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[ED – Title not included]

By shanaye 26 August 2008 62

Dear neighbouring Canberrans,  

Judging by the fact you people have gone to the effort to make a website specifically to disscuss Queanbeyan High, it is obvious you all have an unhealthy obsession I would tend to assume stems from jelously. So, I would like to introduce myself, I am a Queanbeyan girl and I go to Queanbeyan High.

I, unlike some of my peers, don’t feel the need to engage in some sort intellectual battle with you, and will happely spel thinngs rong. : )

Not becasue I don’t know how, or don’t know I would win, but because I simply already have.

See, I live in a town with a great sense identity and pride, and attend a school that I love to wake up to every day. I could tell you about the brilliant student teacher relationships, the interesting and challenging lessons and the fact that we don’t learn much about paragraph structure (in NSW, we learn that at primary school.) BUT, telling you all of these things would take the reason out of this website… and what would happen to your saturday nights?

Oh, and by the way, if your going to trash my message, (considering I’m a young girl I’m sure you’ll be right on to it) make it interesting. : )

I hope you enjoy the rest of your day.

I know I will… I live in Queanbeyan.


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[ED – Title not included]
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born-brunette 5:01 pm 13 Sep 08

Contrary to popular belief, Queanbeyan isn’t a “bogan town”, and actually isn’t that bad. I work at Coles in Queanbeyan, and on my first day was astounded by the amount of intellects living here. No, that’s not me being sarcastic, it is actually a reality. I can have an intelligent conversation with most anyone that comes through my register. Of course, there are those few that reply to my friendly “hi, how are you?” with a series of grunts, but that is to be expected.

As a year 10 student of queanbeyan high school, I don’t feel that living here gives me any disadvantage. Perhaps I would prefer to live somewhere like Melbourne, but I am not ashamed to be a part of this community. Is that so wrong?

I would also like to add that the inner-city of Canberra is supposed to be one of the most sophisticated areas in the region. Tell me how this can be, when 70% of the housing is from the mid 1970’s, and is now inhabited with drug-f*cked derro’s? Sure, they have the best shopping experience in the ACT, and some of the best Restaurants and clubs, but it doesn’t help the seedy feeling I get even driving through the slums. Old bicycles on the 1m² balconies aren’t all that attractive.

Other areas of Canberra aren’t much better.

Parents spend thousands of dollars to send their children to fancy private schools such as Merici and Dara Malan, when their reputation is almost as bad, if not worse than ours. Do their issues get public advertisement? Queanbeyan high is a government school, and because of this, receives a lot of media attention.

All I have left to say is stand back and look at the bigger picture. Remember – Queanbeyan derro’s will always be Queanbeyan derro’s. Queanbeyan students with intelligence and goals in life will eventually become your doctors and lawyers, government and council. It is a harsh stereotype to assume that because we go to Queanbeyan high that we are any less of people than “youse” are [fck, you think we have grammar problems!]. If you have had no association with the school before, bugger off. Don’t take it on face value – find out for yourself.

Don’t say s*it if you don’t know s*it.

Madxzz 4:02 pm 05 Sep 08

Funny thread.
I live in queanbeyan and love it! But it would probably be the best hole-of-a-town to bag out ever!

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