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Amber Jane Westin – In profile

By johnboy - 18 November 2006 64

The Canberra Times has put together a comprehensive profile (With a picture! Welcome to to 1996!) of Amber Jane Westin the alleged culprit from last Tuesday’s tragedy in Woden.

It seems increasingly clear from the reportage that the incident does not fall under what most of us would consider to be a “pursuit”. Which is not to say that questioning the pursuit guidelines makes the questioner “anti-police”.

It also seems clear, in my opinion, that Amber Westin has a complete disregard for the law and, also in my opinion, the judges and magistrates who in the past refused to lock her up should consider their own part in this tragedy.

What’s Your opinion?

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64 Responses to
Amber Jane Westin – In profile
boomacat 8:54 pm 18 Nov 06

“why is all this stuff on the increase…”,
“The ACT is the crime capital…”,
“…crime spree in Canberra”…

Sorry to rain on your Daily Telegraph style proletarian parade of ignorance people, but a simple and cursory surf of the internet reveals that these assertions simply are not true.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, as reported in its “Measures of Australia’s Progress 2006”, the crime rate in the ACT has actually been in decline over the last few years (for example, between 1998 and 2005 the rate of personal crime victimisation dropped by around 2%). Further, the ACT is not the jurisdiction with the highest crime rate and has lower rates of crime than places such as the Northern Territory and Queensland.

I’m not trying to detract from the tragedy the occurred last week, but I don’t think reactionary Laura Norder crap is going to prevent incidents like that from happening in the future.

taylor 8:21 pm 18 Nov 06

Well, they cant admit that in politics. Nature of the beast.

This is one area, that despite the baggage, the Libs would be better.

All that being said, none of it will make scrap of difference if we cant change the way these kids are being raised.

pi55ed 8:11 pm 18 Nov 06

Talor, Stella, the problem is there is no truth in sentencing in the ACT!

Petty crime (break and enter, vehicle theft etc) is out of control. The Police are doing a great job given the boundries, constraints, brick walls they face.

The bottom line is the shitbag druggie lowlife arsewipes know how soft the court system in the ACT is, and they react accordingly.

The ACT is! the crime capital at the moment!

Police are powerless to stop the crime spree in Canberra due to a multitude of reasons including short staffing, softcock magistrates, excessive oversight from limp wristed lefty bodies, unnecessary scrutiny from Internal Investigations and the Ombudsmans office.

John NoHope and Ordinary Fagan have not got it right. Police numbers are abysmally low!

I would hazard a guess and say neither of them have been robbed lately.

No one in the ACT Government has the intestinal fortitude to admit crime is out of control in the ACT!

taylor 8:03 pm 18 Nov 06

that would be ‘generalisation’…

taylor 8:02 pm 18 Nov 06

So what is the answer? Early intervention? Stricter enforcement? I dont know myself. I mean, the mental health issues are real, but I beleive they are a by product of a loss of basic humanity at younger ages. It may be a long bow to draw, but I reckon in all the cases of recent carnage, a lot of it could be traced back to the parents. It is a gernalisation no doubt, but all I know is what I see.

And if you have a 30 smoething mother or father screaming expletives at a 5 year old in the shops, then that kid is already well on his way.

He or she is the kid that in another 10 to 15 years we are all talking about in this exact context.

Stella 7:28 pm 18 Nov 06

I agree with you taylor, in that there is a bigger issue. Society is on the decline in relation to standards of behaviour.
People act like idiots, but never accept responsibility. We now seem to have more words than ever to describe the “mental health issues” that are always blamed for atrocious behaviour – from ADHD to bipolar and a plethora of others in between.

cranky 7:26 pm 18 Nov 06

3 strikes and your in.

taylor 6:53 pm 18 Nov 06

Does anybody think that there is a bigger issue here? Between the death of Clea Rose, the death of DJ, and now this, is there an emerging pattern?

I am in absolute agreement with the issue of the girl in question being served the maximum penalty, but I guess what I am saying how are we missing these people before things go pear shaped. I know that a lot of the issue lies with the magistrates letting them off earlier, but that means they have already committed some sort of offence.

I have read (and laughed)at the accounts of ‘bogans’ around the city. But maybe it is not a laughing matter,where are we going wrong, and why is all of this kind of stuff on the increase?

futto 4:52 pm 18 Nov 06

I use that intersection every day. The thought that it could have been me has crossed my mind several times.

A crime such as this really demostrates WHY most people want judges and politicans to be tougher on people who drive unlicenced, ect. It is because they cannot be trusted to follow the rule of law.

This is not just a simple traffic offfence. It shows that there are people out there who get more chances than they deserve, and we as a society are failing to hold them accountable.

pi55ed 4:44 pm 18 Nov 06

Miss Westin will no doubt remember this tragic event for the rest of her life, however, whether she choses to do anything about it who knows. As sure as night follows day she will shake this off in the next couple of weeks as all other cocksure little shitheads like herself generally do when they finally fuck up bigtime.

This little trollop has a complete disregard for the law and the basic principles most decent persons live by.

I fervently hope she receive’s a custodial sentence but as sure as my asshole points towards the ground this will not happen.

The Police no doubt will put in a very good brief, only to have her trot out her sad tale of woe, how remorseful she is, how deeply effected she is by this tragic occurence and the bleeding heart lefty magistrate who has never lost a loved one in tragic circumstances, had their house robbed, had their car stolen, been run into by an uninsured/unregistered driver etc etc etc will say there there you poor thing, have a good behaviour bond or a suspended sentence to add to your metre plus long list of offences.

No magistrate in the ACT will ever get fair dinkum about proper sentencing until they become repeat victims of crimes perpetuated by Miss Westin and her ilk.

Absent Diane 3:50 pm 18 Nov 06

lock her away.. I hope this dickhead remembers what she has done for the rest of her life.

bighead 3:28 pm 18 Nov 06

LIC I think you just nailed it there, I hope she receives the maximum penalty. She clearly dosn’t abide by the laws, and through her own actions other must suffer. Including now the officers who have clearly done nothing wrong. But most of all the victims husband, who will now most likely end up in a home for the remainder of his life. And all because of some stupid bitch who thought she was too good.

LIC 3:08 pm 18 Nov 06

Given she was driving with no license in an unregistered car, and had failed to show up in court on previous charges, Amber Westin obviously thinks the law doesn’t apply to her. I would hope the magistrate remembers this when she goes to trial on the culpable driving charge, and gives her the maximum sentence. (But no doubt, she’ll trot out the hard life sob story and end up with a good behaviour bond.) Wonder why she only got $2k bail – should have made it $20k or something her family might have had real trouble coming up with, so she could spend a few months in Belconnen Remand Centre contemplating her fuckwitted behaviour. I wonder too who gave her access to the car, knowing it was unregistered and she had no license – they should be also charged in connection with her crimes. No doubt she has a history of substance abuse and sounds like she was affected at the time of the crash (it was not an accident, very few car smashes are, they are the foreseeable consequences of one or other drivers stupidity).

seepi 1:59 pm 18 Nov 06

It is terribly sad.
But nevertheless I would still like to see more police around, and on the roads.
Should our police perhaps carry cameras, so they can photograph lunatic drivers, in case they speed off?

TJF 1:43 pm 18 Nov 06

Everyone involved is a loser in this – except Jack Waterford who simply saw this as another chance to stick it up the cops by twisting the story to somehow get back to his favourite bleat “The cops won’t tell me anything!”
I wonder why?

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