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Andrew Wilsmore quits the Canberra Liberals

johnboy 13 December 2006 23

Quietly, amidst all the excitement of today’s school closure announcements, the Liberals Andrew Wilsmore has announced that he’s quitting as the Director of the ACT Division of the Liberal Party.

He was a key Mulcahy supporter so it’s interesting to see the dominoes fall.

Brendan back as leader in the new year?

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23 Responses to Andrew Wilsmore quits the Canberra Liberals
Hasdrubahl Hasdrubahl 12:40 pm 16 Dec 06

The mentality is such that it attracts you to post a comment. What is “mentality” of the Fiji Times, Jerusalem Post, Izvestia – or Public Service Gazette? A stupid question.

mmmm mmmm 10:47 am 16 Dec 06

Why is there so much rudeness on this blog? And then those that are thusly provoked are censored out?

What is the evidence for public servants doing f**k all [see above]?

What is the mentality of RiotACT?

terubo terubo 10:16 pm 14 Dec 06

Aha! A policy decision! I hereby declare the RoitACT Party up and running. Nominations please?

johnboy johnboy 8:34 pm 14 Dec 06

no, sorry, the riotact party is all for market efficiency.

paying muso’s to play if no-one wants them to would distort the market.

we would, however, aim to improve the market conditions for original music.

Dominic Mico’s salary for example could pay to subsidise venues that support original live music.

shauno shauno 8:19 pm 14 Dec 06

I recon Canberra should become the Amsterdam of the southern hemisphere. Ive always had a great time in that place and would happily vote for a similar relaxation of a few laws lol

boomacat boomacat 8:10 pm 14 Dec 06

I agree that musos should play at least 3 shows a week and get a public service salary, this town is choc full of public servants that suck a great salary out of the govt and do fuck all in return, at least the musos would be providing a benefit to the community

youshould_knowthis youshould_knowthis 3:33 pm 14 Dec 06

Didn’t they sack some other idiot before this one?

pjlake11 pjlake11 2:02 pm 14 Dec 06

I think you only need 500 to form a party!

We would eventually have to tackle more difficult issues beyond free alcohol. But those decisions will be easier, and probably better than the ones Stanhope makes, if we were all drunk anyway!

Absent Diane Absent Diane 10:46 am 14 Dec 06

I would also add that muso’s that play at least 3 shows a year get paid a public service salary. If you can promise that I would definately consider voting.

Thumper Thumper 10:17 am 14 Dec 06

Got my vote if you ban pokies and make it compulsory to have live bands in every venue every night.

No sequenced duos…

johnboy johnboy 9:37 am 14 Dec 06

That’s right, bars should be encouraged to sell cheap booze.

And anyone who doesn’t like it can stay home!

Thumper Thumper 9:35 am 14 Dec 06

Happy hour extended to 24 hours.

johnboy johnboy 9:33 am 14 Dec 06

A fermenter in every shed! Set the Assembly to drinking longnecks and give the rinsed empties to the poor in which to make their own glorious beer!

Teetotallers and killjoys to be pilloried in stocks by crowds of happy drunks being entertained by bazillion decibel PA systems pumping out non-stop local original music

it’s a glorious vision my friends.

che che 9:29 am 14 Dec 06

We’ve always wanted to be the “Cheaper Beer and Petrol Party”,

and horseshit does make good fertilizer for the vegie garden

pjlake11 pjlake11 9:21 am 14 Dec 06

And yes, we can form our own party- I’d join!

pjlake11 pjlake11 9:20 am 14 Dec 06

Andrew Wilsmore has done a great job with the ACT Liberals. But even a master can’t turn horseshit into anything useful. Good on him for deciding to apply his talents where they’ll actually be utilised!

Thumper Thumper 9:03 am 14 Dec 06

Go on JB,

run on the RiotAct ticket. We’ll see if we can get you in as an independent.

Then bag the shit out of you.


Hasdrubahl Hasdrubahl 8:27 am 14 Dec 06

publius, for a Roman (aarghh!) you speak much sense. I would say we are a one-party democracy, not a one-party state. That is why the political situation in ACT is even more depressing, opposition parties are allowed to contest elections (unlike in one-party states) but in-fighting renders them a futile proposition. Even a RiotACT Party would do better, Johnboy has my vote.

boomacat boomacat 7:44 am 14 Dec 06

I too have never heard of the bloke, but would agree that it’d be nice to actually have an effective opposition, so crucial in a democracy.

Bunch of arseclowns.

publius publius 7:34 am 14 Dec 06

The Liberals are in a downward spiral. The 2007 federal campaign is already underway, so clearly Wilsmore wanted out. The Liberals’ problems were quite effectively masked for some time – at least until that email surfaced. The infamous email came as a political bombshell. As Jack Waterford so accurately observed on the Ross Solly program, the contentious email did not show a lot of political wisdom by providing such an incredibly detailed account of their woes. Rule number one in politics 101 is don’t put anything contentious in writing. They are riven with conflict. Some thrive in such an turbulent environment, putting personal agendas ahead of broader goals and perspectives. To add to their woes, the Liberals still have the AHA matter looming. They need to clear that up if Richard Mulcahy is to become leader. You can’t have that sort of matter hanging around. But it won’t matter now if it is Brendan, Bill or Richard as leader – they are on a slide brought on by their own ineptitude. Like many in the community I wanted a competitive election in 2008 so as to keep the Government on its toes. The Liberals have delivered the 2008 election to Stanhope on a plate. With no upper house we are effectively a one party state. Our only hope is to see a raft of independents emerge.

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