A comment worth reading on the Downer murders

johnboy 29 September 2008 35

Sometimes we get a comment made on a story which deserves a wider audience.

Here’s one by Donna33 which certainly fits that bill on the subject of the Downer double murder:

    Scott always wanted to be known as notorius. Well, hes reached a higher level now. And such a shame that a talented, good looking and clever person could end up like this monster he has become. I lived with Scott for 4 years and it makes me sick to think he has [allegedly] killed Marylins beautiful daughter Julie whom I also knew. I really hope he gets punished for his [alleged] crime.

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35 Responses to A comment worth reading on the Downer murders
backlash backlash 12:50 am 10 Aug 09

Dong No one said you are a bad person, count yourself lucky it wasn’t you who he murdered, and Jules was a really nice and happy person, always fun, she was too forgiving of people, but she won’t forgive monster, she is still around us and won’t go to the light until she is satisfied justice is done, I often feel Jules around me.

BerraBoy68 BerraBoy68 1:57 pm 22 Jul 09

Donb – let it go mate, the comments you’re responding to were made almost 4 months ago. Raising it again will only reinvigorate a thread that bothers you.

Donb Donb 12:42 pm 22 Jul 09

In regard to the above comment…..I have NO fantasy with Scott Mcdougall…..I am VERY happily married to my gorgeous husband,and No I am not scared of him(Scott)….but I am scared of him coming after my family if i was to voluntarily testify about what kind of person he was and is, because he is the kind of psycopath that would remember names of people for 40 years and i want no part of that. I did NOT glorify him……I was simply confused and upset that i had actually wasted 3 yrs of my life with someone who could physically do what he did to his lifetime friend (Julie) It just sickens me to the stomach. And although I apologise for any hurt I created for my poor choice of words, I’m not going to sit here and be bagged by people. Namely one particular person. Im not going to get on this site again,so you can write whatever you want because I know that I am a good person. I have the utmost sadness for Julies family, beacause Julie was a really nice and happy person who was always fun to be around, and no-one should have to bury their own child especially in the circumstances that has happened. There should be corporal punishment in Australia for animals that murder in the most abbhorrable ways as this.

joy123 joy123 1:46 am 26 Mar 09

I can understand why people are upset with Donna as she only talked about her fantasy with McDougall and not the truth, just glorifing him, if she is so afraid about McDougall getting out and coming after her and her family (which he won’t) why the hell did she get on riotact?

rubuyred rubuyred 1:37 am 07 Nov 08

The notice went back in the following week because it was blurry and the printing hard to read, a much better result the second time.

rubuyred rubuyred 1:24 am 07 Nov 08


hi all, Its a pity Donna 33 didn’t mention how McDougull used to drag her around the floor by the hair, hit her and tried choke with her necklace when they lived together, she also said he was smart! Yes he’s as cunning as a gutter rat, I hope he has his guitar in prison with him as I believe he likes playing ‘whats the time Mr Wolf’ over ane over again as thats what he did on the day he murdered those two human beings in cold blood. Donna is terrified of him getting out on bail, so that says it all! He is an evil monster and should never be released as he is a danger to the public. The laws in Canberra should be the same as other states in Australia, but of course its the Capital so we must pretend it is squeky clean, just sweep things under the carpet, I was told when I came to Canberra it was a ‘Micky Mouse town’ now I know what he was talking about.

Martin1973 Martin1973 2:17 am 02 Nov 08


From what I understood Donna and Scott had a rocky relationship where Scott was violent during that period. She shared herself with a monster then.

Granny Granny 2:02 am 13 Oct 08

I don’t think anyone was offended, Jeff.

Jeff Jeff 1:16 am 13 Oct 08

Hi All,

Sorry if my post offended anyone – It truly was not meant to do so. I thought the messages were lovely from the families to let the public know that they appreciate all support they have received.

Often after funerals families send out cards to those they knew or were close to the deceased ones, however a message is normally put in the paper to thank those ones that the families may not have have known the personal names of people that were friends of the deceased or many not know details of how to contact certain people.

I am sure this thread will end now, however with what you said Loquaciousness in your comment I am sure once more details come to light down the track there will be more information that is printed by the media if a trial is to go ahead. Its all gone quiet for the time being but that will change when details emerge. Also the internet notice was quite blurry & hard to read that was in a PDF file online.

I did do a search on facebook and indeed Julie was pretty as the previous posts had mentioned – A google search brought up her name.

Sorry all if any offence has been taken once again, it was not my intention to do that.


Loquaciousness Loquaciousness 4:34 pm 12 Oct 08

Granny said :

Death notices always make me feel a bit weepy and choked up, though. They’re a very private thing even though they are so public. You just kind of see one and go, ouch, that’s pain. The “our Struan” really got to me for some reason.

To be honest they always make me wonder what the rest of the story is. I mean, if you read those notices in isolation, they would certainly make you realise how much isn’t being said.


Aurelius Aurelius 1:49 pm 12 Oct 08

Death notices are a scam the newspaper pulls on all of us. They’re required, legally, but the papers often charge like wounded bulls for them.

Granny Granny 10:37 am 12 Oct 08

Death notices always make me feel a bit weepy and choked up, though. They’re a very private thing even though they are so public. You just kind of see one and go, ouch, that’s pain. The “our Struan” really got to me for some reason.

Loquaciousness Loquaciousness 9:35 am 12 Oct 08

ant said :

Jeff, you have resurrected 3 separate threads, that had lain dormant for 2 weeks, to say “stop commenting on this”?

Ye gods.

I think the point was to leave the thread on a (what’s the word?) more positive note, by finalising it with the death notices.

Of course, we’ve all just gone and ruined that. And since we have, I want to point out the shocking typos in Jeff’s reconstruction of the notices. I can only hope they weren’t printed that way originally o.O


jessieduck jessieduck 9:32 am 12 Oct 08

I got my knickers in a knot over most of these threads calling JB names and what not and here they are again…

Granny Granny 9:24 am 12 Oct 08

I kind of thought the same. Some people just can’t let sleeping threads lie ….

ant ant 8:39 am 12 Oct 08

Jeff, you have resurrected 3 separate threads, that had lain dormant for 2 weeks, to say “stop commenting on this”?

Ye gods.

Jeff Jeff 3:05 am 12 Oct 08

Hi all,

What a beautiful message left in the Canberra times from the victims families,
after all the readings on this site I thought it would be nice to close the
comments and end it with the acknowledgment in today’s paper, may Julie & Straun
rest in peace & I am sure everyone would agree it would be nice to leave all comments now as both these families that remain have a hard road ahead of them. They are available online to see in the Canberra times.

From the Tattersall Family

Julie Sarah Tattersall
5-2-73 – 10-09-008

John, Marilyn,Belinda, Amy & James
wish to most sincerely thank those who could join as at the funeral, and to everyone
who has expressed kind thoughts and actions or sent cards or flowers following the tragic event that took our beautiful girl.

It has been very comforting to have so much support from our family and friends here and in the UK.

We would like to acknowledge the professionalism and assistance given to us by the AFP, Wendy.McDonald from white lady funerals, Rev Elaine.Gifford, Monica Jansen from the Quality Inn Dickson, Charles.Saleh of Furva Design and WIN TV.

Rest in Peace Jules

Forever Young & Beautiful

From the Bolas family
The Bolas Family extends their sincere thanks for the beautiful floral tributes, cards and telephone calls for our Struan.

Granny Granny 2:45 pm 30 Sep 08

I’m just grateful I never knew Scott ….

BusyButBored BusyButBored 2:38 pm 30 Sep 08

I just never knew Scott as a monster so am interested in the full story once it comes out. Nobody deserves to be murdered though.

Granny Granny 2:33 pm 30 Sep 08

Life is very unjust at times. I am sorry for your loss.

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