Clea Rose killer sentenced

Kerces 1 February 2006 93

The 15-year-old boy who was charged with manslaughter over the death of Clea Rose last year was sentenced to 18 months jail today.

WIN News reported the boy was also sentenced to 6 months jail for car theft, although I didn’t catch whether these are concurrent sentences or not.

Ms Rose’s father said this decision should be a lesson to young offenders not to stray into NSW.

UPDATE The ABC now has a story up about this. The boy was sentenced to three years jail but is eligible for release in 18 months.

Justice Terry Connolly said that while there was nothing the courts could do to ease the Rose family’s pain, he “would impose a sentence that would send a message to the community that joy riding in stolen cars would ultimately lead to someone getting killed”.

FURTHER UPDATE The Canberra Times story, which has a bit of background as well, is now up.

ADDITIONAL UPDATE: Bill Stefaniak has put out a media release asking pertinent questions as to the bailing of young delinquents.

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93 Responses to Clea Rose killer sentenced
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Jethro Jethro 6:34 pm 08 Oct 10

Mike said :

The sentence might seem trivial, but a 15 year old driver who is “genuinely remorseful” (ABC News) is unlikely to be a danger to the community after his release. He may be a criminal, but he is not immune to the emotional stresses of this event and it’s probable that this will prove a far greater burden than serving time. It’s a tragedy for a family to lose someone, but that also holds true for the driver’s family. They certainly haven’t done anything wrong (it couldn’t hurt for them to have paid more attention to the driver’s hobbies perhaps), and they don’t deserve to lose their loved one (to a greater sentence, that is) as a result of his mistake.
It’s admirable that the victim’s family “would work with the boy to help him turn his life around”. Perhaps now he will become a doctor, a firefighter, a teacher. One can only hope that he genuinely feels some need to give back to the community. At least such a tragic event has the potential to turn an aspiring car thief into someone who might in future make a positive difference in people’s lives. Our justice system acknowledges that, as does the victims family. — “Now anger has got an anecdote and the anecdote is compassion and that’s one of the reasons we’ve offered to try and walk the walk with that fellow and his family.”

Or not.

Deadmandrinking Deadmandrinking 4:27 pm 07 May 07

I agree with Mike. Kid made a foolish mistake that will scar him for the rest of his life. At least now he’ll come out with time to atone for it, not when he’s 45, completely screwed and a general danger to society.

midnitecalla midnitecalla 6:29 pm 06 Feb 06

IM stupid? geez BM is not about intelligence its about diplomacy and tact , which it seems you have not gotten the concept of.

Its not how the deceased’s life is over so stop bleating about it as you so intelligently quoted NOT!. AS I said it never stops so there is no over to get over…..missed the point completley.

sure you miss your GDad but I miss mine also as do a lot of readers on this medium, and although the greater world carries on, and the freinds and aquaintences of my deceased freinds and rellos fade away, the fact remains that the Emotional Black Hole is still there. And to have a fellow like your self with no basic conversational skills/ diplomacy /tact come up to myself in gunghalin and say get over it would result in your immed and severe personal discomfort.

As I said, I challenge you to approach those left behind visiting graves / columbariums and whom are still hurting years after and yell in thier faces “get over it” bet you wont and dont.

We are not exhalting the dead on this thread of conversation Blamies the issue is that it was a massive waste of life.and a boy got an expected slap on the skewed it in to an area most posters on this blog at least treat with some respect as death touches us all. we all have some one we miss and cannot replace, BM angels or not.

Absent Diane Absent Diane 4:22 pm 06 Feb 06

BM – you are right that perhaps her death may not affect ‘contributor’s’ to the website… but it’s a harsh reminder that it could happen to anyone or anyone’s loved ones… its kind of a selfishly motivated compassion… which I think is fair enough

RandomGit RandomGit 3:46 pm 06 Feb 06

FFS Blamies, you’re advocating a shut down of discourse which defines and perpetuates the medium it is occuring on.

Quit being such a douche.

Blamemonkey Blamemonkey 2:19 pm 06 Feb 06

personaly I think he deserved a stronger sentence, but I’m not going to whinge about the sentence because i’m not willing to do anything about it.

RandomGit RandomGit 1:20 pm 06 Feb 06

BM, or can I call you Blamies?

Blamies, thanks for that, it’s an interesting point to try and introduce calm into a debate given to exaggeration and emotion.

Now to be direct. Do you think, cool-headedly, the sentence was too lenient? Try to think on these points:

Is he truely feeling the weight of the death he caused?

Does his past record indicate a respect for the judicial process?

General feeling is against any contrition on his part. Given the kids past record do you think 18 months in the slammer is enough to change him for the better? Or will it drill his bad attitude even deeper into his already delinquent psyche?

Theres not much info to go on, but do your best.

Blamemonkey Blamemonkey 9:33 am 06 Feb 06

And I hope you mention the fact when I Die.

People sensationalise the life individuals have led after they have died. My grandfather is dead I loved him but that doesn’t change the fact he was a racist and an ass-hole, and from his wake onwards I remembered his life for what it was not just the best bits.

johnboy johnboy 9:16 am 06 Feb 06

Lacking any evidence to suggest it, you’re a bit of a dickhead to raise the possibility.

Blamemonkey Blamemonkey 9:09 am 06 Feb 06

I don’t see why I should apologise, i have just used an example to show the way a lot of people describe the dead, you would think that the way people carry on more dead people should be put up for sainthood.

I started the post with the fact that i didn’t know Ms. Rose, she may have been a really lovely person or she may not have been.

The whole point have been trying to make is that she is dead and nobody here can change that, her killer has been sentenced and people can try and do something about that, if all people want to contribute is static noise about how the kid should be shot, be give a harsher sentence sorry guys but those words are nothing but a small drop in the ocean.

I feel i have put forward my honest opinion of the matter, where others are looking at the world with blinkers on and are not being realistic.

johnboy johnboy 8:45 am 06 Feb 06

Actually, due to google and the small nature of Canberra, quite a lot of people reading this site knew and loved Clea.

So you might want to consider an apology pretty quick smart BM.

Blamemonkey Blamemonkey 8:42 am 06 Feb 06

Midnitecalla, to make the assumption that I have never attended a funeral is just stupid, I have said goodbye to loved ones at funerals, my point is after the funeral move on, that person is dead and there is nothing more you or I can/could do about it.

Just a question did anyone actually know Clea or her Killer? anybody? because you never know Clea could have been a real bitch in high school, but you never hear any bad stuff about the dead after they die.

has anybody who has a problem with the kids sentence done anything about or just had a little cry about it here? If you actually did do something about what felt regarding the sentencing your words would have more weight.

Either do something about about it or get the fuck over it…

Vic Bitterman Vic Bitterman 10:47 pm 03 Feb 06

schemerica, I understand now what you are saying and your viewpoint. For that I thank you.

schmerica schmerica 10:41 pm 03 Feb 06

*cough* Vic ? Erm…

“The sentence is not reasonable for someone who is so young and has the potential to re-offend in a mere 18 months.

It was a tragic accident. What’s even more tragic is that he was given such a pathetic sentence for robbing a young woman of her future.” Feb 1st.

All I am saying is capital punishment is NOT the solution, and I am damn sure the ‘Average Australian Citizen’ agree’s.

Another thing that I am also fairly sure about is the ‘Average Australian Citizen’ would not agree that a mere 18 month sentence is suitable for someone involved in such an incident.

I actually do believe that the Australian Law is too lenient in cases such as the one involving Ms. Rose. But what I do NOT believe in is capital punishment, and you can call me whatever you want, abuse me and put me down but I will NEVER agree with capital punishment.

At least read what’s going on before you start criticizing.

midnitecalla midnitecalla 10:30 pm 03 Feb 06

Bm attend any of the nations cemeteries and see the the ones left behind. and i challenge you to go up to them and yell in thier face to get over it!

midnitecalla midnitecalla 10:01 pm 03 Feb 06

BM unless you have ever attended a funeral you woulnt know . so saying get the F@#$% over it

is just words at the end of the day, as once a person has gone to general public and associates and aquaintences all thats left is the immed family and freinds.

BM you never get over it. there is a $%^&*^ing big black hole there that never diminishes. that boy will get to drink his first beer f%^k his first woman get his first pay slip .All because of the soft laws. clea wont get to her first formal wont get her first expreinces like that will be afforded to the one who stopped her life.

Clea’s parents and close freinds wont get over it as there is no “over” to get as its continuing and will be as long as those people are alive.

Vic Bitterman Vic Bitterman 9:52 pm 03 Feb 06

blamemonkey and schmerica are the absolute, rock solid perfect examples of brainwashed, bleeding heart elitist liberals who bleat and whinge about how cruelly tough we are as a society are towards criminals.

Hate to tell ya’s, your average person on the street disagrees with you.

Your average citizen is sick and tired of scumbag criminals getting slaps on their wrists for ‘punishment’ when they get caught out for their assorted crimes.

Sick and tired.

There was one victim in this crime, Clea Rose. No, make that two – her family.

The punishment most certainly did not suit the crime.

You are cold hearted, brutal and calculated if you think otherwise. Pathetic, really.

RandomGit RandomGit 8:50 pm 03 Feb 06

BM, you notice that *whizz* sound that just passed your ear? That was the point, that you failed to grab on your way past.

nyssa76 nyssa76 5:38 pm 03 Feb 06

Oh please….

I’d LOVE for you to say that to Clea Rose’s family….GET THE FUCK OVER IT!

The point is that this little turd should be in jail for a hell of a lot longer than 18 months and it is BLATANTLY obvious that he has no respect for society or the law by re-offending whilst on a GBB. Those things aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on.

Blamemonkey Blamemonkey 11:47 am 03 Feb 06

My point through out this whole thing is get the fuck over it.

He has been sentenced you can change that GET THE FUCK OVER IT.

She’s dead too bad so sad GET THE FUCK OVER IT.

All of your whining isn’t going to change what has happened so guess what GET THE FUCK OVER IT.

Vic last i checked I’m paying taxes as well and i don’t think that “your taxes” will make any difference to what happens in Australia if you became unemployed or left the country.

Are you the sort of Red Neck that enjoys spouting off at Cops and parking inspectors “I pay your wages”?

I would like to support schmerica, I think we should start a fund “Ship Vic to America” i think the south would suit him.

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