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Airport workers survey

By SheepGroper - 9 December 2008 23

The Canbera airport has sent out an email announcing they’re looking for feedback from the workers at its business parks.  To register for this independant and unbiased venue for feedback you have to answer a few questions,  including how satisfied/dissatisfied you are with working at the Canberra airport precinct, and why you have that opinion.

I may be a cynical old bitch, but I suspect the people who don’t like working there will not exactly be well represented, given they’re asking for information that would skew the results strongly to Snow’s preference before they even select the people to survey.

What’s Your opinion?

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23 Responses to
Airport workers survey
Holden Caulfield 10:14 am 10 Dec 08

So what you’re saying is fat people are exempt from filing, but are free to continue filling?

ant 10:04 am 10 Dec 08

Some of our obese people would probably weigh more than the average filing cabinet! Maybe they mean b-class cabinets, they weigh a bit, especially the tall ones.

SheepGroper 9:58 am 10 Dec 08
nomnomnom 9:21 am 10 Dec 08

Most buildings are built with restrictions on where large file compactors and safes can be put. I would think that a rule about normal filing cabinets would simply be an overly zealous property manager trying to justify his fees/wage.

ant 8:56 am 10 Dec 08

Remember when they were building that new airport hanger at Fairbairn, and it collapsed at frame stage? Perhaps they put a filing cabinet in the wrong spot. Does make you wonder though.

jessieduck 6:20 am 10 Dec 08

I worked there 2 years ago and was amused to find there were parts of the building that were not strong enough to hold filing cabinets. I’ve never come across that in any other building so it made me a bit nervous and where they had cut costs….

SheepGroper 8:41 pm 09 Dec 08

I’ll post the link to the survey tomorrow. I suspect I got the invite through being on the Rewards program a few years ago. Every so often I get emails few of the other workers there get, I’m speeeecial.

Thanks to the powers that be for rescuing my post from the Limbo it found itself in when I pressed save instead of save-and-continue-editing a few days ago.

Swaggie 7:24 pm 09 Dec 08

There’s a tasty Subway in the Airport Servo Ant – what more do the BBP minions need? 🙂

Vic Bitterman 6:54 pm 09 Dec 08

I spend a fair amount of time there, and all things considering, it’s not such a bad place to work. Not that I’m based there full time tho.

54-11 5:43 pm 09 Dec 08

I’m a contractor who works at BBP from time to time. How do I get hold of a copy of this survey?

ant 4:24 pm 09 Dec 08

What are the issues, apart from paying to park in a paddock, and the horrendous traffic troubles? Lack of food options perhaps? Reckon Sullivans (the people the flyover looms over) could set up a pie cart at the fence and undercut the Airport options! I imagine Rodney’s cafe is doing very well out of it (and rightly too).

nomnomnom 4:16 pm 09 Dec 08

Where is the survey, I know lots of dissatisfied people at DEEWR who would love to answer this survey…

shanefos 3:47 pm 09 Dec 08

Not to mention the two new empty buildings on the eastern side of BBP (soon to be three)!

Gungahlin Al 3:45 pm 09 Dec 08

Maybe they need something that says “wonderful place to work” to wave in front of potential tenants for the two new empty buildings on Majura Rd?

ant 3:42 pm 09 Dec 08

Snow’s PR people never overestimate the intelligence of the people. They’ll do this “survey”, present it in a very professional way, and no doubt use it to manipulate the government into something and entice new leaseholders to their buildings.

Comments like “why are we paying ot park in a paddock” won’t get through.

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