ACT Light Rail Meeting – Thursday 5 February

ACT Light Rail 4 February 2009 45

The first public meeting of ACT Light Rail will be held this Thursday at 6.30 PM at the Belconnen Community Centre, Swanson Court, Belconnen.

Since the last meeting in December, the Light Rail proposal provided by the ACT Government to the federal governments ‘Infrastructure Australia’ program, has been shortlisted. Our current lobbying activity is focussed on advising federal representatives of the capital region, of the strong support Light Rail has from the community.

Members of the public are invited to attend our meeting on Thursday.

Damien Haas

Chair, ACT Light Rail

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45 Responses to ACT Light Rail Meeting – Thursday 5 February
Pandy Pandy 12:19 am 06 Feb 09

welcome back!

ACT Light Rail ACT Light Rail 11:23 pm 05 Feb 09

Anybody trying to insinuate that ACT Light Rail is solely focused on Gungahlin really ought to check their facts. Here is the link to the submission we made with regard to then proposed development of Molonglo (DV281):

youami youami 10:16 pm 05 Feb 09

Oh now I get you… but duplicate the Parkway? That is just stupid if that is the plan. The road now is in no way anywhere near capacity and the road is excellent quality, the envy of other cities! Holy crap that is just plain stupid! The light rail through there is a good option.

Pandy Pandy 9:23 pm 05 Feb 09

There are plans to duplicate the Parkway from the Cotter Road and I guess Parkes Way to get the residents of Molonglo to Civic. Frankly use Lady Denam Drive to build the light rail alignment then up Clunies Ross and through the uni to Civic.

youami youami 9:09 pm 05 Feb 09

catch-22 Pandy, yes the majority of inland Australia was built around rail was laid. That was before the car. Built it and they will come… I agree that is the logical way to go, but if you are only going to service cows and horses for the first 5 years it ain’t going to do much good in terms of efficiency, revenue, and an alternative to people either driving or getting as bus down the Adelaide Av bus lane. Shame really.

Oh and what do you mean by ‘Woden Does Molonglo need duplication of the Parkway’? Me confuzzled.

Pandy Pandy 9:04 pm 05 Feb 09

So get Molonglo right!

Gungahlin Al Gungahlin Al 8:40 pm 05 Feb 09

I know people in Gungahlin who can’t even get ADSL2.
There are significant parts of Gungahlin can’t get anything better than dial-up! 25% actually.

Pandy Pandy 8:21 pm 05 Feb 09

Youami, 1st step is lay the bloody track in Molonglo and reap the rewards as builders scramble to build along side it. And oh yes it needs medium to high density housing right next to the track aka Europe or Chicago. Where is the TC growth occuring right now? Woden Does Molonglo need duplication of the Parkway? Yes but. So build the 1st stage from Woden through Molonglo and then to Civic.

youami youami 8:03 pm 05 Feb 09

It can’t be their way unless they have $3b handy and some DAs in draft. I would suggest they can provide community input and be a stakeholder when push comes to shove, but so can anyone else in the community. Without stating the obvious, ultimately it will be NCA and ACTPLA who will decide. Pandy et al, have you thought about the system and how it could be put in place? It would be good to put the debate out there. Just saying.

re: Molongolo… wasn’t Gungahlin supposed to be the digital and technology suburb and light-rail suburb of the nation? I know people in Gungahlin who can’t even get ADSL2.

Oh and I live inner south if anyone was curious, and no I am not close to the main north-south transport corridor 🙁

Pandy Pandy 6:52 pm 05 Feb 09

PM, so am I and I would have no problem with the light rail going to Belconnen TC as the 1st stage. But ever since Molonglo was placed on the drawing board, I thought what a great oppurtunity to get PT right.

And to your 1st question, so it’s their way or no-way? Where is the debate in that?

PM PM 6:23 pm 05 Feb 09

PS I’m a Belco Boy, not a Gungahlinite.

PM PM 6:22 pm 05 Feb 09

Pandy, are you bagging out ACT Light Rail just because your preferred version of light rail isn’t preferred by everyone else? Either hop on board constructively or don’t bother.

youami youami 5:59 pm 05 Feb 09

I am a supporter of the idea of light rail in Canberra but also a realist. I think a frequent major-route system would benefit Canberra enormously but it has to incorporate and recognise valid mass people movements between residential, educational, and commercial centres, and I have not seen too much thought in any of the proposals I have seen to date, including the ‘sample’ on the website, other than emotional attachment to where one lives in Canberra. As Pandy infers #32 you need to be objective and realistic in appraisal of options and routes.

I am not sure running a light rail to Bungendore (pop. ~2,000) is feasible nor intelligent and objective thinking (regardless of HQJOC), especially when you forget centres such as Queanbeyan (other than the railway station at the top of the city) and Jerrabomberra, Googong, Lanyon Marketplace, Kippax Centre, plus you have not appeared to consider a direct route from Woden or Fyshwick across Kings Av to service Barton (ie. AFP when they move to EBB, PMC, etc), or a direct route from Molongolo to the city along Cotter Rd, etc. Also, the staged approach in the ‘sample’ proposal is essentially unworkable as commuters will simply not drive out of their way to change modes of transport on a ‘work-in-progress’ system that doesn’t take them all the way to their destination. Stage 1 must include the ‘Y’ or at the very least the left branch, ie. Belconnen to City to Woden to Tuggeranong.

Anyway, I can’t attend the meeting as it is in Belconnen and I live south like more than half of Canberrans but I am happy to contribute my thoughts to the cause outside of this forum 🙂

p.s. I think selling the cause using the Griffin Legacy is the way to go! The NCA and ACTPLA get off on hearing that!

Pandy Pandy 4:42 pm 05 Feb 09

To ACT Light Rail the person: No

You are being far too sensitive to think I was
attacking you, rather than your organisation that you are a member of. I think you should separate ACT Light Rail the person from ACT Light Rail the organisation.

ACT Light Rail, is still linked to the Yahoo group, or was when it resurrected itself in 2007. The piece I pulled out was from 5 years ago. Many of the players then are still players of the present incarnation. You are one of the moderators of the group?

Secondly, the second figure is a not fact twist; it is there on the website.

Oh I have other examples too now, more recent. 🙂

If you personally do not wish to respond to my pointing holes in your organisations arguments, that is up to you. Frankly I don’t care.

my sensible arguement has always been that Molonglo should be a model show case for light rail. But your organisation is too stacked with Gungahlinites to ever advance that seriously. If you personally change your tune, well………

Have a nice meeting.

ACT Light Rail ACT Light Rail 2:53 pm 05 Feb 09

Pandy – I dont post here to be called a liar. I do not post lies, i do not make facts bend to suit my case. I think you know that pulling some obscure part of an email from a previous incarnation when it was the ACT Light Rail Coalition, going back what 8 or 10 years now, is a bit, well, twee. The second figure you quote is once again another fact twist.

If you wish to engage in healthy public debate, you should refrain from personal attacks. Several people you have baited in the past have suggested that i should just ignore you and your comments. I would prefer to answer your criticisms of public transport. However, unless you apologise, i will have to ignore your comments from now on. This will not be onerous on my part.

To others interested in light rail and public transport, i invite you to our public meeting tonight. If you are a member of a school or community group and would like someone to talk to your organisation on light rail and public transport, please contact me through our website.

Damien Haas

Chair, ACT Light Rail

Pandy Pandy 12:36 pm 05 Feb 09

Again Al, OLD Canberra was built for electric street cars and heavy steam rail and some motor cars. The Y plan was built around the motor car for an expanded city.

Pandy Pandy 12:33 pm 05 Feb 09

ACT Light Rail have never offered a cost figure for light rail

A lie.

From the ACT Light Rail Coalition yahoo group:-
b) Provide our own costing estimate of $70M for a Civic to Gungahlin light
rail link;
Mark Loney
ACT Light Rail Coalition

And from the ACT light rail web pages:-
FAQ: Isn’t light rail too expensive for Canberra?
While early studies claimed exorbitant costs, recent figures indicate that costs of between 3 and 6 million dollars per kilometer would be comparable to or cheaper than alternatives such as additional or enlarged roads or dedicated bus-ways.

Gungahlin Al Gungahlin Al 12:27 pm 05 Feb 09

The question is, can any politician be brave enough to commit to building it. In electoral cycle politics, few are.

I fervently hope that the example set by Barack Obama could inspire some local politicians on the value and electoral acceptance of someone prepared to display vision and leadership, to inspire hope, to treat opponents with respect, and the population not as simplistic morons. I have not yet been inspired by our MLAs who call themselves the Government, but I remain somewhat hopeful.

City-wide mass transit is a big picture solution, and requires a leader with vision. Not blinkered individuals mindlessly reciting the “Canberra was built for the car” mantra (especially when it wasn’t…) or parroting unsubstantiated back-of-an-envelope-and-grossly-inflated-for-political-purposes costings.

ACT Light Rail ACT Light Rail 11:51 am 05 Feb 09

Gungahlin Al is correct – ACT Light Rail have never offered a cost figure for light rail, and we question every figure which comes forth whether it be from the Chief Minister or Pandy, on how the figure was arrived at.

I know the figures from the PTFFS were not based on Australian figures, and used US Heavy rail costings. No one apart from TAMS Transport Policy public servants, PWC and (perhaps by now) the Chief Minister have seen the figures which were provided to Infrastructure Australia. Any claim to know the true cost is a mischievious furphy.

Any infrastructure project will cost some hundreds of millions of dollars. Light Rail will offer significant benefits to Canberra that may not be realised immediately, but will in time when the opportunity to guide development in a meaningful way, and alleviate the requirement for more roads, more parking and more cars becomes apparent.

The aim with mass transit public transport is to get the 80-90 percent of Canberrans who use cars as their ONLY form of transport to use public transport. This is achieved by offering an attractive, comfortable and reliable alternative which can take you from where you live to where you work or are educated. Buses are not a mass transit solution, but will be integral to the success of light rail by serving as feeders to light rail hubs/stations.

The argument for light rail is essentially a political one. The cost of light rail is an infrastructure cost which can be borne by a government. The question is, can any politician be brave enough to commit to building it. In electoral cycle politics, few are.

Damien Haas

Chair, ACT Light Rail

caf caf 11:42 am 05 Feb 09

Take a look at the Northbourne median strip, then go take a look at the Limestone one. The latter has a lot more room (and has significantly less aesthetic value).

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