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Firestone 8 August 2008 53

[ED – Firestone have submitted this reply to Danman’s earlier critique]

Hi Daniel. I am one of the owners of Firestone. This is the first I’ve heard of your experience. I do recall your emails now, they came through with a spam warning so I didn’t open them.

You must appreciate we get a lot of junk email and we’ve been getting bombarded with emails from male names and they are selling Viagra and the like. So, unfortunately I have mistaken your email for one of those and have deleted it without opening it.

Please accept my apologies for this. I’m disappointed that when you didn’t receive a reply to your email that you didn’t try to call us, I thought this would have been the most direct way of communication? Call me old school but I find that a quick phone call usually works.

From my perspective, it would have been much easier if you had called us as soon as you got your takeaway home. I find it’s easier to discuss something that has just happened rather than try to recall details at a later date. I assure you that if I had successfully received (opened) your email I would have contacted you straight away.

Daniel, please give me a call on my mobile on 0410 643 800 as soon as convenient; look forward to speaking with you.


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53 Responses to Firestone replies
Icepoet Icepoet 12:15 am 15 Nov 09

Hi Danman

Just wondering – did you go back and if so, was your experience any better?

Danman Danman 5:23 pm 18 Mar 09

Man, Im an idiot – I thought this was in the initial thread, but I am sorely mistaken. Sorry for the confusion people.

jakez jakez 4:40 pm 18 Mar 09

Personally I find the reply galling. I hate talking on the phone and if I send an email, that’s the method I want to communicate in. If I have to engage on the phone then I will but I wouldn’t expect a reply admonishing me for my preference.

Furry Jesus Furry Jesus 4:00 pm 18 Mar 09

Firestone pizzas are the only ones I can get my children to eat, and they adore the little gelati cones for dessert. Never had a bad meal there, and I’ve ben about 15 times.

chrisi chrisi 5:19 pm 19 Aug 08

I still think the initial reply to your complaint was lame.

She went on for two paragraphs about how wrong you were to not use the phone to complain. I personally think that if a person takes the time to sit down and write a complaint in a calm and rational manner, it deserves more attention than a “it wasnt me it was a computer error” excuse.

And in your update, she plainly says in black and white that there is NO quality assurance for Take Away items!!! Are you kidding me!?!?

Here’s some tips for Firestone:

1) Get management to attend some conflict resolution or better communication courses- you really need it.

2) Call me old fashioned, but organise simple QA on Takeaway orders if you plan to charge premium prices. Seriously, I’m sick and tired of eateries who happen to be based in Dickson charging the “Dickson surcharge” and offering crap in a cardboard box.

3) Read the subject heading of your emails more closely! I seriously doubt Danman had the words Viagra or Penis Enlargement in the subject heading. I imagine it would have read “complaint”, or “Attention Firestone Manager”.

Finally, if you are looking to attract new customers to your business, your above response (and lack of explanation to the original complaint) and dismissive attitude does nothing to encourage new clientel. Word of mouth is a powerful advertising tool, and unfortunately I now associate “Firestone” with “Caution”… not “Confidence” that even if something does go wrong, it’ll be handled correctly.

Danman Danman 7:31 pm 14 Aug 08

Just for a bit of closure on this thread I rang Jenny up the other day and she had the following to say

– She was adamant that my 2 emails ended up in her spam box – after several phone calls to me trying to recreate the situation, with the same text and subject line, from same email account etc (Admittedly I have moved from PC to MAC since I sent the emails) we could not recreate this – though the fact that she was willing – and wanted to send me screen caps of the resultant emails convinced me that this was the case.

– In reply to my argument regarding the same spam email from the same address twice, she sent me a screen cap demonstrating that she has in fact received 2 emails from the same spam address purporting to extend the length of certain parts of her body??!! (Interestingly her screen cap showed that she uses her ISP webmail server to manage her emails)

– I stated to her that if she was running under MS environs that she can set up MS Outlook or even Outlook Express – and said its a 5 minute job and ill make viewing her emails much easier (Including preview screen to judge if an email is genuine or not)

– In the end she admitted that she had learnt a very valuable lesson on how to manage emails and I believed her when she said that mine just got caught up between a few other spam emails that she done a bulk dump of.

I got the impression that Jenny was more interested in addressing the electronic problems that we had been facing, not the poor quality of the food…however…..

– Then we discussed why the quality of the food was so poor on that night in question. She stated that when T/A food goes out the Front Of House staff have no QC as its all boxed and out of their sight. Makes you wonder what the chefs are doing eh ?
She also stated that the “greens” where in such poor state because things like that are meant to be eaten on site and as such do not travel that well. Fair enough, I accepted that – however, if thats the case then why is it available for take away ?

– In any case she said that she had sat down and had a staff meeting with everyone and used the RA example of how bad press can snowball and make a bad impression in this hospitality backwater we call canberra – in my opinion, there is not enough people in canberra to support dodgy restaurants. Jenny stated that this was a once off, and that if I was to come in again it would be poles apart from our previous experience.

Throughout the course of our several conversations, Jenny stated that she has been taught a very valuable lesson that she will not forget in a rush

And by all accounts, not everyone who has had dealings with Firestone have had bad ones.

Several of my work colleagues and fellow RA posters have had great meals there.

In any case, she extended her sincerest apologies to my wife and I and assured us that should we chose to provide them with our custom again, it will be money well spent.

I for one, even if its money wasted, think I will dine there, some time in the future, and RA can look forward to a further review from me either way the penny drops.

Firestone staff and owners, I really hope this has taught you a valuable lesson – and hope for your own sake more than anyone else’s that you can consistently pick up your game.

PS Install an email program – its easy to use and will help streamline your email processes – with easier to use spam filters.

el el 12:10 pm 09 Aug 08

I sure as hell won’t be bothering to check Firestone out after:

* Seeing the pictures of the crap ‘food’

* Reading the utterly pissweak response to a reasonable, and very detailed written complaint.

ant ant 12:01 pm 09 Aug 08

Hoping Danman’s going to come and give us an update…

simbo simbo 11:41 pm 08 Aug 08

It’s interesting – I quite like the time I went to Firestone, however, it was in December last year, when they’d just opened. It is possible that there’s been a slackening of standards since the opening (good chefs move on, bad ones stay) – but am wondering whether it’s worth going again if they have started to stuff up on the basics.

xanthe_sux xanthe_sux 10:40 pm 08 Aug 08

I went to firestone for the first time a couple of weeks back and it was the worst pizza I’ve ever had – $15 for a thin dough base and the stingiest toppings I’ve ever seen. Couldn’t believe it when the pizza came out – such a rip off.

Then at the end of the night the staff helped themselves to our change as a tip!

ant ant 10:07 pm 08 Aug 08

The usual inadequate response to an unhappy customer. And businesses wonder why people go off and talk to friends or the entire internet when they have an experience like this, rather than trying to tell the business and getting a defensive, unpleasant response.

We saw the photos, remember. It was BAD.

A week or so back, I emailed the Cerebos foods mob to check if they used the same machinery to make their range of Fountain sauces as they used for their peanut satay sauce. I got a reply immediately, and then was put onto the food mob, and got some exact, helpful information (tomato sauce is on separate stuff, but the sweet chilli and mint sauce are made on teh same machinery as the satay). Now THAT’S what you expect from a business that provides you with a method to ask for info or give feedback. It’s rare though.

Who wants to bet that Danman will cop an earful if he calls that number?

Mælinar - *spoiler alert* I've seen S04E13 Mælinar - *spoiler alert* I've seen S04E13 9:29 pm 08 Aug 08

I’d be giving her the benefit of the doubt. Reconcile these comments:

This is the first I’ve heard of your experience. I do recall your emails now, they came through with a spam warning so I didn’t open them.

A positive recollection of receiving an email, but not opening them.

Very threadbare beginning.

communications, phone, communications, phone, Daniel, please give me a call on my mobile on 0410 643 800

When we bring this back to Danmans original post, we will find that he offered his own phone number and contact details. At any time Ms Stupid could have contacted Danman directly, but instead chose to engage an alternative means.

Frankly, I’ve never been to firestone, but as a result of their actions, I’ll never go now.

johnboy johnboy 7:43 pm 08 Aug 08

We’ve seen others handle these things far worse.

Sadly I can’t talk about it here but come along wednesday night and ask me.

Danman Danman 7:42 pm 08 Aug 08

Deep fried mars bars @ G-spot – carpark of Gunghalin Lakes golf club… well reccomended

Duke Duke 7:38 pm 08 Aug 08

…….or better yet meet Duke for a coupla ales and some deep-fried lard!

Duke Duke 7:36 pm 08 Aug 08

@peterh – the Torrens takeway used to do a battered Mars bar many years ago but not any more and i’ve never been able to find another place that would cook me one since.
(Torrens also used to do a battered Snickers!)

If you do know somewhere that sells deep-fried battered Mars bars you need to start an entire thread on the subject!

Woody Mann-Caruso Woody Mann-Caruso 7:33 pm 08 Aug 08

P.ssweak, Firestone. Just like your pizzas.

fabforty fabforty 7:10 pm 08 Aug 08

I think they still handled it badly. First blame e-mail then blame Danman for not calling them. No doubt they will then blame the oven, the supplier, the kitchen hand etc etc.

How about a simple “We are so sorry you had a negative experience at our restaurant. Please contact us on the number below etc etc” ?

And if you own a business and want to run it properly, I would think you ARE under an obligation to check your e-mail properly. If an e-mail doesn’t contain profanities and you don’t totally bugger up the address it should arrive.

As for the post office …”pfft” !! That’s a whole new thread.

Lenient Lenient 6:37 pm 08 Aug 08

If you get a reply to an email, it should be considered a bonus. If you do you have saved a stamp or a phone call.

People are under no obligation to check their email. You also have no idea whether your email got lost in the ether, blocked by a firewall, intercepted by echelon (like most of mine) or whatever. So people should not angry if emails remain unanswered (whether personal or business). That is what the post office and telephone are for.

I not get upset if people do not answer my smoke signals or pyschic transmissions.

astrojax astrojax 5:23 pm 08 Aug 08

i’m with overheard – i’ll gladly hold ’em down while you insert whole pineapple where it is a better fit… 😉

as for dessert pizza, had a scintillating banana pizza in adelaide at the height of the banana shortage a couple years back; cinnamon, banana, served with lots of cream and a few juicy strawberries, on a fantastic slightly chewy base at a place that does great wood-fired pizzas. turned me on to the concept, lemme say…

but pineapple, never!

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