An insiders’ take on the cuts at Health

johnboy 20 August 2013 2

This just in from a reader who wishes not to be named:

So, some details from the Sec’s address to the masses…

It was packed. The vast majority of DoHA staff located in Woden would have been present.

She emphasised that the various “options” listed in last weeks email were all “opportunities” for staff to make changes which suited them. She also emphasised that reductions would all be through natural attrition and VRs (and not renewing non-ongoings like me, but who cares about them eh?), in line with the policy of the Gov’t of the day. When questioned about what would happen if not enough people voluntarily did things to reduce wage costs, she suggested that she would have to go to the government and tell them she couldn’t meet their budget. The unspoken suggestion (people tried to draw her on it) was that the government (whatever government that might be….) might well then direct her to start non-voluntary redundancies.

The big, active, change in the department is the new Grants Services Division. Essentially, 900 jobs have been identified as being ‘grants related’. Basically, those 900 will have to stand up and play musical chairs – there is going to be about 400 less chairs then people at the end of the day….

While on the subject of DoHA in the media…

this morning’s Crimes has a front page story about bonus’ to health bosses. There are a few statments in there with somewhat dubious wording, but what struck me, after a quick look at the annual report is that they seem to have the staff numbers – dollar amounts miss matched? Perhaps I am missing something, but I think they are plain wrong?

“The 2011-12 annual report shows 622 workers, mostly senior staff on individual agreements, were paid a total of $4,024,903 in ”performance-based bonuses”, payments above their normal salary and extras.”


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2 Responses to An insiders’ take on the cuts at Health
EvanJames EvanJames 3:18 pm 20 Aug 13

Guess who gets PM&C if the Libs get in? You heard it here first, folks.

HiddenDragon HiddenDragon 1:22 pm 20 Aug 13

Without elaborating, Hockey referred to savings through “restructuring” on Q&A last night. I assume this would include going somewhat further down the path which has already started in Health, and in other portfolios where the Commonwealth does not have a clear and unquestioned role.

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