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A customer complaint at The Front

By Bells - 16 October 2008 181

[First filed: October 14, 2008 @ 12:27]

Last night my friends and I had an encounter with the owner of The Front in Lyneham that warrants talking about. It was a case of very poor customer relations and outright rudeness.

Our knitting group meets at Tilleys once a month but because the Whitlams were on last night, we had to go elsewhere. One of us (not me) called The Front on Sunday and arranged that yes, they would be open and yes, they’d be happy for 10 or so knitters to show up for the night.

Those of us who arrived early found a private function going on. We were miffed that we’d been told we could go when clearly we couldn’t even get in, but that was ok. We would make other arrangements. A decision was made to head to All Bar Nun and we asked a staff member if we could put a sign up notifying late arrivals of the change of plans. That was fine.

We went to our cars, drove around the block to see if others had arrived and saw the sign was gone. I went in and politely asked if we could replace it. No one knew what had happened to it. That was also fine.

From the other side of the road, we watched as the owner took the sign down and threw it in the bin! Outrageous! After telling us we could have our knitting night there when clearly we couldn’t, the least he could do was let us leave up the sign. As a result, several people were seriously inconvenienced, particularly newbies who didn’t have contact numbers for the rest of us and so on.

Had it been a nice evening, we’d have just sat outside at Tilleys, but after the storm, this wasn’t possible.

He probably doesn’t care about a bunch of knitters. He probably thinks we’re not the sort of client base he’s intersted in but you know, when he has a quiet Monday night, he might be grateful for 10-12 people all drinking his coffee and making the place look less empty. But no, we won’t be going back. And The Front won’t be something any of us ever promote to anyone. Quite the opposite.


UPDATED: Much as I’d love to let this one lie, I’d be remiss if I didn’t draw to reader’s attention the uproar going on about this in the knitting blogosphere (I’m as surprised as you are to discover such a thing).

Twitchyfingers leads the charge. Kraftykuka is not far behind.

What’s Your opinion?

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181 Responses to
A customer complaint at The Front
NoAddedMSG 3:05 pm 14 Oct 08

Danman said :

Its a pity that you have had this happen, I have not been to the front yet, but may tonight to have a look-see but now its with a negative stigma instead of a neutral one.

Make sure you look like you are probably a member of the socialist alliance, otherwise you will get death stares and bad vibes from the other customers. Also, don’t forget to take your dog with you, but only if it is a mongrel looking thing, no named breeds can be tied up outside The Front otherwise it will implode from the mainstreamness of your dog.

Danman 2:42 pm 14 Oct 08

I would have confronted management after the fact i.e. today and see what their recourse would have been.

Its a pity that you have had this happen, I have not been to the front yet, but may tonight to have a look-see but now its with a negative stigma instead of a neutral one.

Hopefully the powers of RA prevail and we can see if any explanation is offered..

Cameron 2:38 pm 14 Oct 08

From what I read in the OP, they did in fact do what you suggest they didn’t, backspace.

“Shame on you.” ? pfft.

Backspace 2:35 pm 14 Oct 08

I am sure this was a misunderstanding of some sort. Perhaps his staff did not communicate to him that there was a booking in the first place? Perhaps he thought you had just put the sign up.

It seems like you did not even speak to him and give him a chance to explain himself.

Shame on you.

Granny 2:31 pm 14 Oct 08

I think I’ll make me a protest tee and wear it down “the front” tonight. It will say, “Proud to knit” or “Knitting: Out of the cupboard” or something. I do happen to have some virginal t-shirts and bubblejet transfer paper as fate would have it!

Cameron 2:31 pm 14 Oct 08

The manager sounds like a bit of a self-important dick.

You’re right that he probably would have acted very differently had it been a quiet night. The only way you could have got one back on him is by taking his time up on the night – ie complaining – or you can just take your knitting and custom elsewhere from hereon in.

Woody Mann-Caruso 2:30 pm 14 Oct 08

What’s wrong, toad? No bite the first time so you thought you’d try again?

Granny 2:27 pm 14 Oct 08

You go girls! Equal rights for er … knitting type people!!


barking toad 2:24 pm 14 Oct 08

The manager should be sacked for even considering letting a knitting group infest the premises. Although, he did realise the error of his ways. And deserves some credit for dumping the sign.

Granny 2:24 pm 14 Oct 08

I reckon you should get the girls together and protest out “The Front” *boom boom* until he gives you a proper apology and a free night!

*heh heh heh*

Davo111 2:19 pm 14 Oct 08

knit some balaclavas, then go beat the manager up. 🙂

It’s pretty uncool on the managers part, i would have started an argument – regarding the sign, and the fact they canceled your reservation without telling you.

toriness 2:14 pm 14 Oct 08
Duke 2:09 pm 14 Oct 08

LlamaFrog said :

The Whitlams were good, but short show, seems they had had enough of canberra and were ready to move on.

Probably took the band too long to get served a drink and they left early, as I have done.

LlamaFrog 1:57 pm 14 Oct 08

The Whitlams were good, but short show, seems they had had enough of canberra and were ready to move on.

barking toad 1:39 pm 14 Oct 08

knitting groups infesting licenced premises – ffs!

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