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[ED – Title not included]

By shanaye - 26 August 2008 62

Dear neighbouring Canberrans,  

Judging by the fact you people have gone to the effort to make a website specifically to disscuss Queanbeyan High, it is obvious you all have an unhealthy obsession I would tend to assume stems from jelously. So, I would like to introduce myself, I am a Queanbeyan girl and I go to Queanbeyan High.

I, unlike some of my peers, don’t feel the need to engage in some sort intellectual battle with you, and will happely spel thinngs rong. : )

Not becasue I don’t know how, or don’t know I would win, but because I simply already have.

See, I live in a town with a great sense identity and pride, and attend a school that I love to wake up to every day. I could tell you about the brilliant student teacher relationships, the interesting and challenging lessons and the fact that we don’t learn much about paragraph structure (in NSW, we learn that at primary school.) BUT, telling you all of these things would take the reason out of this website… and what would happen to your saturday nights?

Oh, and by the way, if your going to trash my message, (considering I’m a young girl I’m sure you’ll be right on to it) make it interesting. : )

I hope you enjoy the rest of your day.

I know I will… I live in Queanbeyan.


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62 Responses to
[ED – Title not included]
Holden Caulfield 10:31 pm 26 Aug 08

Queanbeyan is a town built on poverty.

Vic Bitterman 10:23 pm 26 Aug 08

Qbn chick makes this post from her computer running on Canberra sourced power, drinks Canberra sourced water etc etc. Owned!

p1 10:14 pm 26 Aug 08

Gee one QBN bashing and it draws them out of the wood work to defend the fair town. But we bash Charnwood all the time and no one cares.

ant 9:52 pm 26 Aug 08

All those chicken schnitzels have a lot to answer for. Definitely not brain food.

bd84 9:50 pm 26 Aug 08

they have computers in Queanbeyan?!

I think this young girl as she likes to call herself misses the point that people pay Queanbeyan out because it’s funny not because we have strong dislike for anyone living there (they smell a bit funny though). There is an area in every single city in Australia that the majority like to pay out on.

In Canberra it happens to be Queanbeyan, why? the main reason is because it’s in NSW. Also it’s the capital of teen mums and it’s a hole! Can I ask if they have a whole subject at Queanbeyan High devoted to sex ed? Maybe they should devote one to contreception to stop those Queanbeyanites procreating! But that would stop the special student teacher relationships, I thought they only had them at catholic schools?!

Baiting the responses is so much fun!

jakez 9:44 pm 26 Aug 08

I could tell you about the brilliant student teacher relationships

OH PLEASE DO! No real names though, we don’t want anyone to get fired.

grunge_hippy 9:38 pm 26 Aug 08

we should rename the site riotQBN.

just doesnt have the same ring…

Spectra 8:50 pm 26 Aug 08

johnboy: Indeed; methinks the Queanbeyanites doth protest too much.

paddytrick 8:23 pm 26 Aug 08

It’s nice that she managed to write such an articulate response, what with all babies and poverty and such.

Aurelius 8:23 pm 26 Aug 08

The thread that gives and gives!
Oh, the joy!

johnboy 8:13 pm 26 Aug 08

The funny thing is we only had one post running down Queanbeyan.

It’s the queanbo kids who’ve picked up the ball and run with it for us.

Clown Killer 8:00 pm 26 Aug 08


Davo111 7:52 pm 26 Aug 08

realityskin said :

…. shouldn’t you be putting your kids to bed ?


They’re just asking for it!

Note: ‘Spell Check’ on MS Word only looks at basic sentence structure.

hetzjagd1 7:51 pm 26 Aug 08

Well you sure burnt us

realityskin 7:44 pm 26 Aug 08

…. shouldn’t you be putting your kids to bed ?

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