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89 Canberra restaurants mistreating their staff

By johnboy - 10 October 2006 34

The litany of shame goes on for Canberra’s restauranteurs.

The ABC informs us that the Office of Workplace Services now beleives that 89 (up from 61) Canberra restaurants have breached workplace laws.

Sadly I can’t find a list of the offenders.

On a related note I was actually in Zeff’s last night getting take-away (hey where else do i get a good chicken caesar?) and it was like a circle of hell (crowd noise, staff shouting at customers, customers jostling to get to the counter), reminding me why I so rarely go.

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34 Responses to
89 Canberra restaurants mistreating their staff
VYBerlinaV8 1:54 pm 11 Oct 06

…oh, and please don’t think I am suggesting that the solution is a simple one.

VYBerlinaV8 1:53 pm 11 Oct 06

It’s a matter of striking a balance between favouring the Australian citizens over imported labour, and still giving the imported labourers a chance to be an Australian citizen.

Oh, and I am not suggesting they get the SAME wages as they do back home – but instead serving some kind of interim period where they work at less than full award wage (to get them here and to support business), and then allowing them permanent residency or citizenship which with it comes the full wages. In the interim I would say they should have full support of other community services you and I enjoy on the basis of our taxes (hospitals, schools, etc). I’m sure a balance could be struck. The unfortunate reality is that service standards in Australia in hospitality do not seem to be at world standards, based on my travel experiences. There are also millions of people who don’t get clean water or 3 meals a day. Surely there’s a point where these people can come and work to benefit us (the consumer), business (the employer) and them (the worker).

Thumper 11:26 am 11 Oct 06


Although VY does have a valid point, the exploitation of workers is simply wrong.

No doubt about it.

bonfire 10:57 am 11 Oct 06

VY i agree with you.

However, when in Aus, do as Aussies do.

Its also unfair on the broader community which includes you and me, to think that its OK for me to employ a foreigner in lieu of employing you – because i can get away with lesser conditions and less cost.

its just wrong.

name and shame i say.

Mr_Shab 10:33 am 11 Oct 06

If a foreign worker comes to Australia, they should be paid as an Australian worker. If you need to import foreign workers, it implies that you can’t get enough workers in your own backyard. That’s true of hospitality at the moment, so I don’t have a problem with it, as it’s just finding another source of labour to make up the shortfall.

But using the rationale that because they’re from a poor country, they deserve the same wages as they earned back home is bunk, VY. It’s a thinly veiled effort to use foreign workers to drive down wages that are already low.

I’d say that’s exploitation.

VYBerlinaV8 9:20 am 11 Oct 06

Wow, how terrible it must be for those people who come from lawless, corrupt, poor, disease-riddled countries to have to come to a safe country where they have a job, medical care, schooling for their children and the opportunity for citizenship.

Exploitation is a dangerous, and very relative, term. Be careful with it.

Mr Evil 8:58 am 11 Oct 06

Hey, so long as they’re not exploiting Aussies – who cares!

ant 8:24 pm 10 Oct 06

Me too. It’s not rocket science to run a decent kitchen and treat people decently. Employers shouldn’t be allowed to get away with behaving badly. And, it’d be nice to know who also to patronise, to go to the good ones.

bonfire 4:56 pm 10 Oct 06

i want to see the ‘list’.

i stopped using zeff’s because of this.

I’d like my dollars to go to non-exploiters.

VYBerlinaV8 4:47 pm 10 Oct 06

I sometimes go there at at lunch on my expense account, and have never had anything but an excellent meal and great service. So I’ll kepp going back. I haven’t had dinner there in years.

Absent Diane 10:42 am 10 Oct 06

the noise is terrible having a work function where you can talk to people is near impossible.. too much reverb or something going on. Whilst their pizzas are a far superior option than your massive chain operations, i still can’t go past your little mum and dad takeaway store.

Jazz 10:34 am 10 Oct 06

Zeff’s is a strange case because they have a good basis for a successful restaurant. The food is cheap, plentiful and tasty, and they have good repeat customer base. Where they go wrong is the restaurant layout which makes no attempt at making it a pleasant place to eat because of the noise, and is not conductive to ordering and paying for your food in a structured manner.

johnboy 10:11 am 10 Oct 06

Well there’s what? over 300 in Canberra?

it’d be nice to be able to reward the decent ones.

Thumper 10:09 am 10 Oct 06

“Sadly I can’t find a list of the offenders”

Ah, JB, 89 of them. Shake a tree and one will fall out.

Pandy 9:39 am 10 Oct 06

I refuse to go to that place (Italian? My arse!) because it is not a pleasant experience for the reasons you stated.

As for breaches, oh for crying out loud! I bet we need a nice little parliamentary committee to investigate this.

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