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Life is looking up

…and you think you’re having a bad Monday?

By Kramer - 25 February 2008 26

Ouch! A bad case on Mondayitis on the corner of Benjamin way and Chan street in Belconnen this morning.

Bad Monday

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26 Responses to
…and you think you’re having a bad Monday?
VYBerlinaV8_the_one_ 2:14 pm 25 Feb 08

I’d be surprised if the the direct impact of the accident flipped the Starlet. I’d think it more likely that the Starlet was tipped up a bit, and due to momentum and having the steering turned the ‘wrong’ way wasn’t sufficiently stable to stay right way up.

Lot’s of small cars from only a few years ago have poor crash ratings, but it’s worth noting that if the occupants were wearing seatbelts, they were probably less likely to be injured than in a hard crash stop.

FWIW, I used to drive a small, similarly sized car (little 1.3 litre beastie), and I had a couple of good sized accidents (no, not my fault!), the second of which wrote the car off. Both times I walked away unharmed.

ASP 1:55 pm 25 Feb 08

Starlet was a terribly pockie vehicle and had a below average ANCAP rating (the norm for compact cars of the era). I will say it has a good reputation for build quality and reliability. That said, it’s still no match for a Statesman side on.

Danman and Ari,
Wouldn’t surprise. You know the Great Ocean Road between Lorne and Port Campbell. Very windy road, quite dangerous. They clocked an American doing around 130km/h and straying to the wrong side.

toriness 12:33 pm 25 Feb 08

seriously that black hatchback, whatever it is, must be totally lightweight. i have been in 2 car accidents where the car i’ve been in has been hit t-bone style at high speed – 60-80km/hr – and neither times the car flipped.

oh and i was only the driver in one of those accidents 😛

toriness 12:23 pm 25 Feb 08

lol @ your diana inquest comment maelinar, that is the second amusing contribution i have read of yours today. although isn’t dodi dead?

Heavs 12:16 pm 25 Feb 08

Hope it wasn’t Gareth driving.

Danman 12:09 pm 25 Feb 08

… I’d say it was actually an American who forgot which side of the road to drive on
Now thats a lot more disturbing than Americans complaining in a loud voice.

Ari 12:02 pm 25 Feb 08

… I’d say it was actually an American who forgot which side of the road to drive on.

Heavs 11:59 am 25 Feb 08

I wonder which senior judicial figure was driving the Caprice …

Mælinar 11:53 am 25 Feb 08

Dodi Fayed will be linking this to the Diana inquest, how to flip a car with minimal damage to the other…

Naturally, the judge will rule that it was dually a suicide attempt by the male starlet driver, and that the starlet only weighs 60kg, so it was going to flip in a strong wind anyway.

And that 1/2 the damage on the other car was caused when the copper leant on the side of the car, on account of the starlet was so insignificant.

** Disclaimer **
I used to drive a Starlet. They suck balls.

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_ 11:40 am 25 Feb 08

Of course, speed will be the reason this accident happened…

AlpineViper 11:35 am 25 Feb 08

Those of us looking out the windows of the ABS are still scratching our heads as to just how the heck that happened. The silver car really isnt that damaged, and where did the black one come from to get on its side at that angle, in that spot??

JD114 11:19 am 25 Feb 08

One of the drivers was obviously scanning the poles for signs of a speed camera instead of concentrating ont he road ahead…

neanderthalsis 11:13 am 25 Feb 08

Interesting that the statesman / Caprice seems to have minor front end damage whereas the black thing (is it a starlet?) is on its side.

And Sammy, it looks like the black car almost had the territories front row seat ;P

hingo 10:54 am 25 Feb 08

Holden Wins!

Sammy 10:19 am 25 Feb 08

Yikes. The driver of the white Territory had a front-row seat.

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