They’re off and racing in Election ’10

johnboy 2 August 2010 28

[First filed: Jul 31, 2010 @ 12:00]

Election '10 Candidates collage

So the AEC has bestirred itself this morning to let the general public see the lists of candidates.

For those who like it raw the relevant pages are Canberra and Fraser.

Disappointingly the multi-party weirdness of the down ticket seems to be a thing of the past with only the no-quite-defunct Democrats and the Dawkins-loving Secular Party contributing colour and movement.

It’s also notable that very few candidates are bothering with websites, or even decent photos of themselves online. I would say this election is having the least impact on the web since John Howard came to power for all the new media enthusiasms.

Without further ado here are the candidates in the order they’ll appear on the ballot:


Guilia Jones

JONES, Giulia – Liberal – Political Adviser
Phone (work): 0439 958 298

Sue Ellerman

ELLERMAN, Sue – The Greens – Counsellor/Community Support

Gai Brodtmann

BRODTMANN, Gai – Australian Labor Party – Consultant


James Milligan

MILLIGAN, James Keith – Liberal – Publisher
Phone (work): 02 6273 5155

Quintin Hedges-Phillips

HEDGES-PHILLIPS, Quintin – Secular Party of Australia – Television Presentation Coord
Phone (home): 02 6251 7575

Andrew Leigh

LEIGH, Andrew – Australian Labor Party – economist
Phone (work): 02 6247 4066

Indra Esguerra

ESGUERRA, Indra – The Greens – Business Owner

The Senate

Kate Lundy

ALP 1 – LUNDY, Kate Alexandra [incumbent] – Australian Labor Party – ACT Senator
Phone (work): 02 6230 0411

David Matthews

ALP 2 – MATHEWS, David – Australian Labor Party – Company Director
Phone (work): 02 6162 0062

Darren Churchill

DEM 1 – CHURCHILL, Darren Mark – Australian Democrats – Casual Relief Teacher
Phone (home): 0412 196 473 Phone (work): 0412 196 473
Mobile: 0412 196 473

DEM 2 – DAVID, Anthony John – Australian Democrats – IT Specialist
2/8 Henslowe Place
Phone (home): 0414 581 385
Phone (work): 0414 581 385
Mobile: 0414 581 385

Lin Hatfield Dodds

GRN 1 – HATFIELD DODDS, Lin – The Greens – Community Sector CEO

Hannah Parris

GRN 2 – PARRIS, Hannah – The Greens – Consultant

Gary Humphries

LP 1 – HUMPHRIES, Gary [incumbent] – Liberal – Senator
Phone (work): 02 6247 6444

Matthew Watts

LP 2 – WATTS, Matthew – Liberal – Public Servant (resigned)
PO BOX 3348
Phone (work): 02 6273 5155
Mobile: 0409 017 891

GLYNN, John – Independent – Former Public Servant
20 Prescott St
Phone (work): 02 6286 5847
Mobile: 0412 633 416

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28 Responses to They’re off and racing in Election ’10
housebound housebound 10:38 pm 19 Aug 10

Just direct your own preferences. Quite easy here in the ACT.

PigsFly PigsFly 9:39 pm 19 Aug 10

Does anyone know what his preferences are?

Murphy Murphy 2:58 am 04 Aug 10

Here’s a web site for John Glynn:

whitelaughter whitelaughter 1:25 pm 03 Aug 10

HappyDaisy said :

Mr John Glynn, beyond contacting him and finding out what he believes in, has anyone found anything about him?

Nope, and he has yet to respond the email I sent him. (To be fair, he’s only had a couple of days).

kym_st kym_st 9:20 pm 02 Aug 10

This is a really cool interactive tool to show you where your party of choice has allocated their preferences in the Senate and allows you to create your own below-the-line Senate how-to-vote card according to your own prefs. Not too difficult in the ACT but if you were voting below the line in any of the states it’s a preference minefield.

The Traineediplomat The Traineediplomat 4:32 pm 02 Aug 10

I think you’ll find the Secular Party at

But I agree with HappyDaisy, more info from Mr Glynn about what his views are would help make an informed decision.

sepi sepi 4:25 pm 02 Aug 10

Or Mr Secular Party – what are they on about?

And why no pic of Guilia in the montage?

Nice to see loads of women standing this time around.

    johnboy johnboy 4:29 pm 02 Aug 10

    the available pix of Giulia (few and far between) wouldn’t play ball with my montaging software.

    But if she wants to send in a standard jpg we’re happy to add her in.

HappyDaisy HappyDaisy 3:09 pm 02 Aug 10

I more or less know the policies of all the major parties on the list, but what about that independent there. Mr John Glynn, beyond contacting him and finding out what he believes in, has anyone found anything about him?

emd emd 2:40 pm 02 Aug 10

MRPC I don’t see why the Greens and Dems should be assumed to do a preference deal. Given the Greens already announced a national deal with the ALP, and the Dems sided with Howard to bring in the GST. The Dems are fundamentally about accountability, the Greens are fundamentally about the environment. The fact that they agree on a number of issues is more about the intersection of accountability and mainstream political treatment of the environment than it is about policy similarities in any other sense.

Waiting For Godot Waiting For Godot 11:18 am 02 Aug 10

I wonder if the local Lib candidates will again make use of that humongous, shaven headed bodyguard who made an appearance with their candidates at shopping centres during the 2008 ACT election. Nobody seemed to know who he was or his exact role but it certainly didn’t project an image of approachability or friendliness.

Thumper Thumper 9:04 am 02 Aug 10

Someone was down at Charny shops promoting some party or other. I wonder if they managed to get away without anything being flogged?

Pandy Pandy 8:44 am 02 Aug 10

harley, yes. Unless his department hates him 🙂

harley harley 10:08 pm 01 Aug 10

Will Mr. Watts be able to rescind his resignation?

MrPC MrPC 7:34 pm 01 Aug 10

How odd. The Democrats above the line votes (Group B) will all go to Gary Humphries (Liberal) before the Greens. If anyone was likely to vote Democrats, I’d be concerned about this stuffup on their part.

Pandy Pandy 7:25 pm 01 Aug 10

Gulia Jones would look better holding a bazooka, like the chick in 97 had.

The Traineediplomat The Traineediplomat 5:42 pm 01 Aug 10

That’s funny I thought I was in the seat of Fraser….never knew we’d added a Z

trevar trevar 12:21 pm 01 Aug 10

Chocolates? That’s it! I’m moving to Queanbeyan!

emd emd 10:00 pm 31 Jul 10

Indra Esguerra has already made a good impression on me. She turned up to a very quiet and boring protest rally on an issue I thought she probably wouldn’t have much personal interest in. She spoke very eloquently on the issue, clearly she’d done her research before coming to the rally. And she arrived on pushbike, bonus points for being truly “green”.

The Frots The Frots 7:28 pm 31 Jul 10

Sadly, it might have better without photo’s! Now. where’s Jessica Good in this lot? I expected that she would be nominating as she seems now to have the rest of her life free!

Fiona Fiona 6:06 pm 31 Jul 10

deye said :

I was hoping there would be a sex party candidate to add in a bit of extra choice.

Me too. They were even offering free tshirts to hand out how to votes for them.

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