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A confession on recumbent bikes

By johnboy 10 August 2006 34

Many of you have weirdly strong views on the subject of the mostly harmless recumbent cyclist.

Maybe gangs of recumbent cyclists raided your village in the mountains, killing your father, raping your mother, and sold you off to a life of slavery? Maybe you freed yourself from the recumbent cyclist’s slave fighting pits and lived a life of pillage and adventure before settling in Canberra?

Maybe you’ve been revolted by the hedonistic abandon for which the recumbents are famed?

Or maybe things that are different just make you feel uncomfortable because you’re insecure in your own sexuality?

In any event, while I’ve never ridden one of the things, I must confess there appears to be one parked in my living room this very morning.

Recumbent bicycle

And I’m sorry to report to you it’s been here for some time.

Yes, I’ve said it before, we really are out to get you.

What’s Your opinion?

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A confession on recumbent bikes
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bonfire 3:01 pm 22 Aug 06

petes human power boat project

i saved a few pictures, im not sure if the link is still good.

KaneO 6:28 pm 13 Aug 06

bonfire did you save the link? I’m the sort of tosser who *would* pedal across LBG with a coffee in one hand, a ciggy in the other, getting attacked by a magpie despite having orange flag thingy, tho I would just brain the maggie and use its guts as bait.

bonfire 7:02 pm 12 Aug 06

i googled across a link last year about a guy in canberra who built a kayak powered by pedals to a propellor ala recumbent bike style.

he had some photos of him ‘pedalling’ around lbg.

Kramer 4:26 pm 11 Aug 06

OK here a question for the disgrunted drivers… Would you rather I ride my bike quickly across the crossing infront of you, or ride to the edge of the crossing, leisurely dismount and stroll across admiring your finger nails digging into the steering wheel as you wait for me to slowly cross?

el 2:56 pm 11 Aug 06

They don’t use the crossings properly because lots of primary schools will be getting closed in 2 years. Geddit?

VYBerlinaV8 10:28 am 11 Aug 06

Pedestrians using the crossing properly is no problem at all. Besides, the little shits that ride across or run in front of your car where there’s no crossing know they’re doing the wrong thing. That’s why they move so smartly when you buzz them…

Ari 10:25 am 11 Aug 06

AD, so you tend to cross the road at a rather pedestrian pace, then?

Absent Diane 10:24 am 11 Aug 06

ahh… see I equally enjoy dawdling (sp?) across pedestrian crossings..for no other reason than to irritate impatient drivers…

VYBerlinaV8 10:15 am 11 Aug 06

I enjoy it when people cross the road illegally in front of me. Drop the V8 into neutral and give it a bit of throttle, burbles loudly through the high flow intake… Said idiots then hotfoot it across the road quite rapidly before they realise the car isn’t accelerating.

Ahhhhh, I’m a rock ape….

KaneO 4:25 am 11 Aug 06

Not many cyclists are aware that if they ride on a crossing they have to give way to everything including cars. It’s a bit of a bizarre law. You can legally run over an 8yr old kid if you like.
I tend to stop for people who don’t know better (i.e. kids on bikes) and not stop for people who should know better (adults)

Anyway, I wonder if you could transfer the workings of a recumbent bike to a kayak (har har a recumbent kayak) with making it sink.
– leave the wheels on and have an all terrain recumbent +5 tosser points
– Attach the orange flag thingy to the yak +10 tosser points
– Pedal across LBG with a coffee in one hand, a ciggy in the other, getting attacked by a magpie despite having orange flag thingy +50 tosser points

Isn’t the corc trailbuilding @ stromlo on again this weekend?

Big Al 10:00 pm 10 Aug 06

You mean the one in the back ground don’t you? The recumbent is a act against the laws of nature and like motor bike should be banned from our road and bike paths.

Kerces 7:10 pm 10 Aug 06

My, isn’t that a beautiful bike?

akiles 4:25 pm 10 Aug 06

or… in a car?

Maelinar 4:22 pm 10 Aug 06

Were you on your bike when you didn’t stop at the pedestrian crossing, or were you dismounted ?

Coz one is legal and the other isn’t. (I’ll give you a clue – pedestrian)

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