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A decent feta at the supermarket

By johnboy - 22 October 2008 20

Earlier tonight I posted in my Facebook status that I’d found a good feta cheese.

I was then bombarbed with inquiries as to where I had found such a thing. So here you go: Kebia Bulgarian Goat’s Milk Feta.

It came from the Ainslie IGA, so other IGA’s might well carry it.

It costs $5.15 for 200g and comes in its own plastic container filled with brine. This also avoids the curse of the squirting feta packet and lets you put it back in the fridge with some confidence.

Crumbly, glassy, smooth and moist with just enough bite.

I’m very happy.

What’s Your opinion?

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20 Responses to
A decent feta at the supermarket
tylersmayhem 9:08 am 23 Oct 08

Toriness Lyneham is up to 20 per cent pricier than Lyneham


Danman 8:16 am 23 Oct 08

I like the green lidded stuff..whatever it is called…..

You can also get marinated fetta in a black tin at any good deli, smooth enough to butter italian bread with, and put chunks of quince paste on top..

Bistro’s and cheap restaraunts mostly use attiki fetta which is a poor mans marinated rubberised chalk.

Oh and australian fetta* is pretty good bang for buck too if you like pungency and soft smooth crumble


*As per label at coles deli

bigfeet 10:52 pm 22 Oct 08

I-filed said :

The Bulgarian fetta that comes in those big square green & white tins with pictures of sheep is sirene’

I have been trying to convince people for years that the “Bulgarian Feta” which is available everywhere is not feta, I am not actually sure it is sirene either.

“But it’s the feta I like” they say.

Ok…you like it, I like it, but it is not feta.

bubzie 10:16 pm 22 Oct 08

Woolies definatly sells that feta, not only in tubs, but individual slices too!

*hides woolworths uniform*

I-filed 10:12 pm 22 Oct 08

It’s not crumbly or fatty enough to be sirene. The Bulgarian fetta that comes in those big square green & white tins with pictures of sheep is sirene … it has quite a different texture to the Kebia ‘feta’

Woody Mann-Caruso 10:03 pm 22 Oct 08

Could be sirene rather than feta. In the EU, feta is covered by a ‘protected designation of origin’ arrangement that means the name can only be used for Greek cheese with at least 70% sheep’s milk with the rest goat’s milk.

I-filed 9:07 pm 22 Oct 08

Toriness Lyneham is up to 20 per cent pricier than Lyneham … so it’s worth crossing Northbourne!

That Bulgarian fetta is superb. There’s also a wonderful sheep’s milk fetta at Griffith Shop-Rite.

ant 8:44 pm 22 Oct 08

argh, that’s the Sheepy Cheese. Ugh. I like my 2 kg buckets of cow fetta, I add extra salt quite a bit. But I just can’t handle that sheepy cheese.

Ainslie IGA has really good cooked chooks too. YOu order your chips at Theos, go up the street and collect your chook from the IGA, then back to Theo’s for your chips.

Special G 8:41 pm 22 Oct 08

It’s the little things.

bigfeet 8:30 pm 22 Oct 08

I’m sceptical, but willing to give it a try.

I am happy to travel for a good feta.

Bells 8:11 pm 22 Oct 08

I’ve seen that. I’ve wondered. Now I’ll buy!

emd 7:46 pm 22 Oct 08

Ainslie IGA are great. They have stuff that I can’t get at Coles and Woolies, but still at reasonable prices. Best vego range in Canberra too.

I crumbled a little goat’s milk feta on some pumpkin soup yesterday, and it was great. A nice counterpoint to the cumin and cracked pepper in the soup.

toriness 7:18 pm 22 Oct 08

i damn ainslie IGA being in ainslie rather than lyneham. i’m hauling ass over to ainslie to get me some of this fetta ASAP!

SamTSeppo 7:05 pm 22 Oct 08

Wow. Can’t beat a price like that.

Ari 7:00 pm 22 Oct 08


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