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ACT Pollies receive 4.1% pay rise

By Felix the Cat - 11 June 2008 37

ABC news is reporting that the ACT Remuneration Tribunal has given the OK for ACT Pollies to receive a 4.1% pay rise. a backbencher to $113,000.

Backbencher will now get $113,000.

The pay rise is 2 per cent less than last year’s increase.

Chief Minister Jon Stanhope’s salary will increase to $236,000.

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37 Responses to
ACT Pollies receive 4.1% pay rise
justbands 11:14 am 12 Jun 08

> Well why dont they then?…

Some do. Perhaps the ones that stay actually feel like they are contributing to the community.

& yes, really…it’s not a lot of money considering the level of responsibility, the hours, the stress, the fickle nature of the job (coiuld get voted out), the public profile, etc.

Jazz 11:11 am 12 Jun 08

Kris209. They may not do 2.5x the amount of work that you do, but it is conceiveable that you dont have the same level of accountability if you fuck up either?

IMO remuneration is very often correlated to the direct financial impact of screwing something up. Either that, or you can do something that everyone wants to be able to do, but very few can (eg professional sports)

Kris209 11:08 am 12 Jun 08

Well why dont they then?…
Not a lot of money!? I wonder if the boys in the SASR earn a 3rd of that for doing the job theyre doing…

justbands 10:58 am 12 Jun 08

boo hoo whinge whine complain. You want capable leaders? You have to pay them. So Stanhope gets less than $250K…regardless of the comments here, that’s not a lot of money for the job he’s doing. Most pollies (yes, even our local ones!) could earn far, far more cash persuing careers outside of politics.

Headbonius 10:54 am 12 Jun 08

The way that pollies both State and federal treat their payrises is hideous – agreed. What is also disgusting is their retirement benefits and when they can access their superannuation. This compared to the rest of society who have to wait until they are 60 or 65. This is not a new phenomenon and every year people scream when pollies get a payrise off their “independant” body. They always scream “Wage Restraint!!!!!!!” Never practice what they preach.
I can’t think of an alternative to this nepotisitic system. Anyone have any ideas that are sensible? Ant I would be interest to hear from one of our senior citizens.

Kris209 10:35 am 12 Jun 08

i think its f***ing disgusting. How much is enough? 100k, 200k bullsh** and still rising.
EL’s the same. No damn way the managers here do 2.5 x the work i do, but they are paid that difference. Meanwhile those of us on under 50k get sent these ‘look at these poor starving people’ emails, and see ads on tv about locals unable to afford a jumper for the winter. Most of us work 35/40 hours a week. Some working couples struggle endlessly to afford, or, simply cant afford to buy a house, while other have 2 or 3. One of the biggest discriminations of our times i reckon.

Heavs 10:08 am 12 Jun 08

It’s not like they authorised it themselves. And Thumper is right. SES will be earning more than Gentleman and Porter.

peterh 9:26 am 12 Jun 08

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_they_all_copy said :

The problem, of course, is how to measure their performance. Personally, I’d rather pay them more, and have them more accountable for their actions.

I am with you. Let’s treat the ACT government as a corporation. That way, when a pollie is caught out doing something dodgy, we can utilise the 3 warnings system:

1st written warning, no pay rise.
2nd written warning, no pay rise and counselling through ACT Health system
3rd and final warning, no pay rise, counselling through ACT health system and Public transport to work.

after that, it is election time!

and as a member of the corporation, if what they do warrants it, the police can be called….

Thumper 8:13 am 12 Jun 08

I have no problem with it.

The pollies, love them or hate them, are making less than some of the public servants who advise them.

$113K is less than some EL2s I suspect.

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_ 7:49 am 12 Jun 08

The problem, of course, is how to measure their performance. Personally, I’d rather pay them more, and have them more accountable for their actions.

DarkLadyWolfMother 7:45 am 12 Jun 08

I thought any payrise was supposed to be linked to performance…

Felix the Cat 7:23 am 12 Jun 08

I reckon if a pay increase for the pollies is deemed neccessary thern maybe a flat rate instead of a percentage. 4% of $100K+ is a lot of money (some would say too much…), whereas 4% of <$40K is fark all really. Give them say $50 a week (which is still a lot more than <$40K people will get).

lux 12:08 am 12 Jun 08

I’m also getting a four percent payrise in July! I can’t wait!! Looks like i might crack $38k this year! (i’m in child care)

tom-tom 11:51 pm 11 Jun 08

i can recall reading somewhere that in an asian country, cant remeber which one…singapore rings a bell, that they found the best way improve govt performance, and more importantly to in this case to reduce corruption was to drastically increase the politicians pay, the theory being that higher pay = higher rewards for staying elected making the alternative less plaltable and hence the politicians would perform better in order to improve their chances of being re-elected.

in this case inflations around 4% so this raise would seem about fair.

BigDave 10:56 pm 11 Jun 08

Yeah, that sounds about right. Let’s pay these hopeless pricks even more money to mismanage this place just so they can shove up our rates, regos, water etc. etc. How about we get some positive results from them before they receive these sorts of pay increases? When it comes to the garbage guys or the bus drivers, the politicians are screaming out that they can’t afford it and it needs to be performance related and so on and so on. Bullshit, blah, blah, blah. Funny how it doesn’t work the other way round isn’t it????

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