Stanhope forgets which Party he is Leading

teepee 23 August 2008 23

Win TV had footage of the venerable / vulnerable Chief Minister tonight saying “I have been leader of the Liberal Party for several years now”. The journos could be heard giggling in the background.

Given that he has upset so many groups with bad decision making and sanctimonious lecturing, this may be a cunning attempt to wriggle out of a tight spot ahead of the 2008 election. If the Libs are ahead in the polls then why not mount a takeover of their leadership? Labor has a majority in the Assembly, so if he really wanted to Stanhope could legislate himself into the Liberal leadership. This week has seen Labor’s majority used to make it illegal for a Labor backbencher to employ her husband, so why not go the next step and legislate to interfere in Liberal affairs as well?

Then again, it may be that Stanhope is simply suffering from a telling Beazley moment (like confusing Karl Rove and Rove McManus). Stanhope is looking ten years older than he looked a year ago and he has a bad week after being expelled by his colleagues from the parliament and censured criticised in a committee report signed by one Labor colleague.

[ED – Anyone else hear/see this? Sadly my recording of WIN died tonight. But wait, here’s the late news run]

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23 Responses to Stanhope forgets which Party he is Leading
Loquaciousness Loquaciousness 5:24 pm 24 Aug 08

Whatsup said :

LOL I admit to “losing” the plot… thanks for the website link Locquaciousness!

No problem. Always glad to be of (somewhat negligible) assistance. 😛


Whatsup Whatsup 12:18 pm 24 Aug 08

LOL I admit to “losing” the plot… thanks for the website link Locquaciousness!

As far as us being too tough on Stanhope for his ‘little mistake’. I guess we are being harsh because as far as mistakes go, this is tiny in comparison to some of the huge ones he has made. The difference is that we usually don’t see them on camera, they are done behind the scenes and we hear about it later.

miz miz 10:56 am 24 Aug 08

Stanhope was ‘moved on’ from the Hyperdome yesterday – they forgot to CONSULT (book a position) with management! UNbeLIEVable!

Loquaciousness Loquaciousness 10:31 am 24 Aug 08

Granny said :

Heaven help us, he is probably loosing it as well!

ant said :

Let Loose the Plot!

Granny said :

… and make it thick!



Granny Granny 12:23 am 24 Aug 08

… and make it thick!


ant ant 11:10 pm 23 Aug 08

Let Loose the Plot!

Granny Granny 10:17 pm 23 Aug 08

Heaven help us, he is probably loosing it as well!

; )

Loquaciousness Loquaciousness 9:52 pm 23 Aug 08

Whatsup said :

I have suspected for some time that Stanhope is loosing the plot. Thanks for the confirmation !

Deadmandrinking Deadmandrinking 7:58 pm 23 Aug 08

Jesus Christ, is this all Win News can get? The fact that people seem to be taking a little mistake so seriously speaks for their viewers and a lot of people in this territory. Lame, lame, lame people.

Pandy Pandy 6:08 pm 23 Aug 08

Stanhope has Alzehiemers disease.

Whatsup Whatsup 5:03 pm 23 Aug 08

Labor are self destructing, don’t think anyone needs to sledge them.

tom-tom tom-tom 4:34 pm 23 Aug 08

all this post says to me is that teepee doesn’t think that the liberal policies are good enought to deserve government and that he/she thinks the only way for them to win is to anonymously sledge labor.

Vic Bitterman Vic Bitterman 10:34 am 23 Aug 08

stanhope’s behaviour in recent weeks, and his increasingly deperate illogical tinfoil hat rants, are making me wonder whether he’s going to have a very public breakdown like Mark Latham did…..

Whatsup Whatsup 10:33 am 23 Aug 08

I have suspected for some time that Stanhope is loosing the plot. Thanks for the confirmation !

Thumper Thumper 9:32 am 23 Aug 08

Just classic, I think it should be a tagline…

Methinks the spikey haired one is under a bit of pressure.

spoonbill spoonbill 9:18 am 23 Aug 08

Stanhopeless is a millstone around the necks of the Titanic crew.

bd84 bd84 10:43 pm 22 Aug 08

The fatal slip of the tongue, he must be hedging his bets after copping it from all sides in the public accounts committee report yesterday.

he must be a bit worried still..

ant ant 10:17 pm 22 Aug 08

Val Jeffry is standing for that CAP mob! There seems to be no shortage of interesting candidates, I just worry that people will find all these independants too confusing and opt for Labor/Liberal as usual, and they both suck.

fhakk fhakk 9:57 pm 22 Aug 08

Saw that gem tonight. Going straight to the pool-room.

johnboy johnboy 9:46 pm 22 Aug 08

We ran the “Where’s Zeddy” stories so fair play.

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