ACT Court goes easy on dangeous Internet Sex Predator

Jamie Wheeler 3 August 2008 15

The Canberra Times of Saturday 2 August reported the sentencing of 44 year old Johnny Oshana of Queanbeyan. Mr Oshana was arrested in June 2007 on multiple charges of using the internet to stalk, harass and groom teenage Canberra girls for sex. Police searches of his computers found he had used online chat networks to find and stalk his victims. He received several photos of young girls, some in their underwear and also phoned constantly and texted them sexually explicit messages. Oshana would locate his victims online, chat them up on MSN Messenger then follow and approach his young victims in shopping malls and movie theatres.

The case has been reported numerous times in the media since June 2007. Despite overwhelming evidence, Oshana maintained a not guilty plea and applied unsuccessfully numerous times for bail. It seems he only pleaded guilty after many knockbacks and realising it was his only option. Despite noting that Mr Oshana showed no remorse or insight into the seriousness of his actions, Justice Refshauge sentenced Mr Oshana to a mere four and a half years but ordered with time already served he be released back into the community in December 2008. WTF????? Oshana will serve a further 12 months of periodic detention and be on a further 5 year good behaviour bond.

Well done Justice Refshauge for this slap on the wrist for a dangerous sexual predator showing no understanding or remorse for his actions. Oshana sounds like just a typical filthy paedophile who believes he’s doing nothing wrong. So Canberra fathers of young teenage girls, watch your children carefully because come December Oshana is back on the prowl, courtesy of the ACT justice system.

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15 Responses to ACT Court goes easy on dangeous Internet Sex Predator
jakez jakez 12:56 pm 04 Aug 08

I just want to make one extremely pedantic correction to the original post. Considering that the original poster indicates that the victims were teenagers, that would make Oshana an ‘ephebophile’ not a pedophile.

…I told you it was pedantic.

A disturbing story based on Jamie Wheeler’s account. I tend not to make judgments myself about sentences, without first reading the case and judgment. I have not done this nor have I read anything in the newspaper so I profess ignorance.

How old were the victims? Does anyone have a link to the Canberra Times article or the judgment?

Beserk Keyboard Warrior Beserk Keyboard Warrior 10:10 am 04 Aug 08

Surely the word “dangerous” is redundant in this headline. I don’t see many harmless sex predators getting about.

DJ DJ 9:41 pm 03 Aug 08

Jammer1 said :

Because of the nature of his crimes and despite the fact he resides in NSW, although he was convicted in an ACT court, he still becomes a registrable offender under NSW law and will be monitored by their Child Sex Offender Registration Team for the next 15 years, possibly life.

But if the next 7-8 years was in cell number… (insert cell number at Canberra Resort and Leisure Complex) then they wouldn’t have to look very hard or very often.

Jammer1 Jammer1 9:01 pm 03 Aug 08

Because of the nature of his crimes and despite the fact he resides in NSW, although he was convicted in an ACT court, he still becomes a registrable offender under NSW law and will be monitored by their Child Sex Offender Registration Team for the next 15 years, possibly life.

DJ DJ 8:06 pm 03 Aug 08

Very poor form shown again by the Courts. The community, in my view, wants heavier sentences and real consequences and deterrents for all offenders. This bloke doesn’t understand he did something wrong – time the Courts realised this and ‘educated’ him…. isn’t that their responsibility to us and our families?

Headbonius Headbonius 7:51 pm 03 Aug 08

JB we are all refreshed and challeneged by your unique points of view.

The sad thing is that most of our esteemed Supreme Court Justices view the imposition of a period of imprisonment as curel and unusual punishment.

This sentence is a joke.

Granny Granny 6:55 pm 03 Aug 08

I’m afraid it seems less reasonable when it could be your kid.

He’s done it repeatedly. He’s not sorry. And he’s getting out in 4 months.

Wonder what he will do?

johnboy johnboy 6:44 pm 03 Aug 08

Have to say I thought the sentence seemed pretty reasonable.

Jamie Wheeler Jamie Wheeler 6:44 pm 03 Aug 08

Caf, Oshana was arrested in June 2007 and will be released in December 2008. This would make a total of only 1.5 years actual jail time served. The remaining 3 year sentence is suspended. He then has twelve months periodic detention and a further five year good behaviour bond.

Keep in mind this sentence is for two grooming offences and harrassment of another making three underaged victims. The offender was reported to have no understanding he’d even done anything wrong. What are the chances he will not re-offend?

In the ACT under the Crimes Act 1990, Internet grooming offences carry a maximum of ten years in jail or five years for a first offence. See:

So 1.5 years jail is pretty light given multiple offences and no remorse shown.

One of the earlier articles in the Canberra Times mentioned NSW Police are interested in Oshana for similar alleged offences commited in NSW against multiple victims. With any luck the NSW courts won’t be so lenient.

I have been following this case and as far as I know, no official photo was released of Oshana. If anybody has one please post.

circusmind circusmind 6:42 pm 03 Aug 08

Uhhh that sounds like a pretty fair sentence to me. Should we lock him up for futurecrime?

sepi sepi 3:18 pm 03 Aug 08

How does it work though – 4.5 years, reduced by time served – 14 months = gets out in December?

Doesn’t look like 4.5 years – more like 4.5 months…

Also bizarre that 12 year olds would send this wierdo pics of themselves in their knickers.

Amalek Amalek 2:27 pm 03 Aug 08

Is there a photo of Oshana on the net somewhere?

caf caf 2:25 pm 03 Aug 08

Four an a half years is actually a pretty stiff sentence. It’s a long while to be in the clink.

Granny Granny 11:51 am 03 Aug 08

I wish Passy would organise a public protest for decent sentencing, but preferably without the lecture.

: )

I would go along.

Swaggie Swaggie 11:42 am 03 Aug 08

We get the justice system we’re given by the Pollies. If you read the other post with everyone’s wish list to the candidates in the next election nowhere do you see people asking for tougher more realistic sentencing other than a mention by myself. If it’s not perceived as a problem it won’t be fixed and the candidates will focus on education, housing, public transport, environment, sustainability etc etc. Make it an issue and it might get addressed.

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