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A solution to the Ikea dilemma?

johnboy 25 November 2008 21

Thanks to for the tip.

An enterprising bunch have found a way to make a business from Ikea’s shameful neglect of their huge Canberra fan base. are taking a truck up to Ikea and bringing back the bits the Ikea nuts can’t live without.

It’ll be fascinating to see how they go.

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21 Responses to A solution to the Ikea dilemma?
jenn jenn 6:25 pm 25 Feb 10

Yup – I used them a year ago to bring a whole load of bookcases and items for the children’s rooms (love their kid’s furniture range). They delivered on time, were polite and everything was correct and undamaged. I would definitely use them again. The two blokes told me they had gotten stuck in a traffic jam on the way back for 3 hours! Definitely worth the money for so many reasons.

toriness toriness 9:44 am 11 Feb 09

has anyone used these guys, ie ‘bringithome’, listed in the original post? if so, did they deliver as promised, were the goods in proper oder etc?

i ask because i am thinking about placing an order with them….

ns ns 3:50 pm 26 Nov 08

I know for kitchens the auction places around here don’t have as much variety as Ikea, but I think they’re excellent value for money and definitely comparable in quality. Mine cost just under $5k including all the granite. (Plus I have loads of cupboards. Around 10 doubles, 3 singles + pantry).

But I do love Ikea though 🙂

ant ant 1:06 am 26 Nov 08

Thumper said :

It may cost you but compared to hiring a truck and driving down there to pick up the stuff, it’s worth it.

Beisdes, what’s $400 when spending $6-7K on a kitchen?

Our kitchen from them was in the order of 11k, and here’s the thing, it took several trips to sydney to seal the deal! Giving 11 grand to Ikea is not as easy as it sounds, they make it quite tricky. plus, much of the bits you need are guaranteed to not be in stock at the time. Never mind! You can come back next week and buy the bits! No, you can’t, you’re from Canberra! Oh, too bad! and the poor ute that had to bring it all down here was creaking horribly.

but it’s an excellent kitchen, cheaper and better quality than anything you could get here for twice the price.

I got the email too from the Facebook group Bring Ikea to Canberra, and enjoyed poking around the Ikea site (they finally have all their stuff online). I don’t expect to use the service (you can fit a fair bit in a Vitara if you put the top down) but kudos to them for spotting a niche.

Gerry-Built Gerry-Built 11:19 pm 25 Nov 08

Ikea furniture and homewares are nice, modern and well-designed…

King’s charge $290 (flat rate) to Canberra. U still have to make the trip up there though, ’cause they don’t do phone/Internet ordering. They deliver in Canberra on a Thursday.

An Ikea is not planned in Canberra – the DFO rumour turned out to be false 🙁

BringItHome is a great idea…

caf caf 10:58 am 25 Nov 08

Beisdes, what’s $400 when spending $6-7K on a kitchen?

Almost 10 percent?

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 10:21 am 25 Nov 08

Wasn’t an Ikea mean’t to be happening here eventually?
The business model can probably hold up for a while until then, and good luck to them.

Jazz Jazz 10:17 am 25 Nov 08

I think its a very clever idea and i wish them luck

Ernie Ernie 10:09 am 25 Nov 08

Don’t forget that Ikea don’t do home shopping so you still have to drive to Ikea to order and pay for your stuff and then organise Kings to deliver it back to Canberra. A very expensive and time consuming adventure.

toriness toriness 9:50 am 25 Nov 08

my partner won’t let me buy an ikea kitchen 🙁 so i have to be happy with things like bookcases and dvd storage units which were too prohibitive in terms of delivery cost from ikea, but from these guys is perfectly priced.

Thumper Thumper 9:44 am 25 Nov 08

I’d rather move to Jervis bay…

Primal Primal 9:39 am 25 Nov 08

seekay said :

What Canberra needs is to be shut down and moved to Sydney.

Can’t we move to Melbourne instead?

Thumper Thumper 9:36 am 25 Nov 08

It may cost you but compared to hiring a truck and driving down there to pick up the stuff, it’s worth it.

Beisdes, what’s $400 when spending $6-7K on a kitchen?

toriness toriness 9:30 am 25 Nov 08

yep niftydog (and thumper) – ikea DOES charge a fortune to deliver, i looked into it myself recently and was gobsmacked by the charges. this new service could be my saviour!!!

seekay seekay 9:25 am 25 Nov 08

What Canberra needs is to be shut down and moved to Sydney.

farnarkler farnarkler 9:13 am 25 Nov 08

What Canberra needs is Tchibo!!!

niftydog niftydog 9:13 am 25 Nov 08

Ikea delivery (Via Kings Transport) costs an absolute fortune, that’s the problem. I vaguely recall something in the order of $400+ when I enquired.

poptop poptop 8:56 am 25 Nov 08

Ikea can keep their furnishings and flatpacks, they just need to open a Daim shop in the ACT

Thumper Thumper 8:56 am 25 Nov 08

Ikea will deliver so I can’t see the problem….

seekay seekay 8:54 am 25 Nov 08

John, you normally have an intelligent and robust attitude towards capitalism. Why bag Ikea for not having a store in an area that lacks a sufficiently large customer base?

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