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Abuse of the three for free parking

By damianheffernan - 28 September 2008 34

After hearing about it for ages I recently witnessed the abuse of the three for free parking in Civic and I must say it looks a little out of control to me.

Scenarios: A car pulls up with one guy in it. He parks and then jumps in a car with two others. They do a loop of the block and get a three for free voucher. They then jump in another car, go round the block and get another voucher. Repeat for the final car.

I’ve seen people phone and a Public servant comes out of a building and jumps in a car and they drive and get a voucher. The person called may not have even driven in but helps the others get a freebie.

People actually drive up to you in the carpark and ask if you wouldn’t mind jumping in with them for a circle of the block to help them get a free pass.

Now I think not only does this defeat the purpose: i.e. you are supposed to car pool and stop three cars driving into Civic therby saving the environment and the demand on parking spaces, but it also is fraud.

Where’s the cluey Parking Inspector hiding in the bushes and then slamming all the unpaid for cars while the guys drive around the block. A $70 fine would have paid for a few of those freebie days.

Where also is the guy in the booth saying “hey I just saw you guys 15 seconds ago in another car?!”



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34 Responses to
Abuse of the three for free parking
VYBerlinaV8_the_one_ 8:03 pm 28 Sep 08

This just says says to me that we need to get parking sorted.

Think about it:
$7 a day
5 days a week
50 weeks a year

equals $1750 after tax. Pre tax equivalent of nearly $2500 a year. 5% of an average wage. No wonder people have an issue with paid parking!

Jonathon Reynolds 6:07 pm 28 Sep 08

A much cleverer scam is with Park’n’Ride which results in the equivalent of concessional parking rates:

You go buy yourself a Monthly Adult ticket for $82.00. Assuming 20 working days a month this works out at little more than $4.10 for all day parking – generally cheaper than other pay parking available.

Whilst ACTION claims that they reserve the right to confirm the work location of the Park’n’Ride applicant, under privacy legislation they are actually unable to do so.

astrojax 6:02 pm 28 Sep 08

Pay parking is pain in the ass

arse. an ass is an animal similar to a donkey. i can’t see why you’d park a donkey for free with three people and if three people were riding it, either they’re animal cruelty practitioners or its jesus with the folks… either way, s’no wonder it has a pain.

in australia, we say ‘arse’.

as for the scam, pay parking is designed to encourage alternative transport – the ‘vast expanses’ don’t enter into it and this reprehensible behaviour ought to be stamped out. maybe patrols on donkeys by inspectors would work?

or simply stamping wrists like nightclubs – how hard is that?

Vic Bitterman 5:23 pm 28 Sep 08

I see nothing wrong with this.

Pay parking is an insidious expense in Canberra, with our vast expanses of land for parking.

I refuse to pay for parking at every opportunity I get, as does everyone else I know.

VicePope 5:18 pm 28 Sep 08

The builders on one site hear where I was doing some work made a meal out of this. While listening to the radio (RN, breakfast – I’m old), I saw the same two hazard-vested passengers arrive three times in different vehicles.

My guess is that many bits of the public sector would lack the organisational skills …

Whatsup 5:15 pm 28 Sep 08

You’ve just encouraged a whole heap of people to have a go at this. Well done !

Loquaciousness 5:15 pm 28 Sep 08

I think that, considering the effort some people are (apparently) going to just to get seven bucks a day off, they should be left to it. Good on them for ingenuity and lateral thinking!


Aurelius 5:13 pm 28 Sep 08

Considering the amount of work you describe in order to carry out this scam, I don’t think the problem would be widespread.

LlamaFrog 4:49 pm 28 Sep 08

must be a slow news day.

blood_nut 4:13 pm 28 Sep 08

life is full of loopholes that deserve exploiting.

if the abuse of ‘3 for three’ was even slightly close to being an issue worth caring about, that loophole would have been closed by now.

that it continues to occur is testament to the fact that no one cares.

ironic too that even more people will be doing this on monday as a result of this post.

Davo111 3:39 pm 28 Sep 08

hetzjagd1 said :

I think you should ignore it and not interfere with the affairs others. Pay parking is pain in the ass and not everyone has the option to carpool.

I think you should leave those carparks to the people who deserve it.

AussieGal83 3:33 pm 28 Sep 08

Its next to the Civic pool.

hetzjagd1 3:32 pm 28 Sep 08

I think you should ignore it and not interfere with the affairs others. Pay parking is pain in the ass and not everyone has the option to carpool.

Davo111 3:17 pm 28 Sep 08

gooterz said :

Theres 3 for free in civic?

lol i thought the same thing!

gooterz 3:01 pm 28 Sep 08

Theres 3 for free in civic?

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