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ACT Policing’s new underage drinking campaign is comedy gold

By Barcham 8 March 2013 55

Have you watched the video yet? Do it. I’ll wait. I don’t want to ruin it for you.

My original title for this article was going to be ‘Magical fortune telling iPhone app helps Sarah from Belconnen not sleep with a hipster’ but that would be giving it all away.

Everything about this clip is amazing. From the attempts at humor that backfire completely to the desperate attempt to be relevant to kids by using iPhones, Facebook and making the guy you don’t want to sleep with a hipster. Kids hate hipsters right?

Sarah comes from Belconnen, she’s just like me! I use the internet and don’t like hooking up with with… whoever that guy is! I’ve gone though the embarrassment of having photos of me clawing the eyeballs out of my best friends skull appear on Facebook. These guys really get me, so I’ll never drink again! The only reason I ever drank was due to frustration that the police didn’t understand what I thought was cool.

Thank you ACT Policing. Losing Face due to hooking up with a guy who isn’t a supermodel could have ruined my reputation FOR LIFE.

I love how each time one of these campaigns targets boys the terrible risk they show is getting beaten up or ending up in an accident, for girls the big danger is getting laid. Oh no, you had sex? Girls must hate sex as much as guys hate having their skulls fractured. Public Service Announcements told me so! Also what is wrong with Sarah’s hookup? He wears glasses? So what? Ok so his facial hair is a bit stupid but so what he’s a teenager! The fact he can grow a moustache that impressive at his age means I’ve got to give him at least a little respect. Hell, I wore eyeliner and black lipstick when I was his age so I really can’t throw stones at anyone. I think he looks like a nice young man, who the hell are you to judge him Sarah from Belconnen? You think you’re better than him? I bet he has never scratched his friends eyeballs out!

I’m going to watch it again.
Thank you ACT Policing!

UPDATE by Johnboy: We now have the police media release:

ACT Policing has today (Friday, March 8 ) launched a new social media campaign to deter young people from underage drinking as part of its Skyfire partnership efforts.

The ‘Don’t take your chances’ campaign demonstrates the potential social and legal consequences that can affect teenagers if they choose to drink alcohol before the legal age of 18.

Sergeant Harry Hains from ACT Policing’s Crime Prevention said targeting underage drinking continued to be a key priority for ACT Policing with the new campaign urging teenagers not to take their chances with their peers, their relationships and the law.

“We found that young people measure their social worth based on a perception they form from peers, and respond to communication that is personally relevant to their lives,” Sergeant Hains said.

“This campaign aims to challenge the perception that teenagers need to drink alcohol to be accepted, instead highlighting potential social, and legal, consequences they can relate to.”


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55 Responses to
ACT Policing’s new underage drinking campaign is comedy gold
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first_time_caller 7:54 pm 18 Mar 13

The lesson for that young boy is that girls will vomit a little bit in their mouths when they think of him.

Pandy 10:45 pm 15 Mar 13

I would love the ad exec who made this ad with Sarah to (cough) 16 year old.
nail to a cross that is

gooterz 7:31 pm 15 Mar 13

For a boy who is the same age to Sarah this is a huge ad to start drinking, take your chances and you might get laid. All the girls are doing it anyway.

This whole clip shows the average girl drink, then another girl not drink though an unrealistic commercial.

People are more likely to drink watching this.

It also gives people ideas how to drink, how uncommon are hip flasks these days…

Tooks 8:54 am 11 Mar 13

obamabinladen said :

I wonder how much this pile of crap cost tax payers??? Tooks finally made a good point about alcohol education should start at home congrats mate first thing we’ve ever agreed on lol. The problem is too many kids don’t have good homes and these days kids are having kids.

I too am amazed 🙂

I’m glad you don’t take my banter and piss-taking too seriously.

Potus29 10:13 am 10 Mar 13

There are so many negative stereotypes reinforced in this ad I don’t know where to begin. My favorite though is having the fight between the girls referred to as a catfight. Good lord…this ad follows up the ever so successful galah ad the AFP released. Pure gold. Who is their ad agency?

Doc Dogg 9:46 am 10 Mar 13

poetix said :

I’m just not sure what you mean by telling that story.

It is just a gross story about drinking. More shock value than anything else, no need to go mining for deeper meaning 😛

Just to put your mind at rest, the “and worse” bit was about the plan to smear fresh poo on her face. The drunk guys planning the defiling were kicked out as soon as word got around about what they planned, but that kinda removes the shock value so I left that bit out 🙂

How about this story instead:

One of my close friends was having a few drinks after playing footy, he felt a bit drunk so he had a coke and sat around for another hour before he drove home. By that stage he didn’t feel drunk, but still questioned whether he should drive. His girlfriend had told a few of her friends earlier that he would give them a lift, so not wanting to let them down, he drove them all home. Unfortunately, none of them made it home because he missed a corner on the highway and hit a tree.

So analysing that story, we have my friend who realised he was too drunk to drive, but did it anyway so he didn’t let people down. Other people who agreed to get in a car driven by someone who admitted they were hesitant to drive because they had been drinking. Other people who let both the driver and the passengers get in the car, instead of offering to drive them all home themselves.

Whilst the story is more about the consequences of making bad decisions, it still proves that the message of don’t drink and drive and don’t get in cars with drunk people gets overlooked in the heat of the moment.

Disposable 9:11 am 10 Mar 13

Done much better in NZ:

Puzzle Time!

Masquara 6:27 am 10 Mar 13

harley said :

I Remember the target audience people. These are girls that will “literally die of shame” if they hook up with a guy with glasses and a weird eyebrow.

Spot on. I’m not surprised that ACT Policing are expecting a fairly sophisticated audience for this clip. Sixteen year olds are right up on comedy (schoolkids pretty much all do some film and performance studies in Belconnen, doncha know). Many of them will even have picked up on the cute Barry Humphries/Les Patterson homage. Using farce & melodrama to cut through resistance to the message is a well considered strategy. The production values are very very good – there’s nothing poor about this, it’s quite polished in its hamming up. And using a hipster type rather than a stereotype “stranger danger” character will have been deliberate and well researched – creative, intellectual, hipster types are no less prone to taking advantage of a drunk girl than your bogan stereotype.

ACT Policing have really lifted their game. Indeed, Thumper, it is actually “spectacularly terrible” as you say and a very good skit! I haven’t seen any other elements of the campaign but it looks promising.

obamabinladen 7:46 pm 09 Mar 13

I wonder how much this pile of crap cost tax payers??? Tooks finally made a good point about alcohol education should start at home congrats mate first thing we’ve ever agreed on lol. The problem is too many kids don’t have good homes and these days kids are having kids.

rossau 2:27 pm 09 Mar 13

I’d like to see the return of ‘The Little Red Schoolbook’ informing readers what it IS legal. Knowledge empowers and is the best driver for change. A majority of parents, let alone their children, actually know the law so its constraints remain vague.
I think it improper that we allow our enforcers of the law to further mystify it by telling half-truths.
Eg. “Keep your kids safe – Ensure your children do not have access to alcohol in your home”.
I am happy for this wisdom in almost any place but the place where I found this: an ACT Policing website, ‘Information for Parents’.
Let’s support informed debate before the police start changing the law on our behalf.

Henry82 1:57 pm 09 Mar 13

DrKoresh said :

Are the 9 boxes all horrible nightmarish outcomes?

I’m not sure the ad would be as effective if a large number of the boxes were “had a really good night” 😉

Anyway, creepy guy doesn’t look that creepy. I’m sure if he had a shave and took off those fake glasses he would be quite attractive to Sarah from Belconnen.

HiddenDragon 10:57 am 09 Mar 13

Judging by the facial hair, the baby-faced hipster is probably more interested in hooking up with the other Musketeers (or maybe Mouseketeers). Is the resemblance to a (somewhat) younger Hamish Blake part of a subtle subtext?

I suppose this effort is all of a piece with Volvo pursuit cars (or was that just a rumour?). A more effective option would be footage of tragic middle-aged/seniors living sad lives of welfare/booze/pokies, interspersed with pics of them when they were bright, hot kids – “this could happen to you”. Don’t suppose Clubs ACT would permit the filming, though.

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