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ACT a leader on climate change

By GnT - 22 November 2007 22

This article from the ABC reports that while the federal government denied funding to the ANU for a climate change research centre, the ACT government has come through to jointly fund the centre.

After the weekend, it will be interesting to see how the next federal government responds to the need for climate change research.

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22 Responses to
ACT a leader on climate change
barking toad 8:38 pm 23 Nov 07

Well, I tried to avoid the hippie argument about gorebull warming.

But it always comes back – it’s circular – you say we’re all doomed – I say it’s part of the natural cycle and we’ll all adapt to the miniscule changes as they arrive.

My point is, again, wtf has this expenditure to do with the administration of the ACT?

It’s just another example of the mayor using us to push a personal agenda.

astrojax 6:36 pm 23 Nov 07

last first – the recipients of outcomes (actually in my third sentence, but who’s counting?) mean they fund the research, theythus have access to the outcomes of the research, thereby guaranteeing the best response to the issues.

and if you still think this is all just a hippie tree-hugging piece of crap then i would urge you to actually sit down and read the IPCC reports. it isn’t a matter of climate ‘changing’, it is a matter of climate being altered due to anthropogenic causes (ie human intervention into the otherwise natural balance) meaning deleterious effects on the environment in which we all have to try to live – making it less likely we will be able to continue to do so.

i guess you don’t mind seeing a goodly proportion of the planet become uninhabitable, with dimishing access to water and food, in the next fifty years or so? i wonder what you imagine you life expectancy to be; and your children’s, if you have them…

what issues are of greater importance? (not, i agree, that there aren’t many many issues that we want a government tasked to address on our behalf)

barking toad 5:08 pm 23 Nov 07

No astro I don’t. It’s just a great big tree-hugging hippie piece of crap.Climate will change no matter how many grants are put into the trough.

In fact, the more grants, the more hot air (CO2). But that will be good for the plants I suppose.

And your 1st sentence reads like kruddspeak. ‘recipients of the outcomes’ wtf is that?

astrojax 3:06 pm 23 Nov 07

this has got everything to do with town council / legislative assembly. starters, they’re co-funding. next, they are recipients of the outcomes and advice on how to effect the best policy options to maximise the results.

action on this issue seems clearly to be the bailliwick of everyone, from federal govt through littler govts to business and citizens.

and m/ toad, what is this ‘bleeding obvious’ of which you speak? that the climate is changing? i don’t think that is what this centre will investigate – rather it is more likely to be looking at the mechanisms underlyting this phenomenon and the strategies to mitigate and reverse such phenomena.

do you place any importance on this issue?

barking toad 1:26 pm 23 Nov 07

You’re right GregW, I don’t even pretend to.

But if they’re going to report the same dribble the IPCC produces there’s got to be better ways to spend public money. How many more grants are to handed out to tell us the bleeding obvious – that the climate changes?

Regardless of this, I come back to the same point – wtf has this got to do with the town council?

astrojax 12:16 pm 23 Nov 07

this is building on the good work on environment the ACT already does – which will be evn better if the legislative assembly passes mr gentelman’s bill (i love his name!) on the cost of power restored to the grid.

we actually do pretty well in innovation on these matters and states would do well to look more closely at just how we do this.

Thumper 11:34 am 23 Nov 07

Which in a nutshell is why Canberra gets nothing.

Safe seat, lazy ALP pollies, no pork for us kiddies….

pierce 11:20 am 23 Nov 07

Wasn’t a big part of the problem that the Govt overruled the conclusion of the panel that assessed the funding applications and put the centre in a Qld marginal seat?

GregW 11:04 am 23 Nov 07

‘And really, how many more study centres do we need to look at the world wide weather?’

You really don’t even know what they do, do you?

la mente torbida 9:19 am 23 Nov 07

Barking Toad – you are right – these things should be handled federally. But, until the ACT federal electorates become marginal, don’t expect too much.

Thumper 8:52 am 23 Nov 07

Climate change? Global warming?

I’m building me an ark…

barking toad 8:51 am 23 Nov 07

I don’t have a problem with that Joe, but shouldn’t these things be handled federally? And really, how many more study centres do we need to look at the world wide weather?

This is just another example of the mayor tilting at the federal coalition to push his personal agenda.

Joe Canberran 8:35 am 23 Nov 07

Unlike memorials, refugees, et al, I do actually see benefit in this. Making the ACT a world leader in research, in any field, is a GOOD thing.

barking toad 8:25 am 23 Nov 07

And these lofty ideas of the mayor have exactly what to do with the effective administration of the ACT?

Putting aside all the arguments about gorebull warming and climate change, isn’t this an issue for the federal government?

Just another example of the mayor committing ACT funds to satisfy his ego. Goes into the same basket as his wasting ACT funds on the bill of rights, siev-x memorial, refugees etc, etc.

Meanwhile the potholes are getting bigger.

BeyondThought 12:53 am 23 Nov 07

Let’s be clear, GnT has got it wrong …

The federal government has not “denied funding” for this project but simply provided to a Queensland university that already has a school of sustainable development and through a competative bid process, got the grant instead.

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