ACT to miss the start of digital TV – again

moneypenny2612 31 October 2009 10

A couple of days ago the Crimes reported that Prime will not be rolling out the new Seven Network digital TV channel 7TWO any time soon. 7TWO will run on channel 62.

According to the newspaper report, Canberra viewers will have to wait until January 2010 for the new 7TWO. Meanwhile 7TWO will begin Sunday 1 November in the large metropolitan markets, and Tasmania will get to tune in from 1 December.

A similar debacle occurred when Southern Cross Ten launched the sports channel ONE HD in March, but ACT viewers were left in the dark until July.

7TWO will air premiere episodes of international shows including Lost, Ugly Betty, Heroes and 24, daily episodes of the Jay Leno Show, and also broadcast The Sopranos and Six Feet Under (first aired on Nine in the dark of night many years ago).

Given the early success of GO! on WIN, Prime says it will be move as fast as it can. But not fast enough it seems.

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10 Responses to ACT to miss the start of digital TV – again
Grrrr Grrrr 3:34 pm 02 Nov 09

not any time soon = January 2010? That’s only 2 months from now, it’s incredibly soon in Canberra timing!

Thoroughly Smashed and harvyk1; if you have no idea about how to improve your TV reception (and digital is not really that much different to analogue) then pay someone who does to visit and fix it. Don’t blame everyone else for your poor reception.

Perhaps you have an unsuitable antenna (as most digital channels are UHF rather than VHF), or perhaps it’s now pointed the wrong way, or perhaps you have bad wiring. Test gear and a clue will pinpoint the problem and get you fixed.

harvyk1 harvyk1 12:32 pm 02 Nov 09

Thoroughly Smashed, that’s what I’m hanging out for as well… We get digital reception sometimes, don’t ask me what cause the reception to work \ not work, because the arial doesn’t move a millimeter.

Meh, to me, the new channels are simply a way for the TV stations to re-generate additional revenue from old shows which they don’t want clogging up their main station. They really should have the tag line – “Love off rating season viewing? Well now you can get that awful TV experience right throughout the year.”

Thoroughly Smashed Thoroughly Smashed 9:40 am 02 Nov 09

If One and GOMFG!!!!! are any indication this one’s going to be pretty worthless anyway, so what’s the problem?

What I really want is reliable digital reception. Every available channel has worked from time to time but they never all work at the same time. Get on to it idiots (government, broadcasters, anyone involved really).

Smudge Smudge 7:57 pm 01 Nov 09

Ironic when you consider that the whole channel is being run from Canberra (outsourced to Southern Cross).

vg vg 11:42 pm 31 Oct 09

Jeez, a whole 2 months

“Also, why is channel 7TWO broadcasting on channel 62, instead of the more obvious choice, 72?”

What number on your set top box selects Prime (the 7 subsidiary)? I’m guessing 6, like everyone else. Would you like me to draw a picture?

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 9:07 pm 31 Oct 09

Does calling us regional for setting up new digital stations for broadcasting mean we are also regional for buying advertising time?

Also, why is channel 7TWO broadcasting on channel 62, instead of the more obvious choice, 72?

busgirl busgirl 8:14 pm 31 Oct 09

Holy crap…a whole 2 months later…What the f*ck will you do till then?…get a life perhaps?

Stinger Stinger 8:13 pm 31 Oct 09

But not only TV, how about digital radio?? We can buy them in the stores, and they are only good as a paperweight, unless you go to Sydney or Melbourne…

hax hax 6:18 pm 31 Oct 09


bd84 bd84 2:32 pm 31 Oct 09

A rediculous disregard for “regional” viewers as usual. I do not understand why Southern Cross and Prime are unable to pull their heads out of their asses and get their act together and provide the same stations at the same time as their affiliates from day 1 of broadcast.

Out of the 3 commercial stations, WIN has the poorest relationship with their affiliate Nine, while Prime and SC appear to have excellent relationships with theirs. So why does it take SC and Prime an additional 6 months to broadcast when WIN can broadcast GO! from day 1, so surely it cannot be that difficult?

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