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A day in the life of Ivan Canberrovich

By rosebud 3 June 2009 33

Why does my bus route always (and I mean always) have the dilapidated old buses that would be right at home circa 1987 East Berlin? I’m sure the ruling classes in Manuka and Upper Farrer get the Scania L94UB rigid model (oooh, just thinking of that compressed natural gas engine, super low floors and climate control airconditioning fills me with revolutionary zeal!), while the inner north proles are left to dodge the vomit from the drug dealer in the next seat while suffering the ill effects of diesel fumes.

And while I’m at it, why DON’T Action buses open the rear doors except at the terminus? Are they PAINTED on? So annoying!

Viva la revolucion!

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A day in the life of Ivan Canberrovich
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farnarkler 10:34 pm 04 Jun 09

clueclue123, my school sports house was Farrer so don’t feel that you’re out there on your own.

bd84 9:29 pm 04 Jun 09

I have a great solution. Drive to work. Half the hastle, 1/4 of the time.

TP 3000 10:59 pm 03 Jun 09

I thought that the contractor stuffed up in Sydney. With the smartcard system meant to be in operation for the 2000 Olympics. But back in 2007/2008 when the contract was terminated, it still wasn’t up to testing.

But Canberra is getting the smartcard technology sometime in the next 18-24 months.

Mr Waffle 10:48 pm 03 Jun 09

So if 69 run on CNG, and 20 run on diesel, what do the other 311 buses run on?

Comrade Stanhope’s hot air?

Damn, all this talk of Japanese buses makes me want Australian public transport (and vending machines) to use a smart card system ala Suica. I think Sydney wanted to roll them out, but their bus drivers blocked it for some reason or another. Would’ve made trips up to the big smoke a lot easier, given all their crazy ticket schemes. Oh well…

deezagood 10:29 pm 03 Jun 09

I love the title of your post rosebud; very clever (I was forced to read that book in school, and it was actually kind of interesting …) – I wonder if the kids today still have to read this?

TP 3000 9:59 pm 03 Jun 09

hek62 said :

I’d want to enter via the rear passage, If I had the chance!

You do have a chance at Woden Interchange in morning peak, mind it is for city bound buses only.

But City Interchange & Woden Interchange also have it in afternoon peaks for Tuggers bound traffic.

hek62 9:49 pm 03 Jun 09

I’d want to enter via the rear passage, If I had the chance!

below_average_joe 7:15 pm 03 Jun 09

Try route 703 for a laugh. This morning, I decided to try and get the service that lands on Belconnen Way around 8.20am. 10 minutes after scheduled arrival, I rang the information line to be told that the bus had broken down, and there would be no service. Not the first time this has happened, and probably not the last. The weather this morning topped off the experience, nothing like standing in the rain like a doofus, waiting for the bus that will never arrive.

clueclue123 7:14 pm 03 Jun 09

Is there a Canberra wide stigma for Farrer? As a Farrer resident I be rather intruiged….

astrojax 6:13 pm 03 Jun 09

oysters in canberra? hope they fly them in fresh… actually, is absurd that we don’t have a pretty well uniform public transport card system across the country – would be a huge step in the right direction for making some efficiencies actually happen and not just get spoken about…

farnarkler 4:00 pm 03 Jun 09

The other 311 run on the burning bodies of passengers who’ve died of hunger and/or hypothermia while waiting for the bus that never comes.

S4anta 3:43 pm 03 Jun 09

Ryan said :

TP 3000 said :

You do have to remember that ACTION only have 69 CNG & 20 diesel buses (out of a total of 400 buses)

So if 69 run on CNG, and 20 run on diesel, what do the other 311 buses run on?

The blood of the voters, dude.

jessieduck 3:27 pm 03 Jun 09

farnarkler said :

One day, if you’re lucky, ACTION might bring the Oyster card to Canberra.

Oooohhhh Aaaaahhhh.

God that would be so good.

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