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ACT Vehicle Inspection Stations

By Kerri_Encore - 14 March 2012 62

Good morning.

I recently moved to the ACT and require my car to be inspected in order to receive ACT registration.

I am wondering if anybody knows of any registered inspection stations who turn a few blind eyes for very minor issues?

All comments are appreciated unless you tell me to get my car fixed.

Thank you and good evening.

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62 Responses to
ACT Vehicle Inspection Stations
c_c 12:09 pm 14 Mar 12

If the issues are really minor, then the car would still be passed or be addressed for little cost. If the issues are so bad that it would fail and you don’t want or can’t fork over the $$$ to fix, the obviously they post a risk and you shouldn’t be on the road.

colourful sydney rac 11:57 am 14 Mar 12


Get your damn car fixed.

JessP 11:56 am 14 Mar 12


1. Get your car fixed; or
2. Go back to wherever you are from.

Wodgie 11:27 am 14 Mar 12

Good Morning and Good evening?
Kerri just get your car fixed otherwise it will end up on the side of the road like dozens of others.
The great thing about Canberra is you dont have to pay to get it inspected each year, just fixed when it needs it.
Save yourself the hassle.

longshanks 11:10 am 14 Mar 12

If you don’t get minor issues fixed, they turn into major issues. These then cost more to fix, and can significantly compromise your car’s safety.

So if you don’t get them fixed now, the potential cost – both to you, and the rest of us who share the roads with you – will be greater.

Do yourself – and other road users – a favour, and get them fixed.

devils_advocate 10:36 am 14 Mar 12

First of all, I smell pork. This reeks of some half-arsed attempt by the cops to catch someone out.

Even if it’s not, if someone knew such a “friendly” (or even reasonable) inspection station, they’d be mental to post up on a public forum.

If your car is quite old, the inspection station will HAVE to find something, even if it’s just tires, because it looks suspicious if an old car goes through without anything picked up.

If you are a female, have a male friend who knows something about cars take it in for you. There was a study carried out by CHOICE magazine with a reasonable sample size saying women tended to get overcharged for mechanical work.

Finally, if it’s small/minor issues, then it won’t cost much to get it fixed, so get it fixed. If it’s a huge safety issue, it could be expensive, but be thankful it didn’t kill you or someone(s) else, and get it fixed.

Sammy 10:16 am 14 Mar 12

I must’ve got lucky, because when I had a 1978 “classic” vehicle inspected in Canberra after transferring it from Victoria, the inspector passed it with flying colours. There wasn’t a single mark on the form. During the restoration process it became apparent that the inspector had missed a bunch of pretty basic stuff like rear rego plate light not working, windscreen wipers functioning erratically, no rear mudguards etc etc. So, I think it’s the luck of the draw.

p1 10:09 am 14 Mar 12

In the ACT you don’t have to get yearly inspections like most other states. So just get them fixed, and then you will never have to worry again…

Generally I find that there are approved places who are specialists on one field, and not necessarily very cluey (or care about) things they can’t fix (and so can’t charge for). So if your car has a good exhaust, take it to an exhaust shop and they are more likely to ignore other minor things. Or, alternatively, they might be honest and have a social conscience.

RedDogInCan 9:44 am 14 Mar 12

Welcome to the ACT.

You might also be interested to know that we have vehicle inspectors who do roving patrols of car parks and defect vehicles with minor issues on the basis that they are frequently an indicator of more serious problems. We also have roadside inspections in conjunction with RBT stops.

Get your car fixed.

Thumper 9:39 am 14 Mar 12

Um, hate to say it man, but you can always like, err, fix the minor issues?

KB1971 9:37 am 14 Mar 12
Holden Caulfield 9:30 am 14 Mar 12

This will go well.

KB1971 9:29 am 14 Mar 12

Get your car fixed………

bikhet 9:26 am 14 Mar 12

So you want people to identify businesses that are breaking the law? Maybe be good in some cases, but probably not in this one.

harvyk1 9:17 am 14 Mar 12

All comments are appreciated unless you tell me to get my car fixed.

Gee, talk about a red rag to a bull… 🙂

What kind of minor things are you talking about turning a blind eye to?

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