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A day in the life of Ivan Canberrovich

By rosebud - 3 June 2009 33

Why does my bus route always (and I mean always) have the dilapidated old buses that would be right at home circa 1987 East Berlin? I’m sure the ruling classes in Manuka and Upper Farrer get the Scania L94UB rigid model (oooh, just thinking of that compressed natural gas engine, super low floors and climate control airconditioning fills me with revolutionary zeal!), while the inner north proles are left to dodge the vomit from the drug dealer in the next seat while suffering the ill effects of diesel fumes.

And while I’m at it, why DON’T Action buses open the rear doors except at the terminus? Are they PAINTED on? So annoying!

Viva la revolucion!

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33 Responses to
A day in the life of Ivan Canberrovich
jase! 12:29 pm 03 Jun 09

also in Fukuoka you get on at the back and exit the front. you also pay on the way out rather than as you get on

Ryan 12:21 pm 03 Jun 09

TP 3000 said :

You do have to remember that ACTION only have 69 CNG & 20 diesel buses (out of a total of 400 buses)

So if 69 run on CNG, and 20 run on diesel, what do the other 311 buses run on?

MrMagoo 12:13 pm 03 Jun 09

The backdoor thing is a safety issue folks.

tortfeaser 12:02 pm 03 Jun 09

I prefer the older buses. The new ones with the individual seats aren’t comfortable, the whole wheelchair access design takes away masses of otherwise comfortable space (sure, have a spot for prams, but why all the way down?). The suspension makes you seasick and they’re universally freezing.

Mr Waffle 12:02 pm 03 Jun 09

OK, for the tedious nitpickers out there, in the Japanese cities of Kobe and Osaka you get on through the back door and exit through the front.

And in Saga (the only place I’ve caught a bus there). It’s… weird, coming from catching Action for years. You take a ticket that says where you got on, and there is a board at the front of the bus that shows you how much you’ll need to pay (it goes up the further you go). You drop the money on a little converyor belt next to the driver that counts the money and you leave via the front door.

I’m probably going to need to catch the first bus to the city to catch a bus to Sydney in a few weeks. I’ve never caught one before the peak hour rush, I hope the thing shows up…

jessieduck 12:01 pm 03 Jun 09

Hi Katie- I ride the number 6 as well and there has been a little sign up at the O’Connor Shops stop to encourage people to complain to Action about the overcrowding between 7am-9am on that route. I’ve sent my email into Action but I have resigned myself to catching the 9am service because it is the only one that gets me to my work in Barton without me having to sit on someone’s lap. Luckily my work is pretty happy to have me coming in at 9.30am but if I was expected to be there by 8.30 I would hate it! The times when I do have to catch an earlier service I just anticipate that the 8am won’t have room for me so I try to get on the 7.30 service but isn’t it stupid!!!!

Call or email Action to help get something done about it!! Thanks

Katie 11:46 am 03 Jun 09

I catch the no.6 bus to and from work most days. It takes me over 40 minutes (!) to get from my home in North Lyneham to the Treasury building. By the time the bus gets to O’Connor shops, it’s often so full the bus driver has no choice but to keep driving, leaving people waiting at the bus stop. The other day, everyone at that stop was able to get on the bus except for a lady with a toddler in a pram, she had to wait for the next bus to come along (that’s a 30 minute wait in the freezing cold with a small child).
I ride in the warmer months (and longer days) and I can make it to work in around 30 minutes. Our public transport system sucks ass!

jimbocool 11:46 am 03 Jun 09

OK, for the tedious nitpickers out there, in the Japanese cities of Kobe and Osaka you get on through the back door and exit through the front.

farnarkler 11:32 am 03 Jun 09

Do what I used to do in London; press the emergency door release button when the bus is stopped at the bus stop.

G-Fresh 11:30 am 03 Jun 09

jimbocool said :

In Japan, you get on through the back door and exit through the front.

Not true overall. Depends which city you’re in.

jimbocool 11:27 am 03 Jun 09

Weel, Rosebud, I think it’s clear who’s going to be first up against the wall when the revolution comes…

the ‘no back door opening’ thing has always struck me as very weird. In Sydney they encourage you to exit through the back door so that it’s easier for people to get on through the front. In Japan, you get on through the back door and exit through the front. Either way it makes for a more streamlined operation.

G-Fresh 11:23 am 03 Jun 09

There are some advantages to the older buses; you can put your feet up, there’s a larger luggage compartment and convenient rubbish disposal behind the rear seat, what more could you want?

sepi 11:21 am 03 Jun 09

I wish they would open the rear doors to let people off.

I tried to take the bus with my two year old – what a mistake. We had to sit up the back. Getting off she was going as fast as she could, we get to about two seats from the front and the bus takes off. We may have been moving slower than he liked, but we weren’t even going that slowly. The same driver stopped with such force at a give way that the toddler fell off the seat.

I feel so sorry for anyone with kids who relies on Canberra buses. and for the poor oldies. They try to get up while the bus is still moving, to be ready at the front door to get off, and they look like they could topple and break a hip at the slightest wobble of the bus.

TP 3000 11:16 am 03 Jun 09

I am quite sure that 1987 Berlin would of loved our 1990’s Renaults. But ACTION don’t pick on certain areas, it is just what the drivers shift is allocated. Take this week for example, one Route 2 had a Renault on the Monday & a Scania on Tuesday (don’t know what it had today). But Manuka gets its fair share of Reanults & the Route 4,5 & 6 are mostly run by Renaults & Farrer/Isaacs are the same. You do have to remember that ACTION only have 69 CNG & 20 diesel buses (out of a total of 400 buses) & they are all based at Tuggeranong to mainly run on the Intertown route. Now in the coming years ACTION are due to recive 100 new buses & that includes around 25 14.5 buses, these will be eventually replace the articulated buses. But the rest of that order are speculated to be diesel MAN buses. Now of this order of 100 buses 40-60 of these will replace order buses & the rest will add to ACTION’s fleet. So it may take a while, but eventually all suburbs of Canberra will get a low floor bus

S4anta 11:08 am 03 Jun 09

Maybe the inner north proles ought start using bikes?

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