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A great deal

By Maelinar 18 February 2008 11

Noted on the weekend at the booze cellar at Belconnen Mall, (I think its Dan Murphys but I’m not 100% sure of their name):

 <b>New Zealand Tui – $11 a 1/2 dozen</b>

Tui is an East Indian Pale Ale, normal retail price should be around $16-18. Some say on the 7th day he rested, I say on the 7th day he created Tui, and it took him all day. Fantastic beer, originally designed to withstand the long sea voyages from England, 2ndary fermentation occurs in the bottle on the voyage over. Didn’t take the Kiwi’s long to work out they could just brew it in country – and Tui was born.

(Tui is the name of a native bird in NZ)

<b>New Zealand Speights – $11 a 1/2 dozen</b>

Speights is for those drinking alone, with all their mates. Seriously though, its a sturdy drop from the bottom of the South Island, normal retail price should be $16-18 as well. A little ruggeder (tarter on the tongue) than Tui, and won’t give you a hangover due to its chemical makeup – allegedly. Wouldn’t think it was a bitter though, it seems a little bit like a Canadian microbrew, but from New Zealand. Well worth a tenner though, especially if you want something to look flash next to your dozen Tui.

What’s Your opinion?

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A great deal
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aidan 2:56 pm 20 Feb 08

Sorry, but as a Kiwi I have to say Tui is pretty ordinary. I don’t even buy it when I’m back home when it is NZ$15 (A$13) for a 15 pack:

Mr Evil 6:07 pm 19 Feb 08

If only they sold Speights Old Dark………

Mælinar 7:57 pm 18 Feb 08

Thanks for the tip ghughes !

I used to drive from Toowoomba to Brisbane to pay $25 a six pack for my Tui. Braddon won’t be too much of a hassle…

ghughes 6:08 pm 18 Feb 08

For those who think driving to Belconnen is a bit much to get a drink.
Tui – 4 large (440mL) cans are easy to get for $10 at Braddon cellars.

Mælinar 1:23 pm 18 Feb 08

@Devil – they have export gold right next to the tui and speights, I didn’t register the price though – fat eyes were fixed on the Tui by that stage.

Sammy 12:52 pm 18 Feb 08

I brew my own IPA resplendent with malt and hoppy goodness.

caf 11:58 am 18 Feb 08

Skid: the comments box has expanded because of VYBerlina…’s new over long handle.

Devil_n_Disquiz 11:51 am 18 Feb 08


I appreciate this post. As a Kiwi in Canberra I have always wanted to know where I can get nectar from the Gods (read Kiwi beer) from in Oz.
Speights and Tui is right up there with the best. Now I just gotta find some DB Export Gold.

Thanks for sharing this

Mælinar 11:45 am 18 Feb 08

poo poo to you both.

They are flogging this imported beer, in Canberra, for just over $10 a six pack, if you don’t think that’s worthy, sad one its your loss.

Specifically to Meconium, I was talking about certain items on special, not the entire NZ Beer industry. IMHO however, Tui is spectacular. I rate Monty’s, although that strange aftertaste is coaldust – an effect of the brewing environment.

At Skid, I can’t recall ever complaining about viral marketing, however can recall dishing it out with the best of them at hawkers attempting to peddle their own wares. I am in no way affiliated with the store, or the product.

Skidbladnir 11:30 am 18 Feb 08

Thisis the same Maelinar that occasionally complains about viral marketing?

Reviews of local restaurants I don’t mind quite so much, but reviews of imported booze from a chain cellar?
I fail to see the relevant link to Canberra other than “I bought it at Belconnen”.

Also, the formatting didn’t work.

While on formatting, why is the “Recent Comments” box wider than it used to be? Itst hrowing out the straight line that used to run down RiotACT supported by, Recent Comments, Categories, and Email Interviews, leaving a big white gap.

Meconium 11:24 am 18 Feb 08

In the grand scheme of things beer, neither of these are that great. You’re clearly just a NZ fanboi Mael! And even if you are supporting the NZ brewing industry, why no mention of Emerson’s, the best brewer in the country? And several of Monteith’s ales are great, for the price they sell them at. Tui and Speights are ho-hum… Emerson’s is harder to seek out, but their IPA is world class.

Besides, I wouldn’t call this “A Great Deal” worthy of a post. Hardly Canberra-related and not particularly great.

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