Majura and Limestone Avenues, then Russell Defence offices and on to BBP.

A key advantage is that all the Defence people out our way will be able to use the service and avoid the parking mayhem at Russell.

ACTION are coming to our meeting this Wednesday night to discuss promotion of the service and the other local changes.

That’s teh problem, the last gov’t sold off anything that wasn’t nailed down, like airports, and now they’re run for profit and seemingly unhindered by nasty nuisences like accountability or public interest.

It’s not just the price itself – it’s the business practice or infrastructure that forces you into their overpriced car-parking.

For example, Canberra’s ban on kerbside pickups. Geez, you can even get picked up kerbside at that HQ of piracy, Sydney Airport.

I despise paying for overpriced parking in Canberra or Sydney. But I don’t want to have to chance it on a taxi showing up to get me there (or back) in a reasonable period of time.

For alternatives, Sydney slugs you 14 bucks one way for a crappy City Rail train. Canberra offers an infrequent bus tour of the Brand Depot.

The sooner we go back to having airports as important pieces of public infrastructure and not just big cash factories for private investors, the better.

OH dear, someone’s feeling a bit sensitive about this! The Canberra Airport’s got a page up saying they’re the cheapest airport and giving lots of tables to show it.
They’re quick!

Parking at JFK Airport (New York)

Short stay 1hr – $6.55 ($US 6)
Long stay 2 days – $32.75 ($US 30)

Parking at Heathrow (London)

Short stay 1 hr – $8.50 (3.90 Pounds)
Long stay 2 days – $76.30 (35 Pounds)

Canberra’s not getting a look-see. Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide.


Sepi – ‘landlocked airport’?
Aren’t most airports landlocked?

Write to the ACCC with a complaint, as they use these as triggers to investigate (or they used to). LAX have great car parks, with a good FREE bus servicing them. Even those LAX is a pain in the bum, it works better in that regard than any of the airports here I’ve experienced.

As for Canberra airport, well it’s purely a big fat cash cow for Snow. And, it’s on the market (in case anyone’s got some spare cash lying around). Macquarie will probably snap it up.

So According to the TV news tonight Sydney prices are twice those of New york. So that makes ours pretty high in a global sense.

And ours are high cos they built offices and shops on what should’ve been airport land, not cos the airport is landlocked.

Lets compare the prices then:

Sydney Airport Short Stay 1hr – $14
Melbourne Airport Short Stay 1hr – $10
Canberra Airport Short Stay 1hr – $6

Sydney Airport Long Stay 2 days – $35
Melbourne Airport Long Stay 2 days – $40
Canberra Airport Long Stay 2 days – $34

captainwhorebags7:36 pm 06 Apr 08

They should also question the Snow Clan as to why, exactly, picking someone up kerbside constitutes a security risk yet other airports don’t have a problem with it.

I’d wager that kerbside pickups risk the security of revenue that an overpriced carpark provides.

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